Review: Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation

Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation

I got this foundation because of my addiction to Filipina makeup gurus in youtube. The last time I use Ever Bilena Foundation was way back in college but it was an epic fail. Are you sensing an epic fail once again?? Hmm...
 I saw Say, Maricarl Janah and even Judy of itsjudytime feature this product.

Say's Channel
 (She's getting better and she's a cutie and very humble too!!She's a fellow Thomasian!)

This is my favorite video of hers.

Maricarl Janah's Channel

She was raving this foundation in this video.

And Finally, Judy!!

Moving on to the review, this product is available in a pump bottle too. I bought the one in a tube because I wanted to test this first because I have a bad history with Ever Bilena Foundation. I got the shade Golden but I noticed that it was a little bit lighter than my skin tone. So, I got another shade in Oriental.
The packaging is really bad!! Look at that humongous hole!! Using the tube one is really messy because the product easily squirts out of the tube. BOO!

Price: 10/10 for 125 pesos for the 40 ml. This is one of the cheapest liquid foundation locally available
Packaging: 3/10 Although the tube packaging is travel friendly, be ready for accidental spills inside your makeup kit or even on your fave shirt!
Coverage: 4/10 I am a foundation freak and I prefer those with medium - heavy coverage especially on special occasions but not for everyday wear. I bought this for everyday wear. This has a sheer-light coverage. I need to put at least two layers to even out my skintone. 
Finish: 8/10 This gives me a lovely dewy glow. I just love how it makes my skin looks bright and even without making it look fake. 
Lasting Effect: 5/10 It can make me look fresh for an our or two. I must say that retouching is a must if you do want to look like a greaseball at the end of the day. 

When blended, there is just a small difference between the two shades. Being NC37, my shade is mixture of these. I am really disappointed with local makeup companies.I have a hard time choosing the right shade. I hope they will try considering the skin tones and shades of Filipinas more.
See how sheer the coverage is?

After 2 days of using it, here's what I got! A zit on the nose. Chanelling rudolph in summer is so uncool! I even got clogged pores and bumps too! I do not know if this is the ultimate culprit. I just hope not. I stopped using it now and my face is getting better. 


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  1. well this foundation is obviously a pass... coverage is the most important thing for me ... and that I don't break out... and the foundation failed

  2. that's a no-no!
    no matter how great the finish is, it's not a keeper if it breaks you out.
    *talking from my BB Cream experience*

  3. OMG! i'm staying away from this foundie. :( breakouts are scary. :/ sigh... you have good skin pa naman! you should also do tutorials on youtube eh. =)

  4. sugar!! natatakot ako sa youtube eh.. hehe

  5. despite the sad conclusion, i still feel like buying. haha, pasaway. it's so affordable that if it becomes a hit for me, this'll be a good everyday makeup (although i LOVE my mineral powders...the best!).

    y'think that the lasting power of this foundie can be prolonged by using the ELF primer?

    [Re Dorayaki: Hatchin grocery is in Makati]

    Donna, where do you live? Interested to hang out sometime with me, Pammy, Crystal and Gale? :) Message me! :D

  6. Maybe some people are not hiyang to Ever Bilena products.. This made me skeptical to try this one out!

  7. too bad it didn't work out for you. I haven't tried it yet but I'm afraid of using it now. I have sensitive skin and I almost always get tiny red bumps from products. =/

  8. Donna, thanks for the review. Will definitely give this a pass. So sad it broke you out. :(

    Yeah, re: Herroyalbleakness' suggestion that you hang out with us, let's go! Summer na. Tatlo tayo Thomasians. :D

  9. Thanks for the wonderful review. :) Sad to know that you broke out :(

  10. Awww sorry about the zit :( i can feel the pain ugh i hate products like this!
    im your new follower cant wait to be followed back by you :)

  11. thanks a lot for sharing! I hate breakouts.. we should not spend or try cheap foundations.. or else we'll have pimples!

  12. I have this exact same foundie in Oriental, good thing it didn't break me out... and I also use this on some of my clients.

  13. Yikes. I posted a comment, pero nagloko 'yung browser ko. Hehe... Anyway, sorry to hear about the zit. I know for sure it will go away soon. Especially now that you've stopped using the foundation.

    I found it very helpful how you've rated every aspect of the product. We got a detailed idea of what to like about the product and what not to like about it too. It's nice how it's a squeeze tube, but it's too bad the hole on the bottle is a tad too big. It's a good thing you got the smaller size though instead of the full size. :)

  14. ay,i bought din this but was so scared to try it. hihi.

  15. you know what they say, "Don't cheap out on your foundation!"

  16. It's really hard to find a cheaper alternative to foundation. I also experienced the same effects when I tried some like massive bumps along mg t-zone :(((

    BTW, new follower here:)


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