Guerlain Divinora Color Brilliance Lipstick

Guerlain Divinora Color Brilliance Lipstick
in N 270

Surprised?? Guerlain Lipstick on my blog?? haha YES!! ohh do not be fooled these are just sample lipsticks my aunt gave me!! She asked me do you want this? Ok.. its makeup naman. When she handed it to me, I was really surprised that it was Guerlain. (ok,, I must admit I was not just surprised!I was freaking thrilled!haha) She told me that her friend was working at some makeup store in France.. Ohh.. My aunt was from France and she is staying here at our house for 2 weeks. This is the ultimate reason why I rarely blogged since school ended.
Guerlain Divinora Color Brilliance Lipstick 
in N 262

I was expecting a lot from this lipstick since it is from Guerlain. :D
Having this made me think, is there really a world of difference between high end and drugstore/local makeup. Hmm.. This is more moisturizing than the other lipsticks I have tried and a bit more long lasting and the packaging is really beautiful. That's it. 

N 262
This is a gorgeous bright pink lipstick with blue undertones.
 It is almost neon in color with a bit of sheen.
N 270
This is a pretty peachy pink shade.
I am surprised that I like this shade more than the pink one. 
N 270 and N 262

Have a nice day everyone!! 


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  1. guerlain ha! ang bongga :D! i like yung shade n270 rin :)

    about don sa camera, pinagipunan ko rin naman hehehe! it's nothing too fancy kasi; it's either a super expensive camera, or rent/other bills LOL! ikaw, since you are done with school magandang i-treat mo rin ang sarili mo to get something nice. you totally deserved it! <3

  2. Ive never tried Guerlain Divinora before. I love your lips not in a creepy way... such a beautiful lips for lips model hahaaha ok enough i sounds so creepy hahaa

  3. I also love the second shade on you, more of what i will pick too. Great color and shot as usual:-)

  4. LOVE the colors on you!! Especially 262! :)

  5. Oooh, you have 2 Guerlains! :P Love Nw70 on you. :)

  6. I like the N62 =) such a pretty color!

  7. both swatches look gorgeous on you! :3 looooove it donnarence! also congrats pala! LLB na. ;)

  8. Those are really beautiful shades! :)

  9. pretty swatches, awesome pigmentation :)

    sis hindi ba mahirap maintain ang digital perm? ayaw kasi ng bf ko ng curly hair =(

  10. haven't tried any guerlain lipstick...
    they look absolutely gorgeous!
    love that pink shade!

    i'm a bit disappointed lang sa name... i was hoping that it would be something that's easier to remember sana. what if i went on guerlain & i said "can ihave that brisgh pink with lipstick that goes by the shade....*thinks hard*...dang! i forgot!"

  11. Love your blog! Just wanna say your my favorite blogger:) I feel like I'm talking to a friend everytime I read your blog.Keep up the good work:)

  12. PINK! I love the pink one but i cant afford Guerlain.

  13. i just wanna say again,ur one of the best bloggers who take great pics with on-lip swatches!!! i think cosmetics company should hire your skills!!! kudos to you

  14. i want the peachy pink shade..ganda!!

  15. Hahahah! You are so lucky to have the Guerlain lippy for free! LOLS!
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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