Hauls and Sponsored Products (My Last Post)

   Hi everyone.. Yup.. you read the title  right.

 I am saying goodbye to blogger and this will be my last post.
 Kidding.. You know I am studying for my big exams this November. Being a lawyer is my ultimate dream. Blogging is just a past time.  Anyways.. Let us change topic and I will show you stuffs that I bought and products sent to me for review. The first picture is a felt tip liner sent to me by KKCENTERHK. Here is a link of the product

These are NYX products from Starmaine SHop which I bought weeks ago. I was excited to try the NYX soft matte lip cream because of the raves about it here in the blogging world. Guess what? I did not like it!!!! I was really disappointed with it. It was very easy to apply and unlike my ELF lip stain it does not have that tight feel but the pigmentation is very low. It wears off so easily. YAY!! To add more injury to my expectation, it makes my lips soooo dry.. !!! More reviews on them soon.. I love NYX lip liners especially this one. I got it in nude pink and the cream blush in natural.

 Another product sent to me by KKCENTERHK. Here is a product detail link

My favorite brush of the moment. I got it only for 150 pesos!!!! Isn't that great? It is super soft.....  :)) Will blog more about this soon.. 

My new liquid foundations.
MAC NC35 (yep a shade lighter than my previous foundation) Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation in OC3 (I am not impressed with this one. It is super sheer) I will do a more intensive post on this soon.

Thank you to Everest Pacific for these.. I am loving their Energy pack. I will do a post soon.

I have wanting this tint for a long time. It is always out of stock and being an impatient woman.. I just bought from ebay. 

Thank you Levi's for the All Access Card!!

New lip products!!! 

Loving the shades... DO you think I love the product itself?? 

I am currently into hair products and tools lately. My new babies!!! I love the fact that these have heat/ temperature adjuster.

My hair products and body!! I love the Pure Beauty Hair essence water.. :)) It reminds me a lot of Tsubaki's essence water. I love the Tony Moly Hair Spray!!! It only costs 178 pesos and it is soooo big!!
I bought another Fanny Serrano foundation. I find orleans a bit brownish/ beige-ish on my skin.. This shade is in CHino..

Thank you guys. Thank you so much in supporting my blog.
See you soon.
Godbless you. 


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  1. That's a lot of good stuff! :)

    Good luck on your exams. You'll ace it. :)

  2. cool stuff! :D


  3. cant wait to see the reviews sis :), especially the eb lippies XD

  4. nice post :D abt the red tint i wonder if its worth the buy :">


  5. Great products. Can you review the Volumizer mascara? A few people wear 2 different types of mascaras, one for defining and lengthening and another for volumizing. Seems like this is a 2 in 1. Thanks.

  6. believe me, you will have more time for blogging when you become a lawyer. =) by then, you'll be better at time management. lol!

    some stuff from my lawschoolfunk.com blog might help you out.

    do your very best in the exams. =)

  7. waa donna I dont get it.. please dont let this be your last :(

    and based on the pics it says "detailed review next post"

    does this mean there will be a next time?


  8. thank you for the review donnarence.

    goodluck with the bar exams! my prayers are with you.

  9. OMG im so dumb i didnt see the "kidding" bit

  10. I want to try your tonymoly hair spray. I've been into hair care and body care products lately too. tonymoly's not here in Cebu pa eh. and oh I just bought Fanny Serano two way cake foundation in Chino too! I'm in love with it.

  11. godbless on ur exam donna.hugs hugs hugs

  12. thanks everyone.. :D its ok k.. godbless you.. @ hollie: if it were not for the bar exams.. i can buy you stuffs from tony moly if gusto mo magpabili.. :D sayang.. :c

  13. Good luck with the bar! You can do it! \m/

    Heehee, we bought the same Ever Bilena Pro Lipstick with Shimmer shades :D

  14. woooohooooooo :D GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!!! :D

  15. i also got some NYX soft matte lip creams because of all the raves, haven't tried it out for myself though.

    sayang we didn't get to meet last time i was there and the other bloggers. be letting yah know next time! if ur willing sis, pls add me in fb (http://www.facebook.com.MereMakeupManiac) or follow me in twitter (http://twitter.com/moimakeupmaniac) so i can constantly stalk, i mean communicate, with you hehe.

    take care and stay pretty - great blog u got here! :)

  16. looking forward for the reviews! especially the brush! that's so affordable! nice loot! :)
    BTW, I'd like to invite you to my "TheStyleQuarter Giveaway [LINK]".
    I hope you can join. :)

  17. I kinda got scared when you said this is your last post. Haha... Anyway, good luck with exams. I'm sure you will do great. :D

    Looove the makeup. Crush ko 'yung Ever Bilena lipstick. The colors are pretty and bright. The NYX gloss and blush are both pretty as well. :)

  18. You've got the best pictures....!

    By the way, Sis!
    I tagged you for an award...


  19. wow you are seriously good at everything! Lawyer, Makeup, and photography! LOL! I love your shots here.! Anyway, I'm having a giveaway right now, hope you could join :) http://kikaysimaria.blogspot.com/2011/09/kikaysimaria-and-bb-cream-addict-pre.html

  20. Great products you have there! Good luck on your bar exam. Btw I give this blog award to you. Take care!


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