Physician's Formula Mineral Face Powder (Talc Free)

It's my first time to try a mineral makeup in a compact form. Honestly, I am not into mineral makeup at all. When all people are ordering mineral makeup samples some two or three years ago, I was in search for traditional makeup that will suit my skin. Why? Using mineral makeup is a lot of work. Buffing here and there. It was so messy for me. I was never into the mineral trend at all. I do not entirely believe blog reviews about minerla makeup at all unless I tried the product or have seen the product itself. For instance, there is this nice mineral primer that I was excited to try because someone blogged about it. She said that it was really good. When I went to their stall, WAHHHH!! The worst product ever! hahaha True enough, the mineral craze is a goner before I knew it. I am not that type of person who will buy makeup that's in (or the latest innovation chuva?!).  I have read tons of review about this mineral makeup and all but I was not impressed not at all. I was really happy when Tameraonline contacted me months ago. They asked me to reviews Physician's Formula products and I chose to review their Talc Free Pressed Powder. Why did I chose this? Simple, it is in a compact form. HAHA I also love the details on the powder. It resembles the shell of a dinosaur egg (uhmmm.. that's what I saw in the movies and books!haha). 

The packaging has small openings to let the brush breathe. Is that the real purpose
 Or for the residue to fall off the brush??

Product Information from

Mineral Wear maintains a natural appearance by gently absorbing oil without drying and helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines.For extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin!Includes built-in mirror and brush.

I reminds me a lot of Fanny Serrano's 2 way cake packaging!!

This brush is not useful at all. As you can see, the bristles are evidently course and hard.

The product itself is actually good were it not for the fact that I got the wrong shade. When I searched through makeupalley, they said that sand beige is perfect for NC35 or medium yellow toned skin. Wrong! It looks a bit orange on me. I can wear it alone but it looks tad bit darker on me. :C Sad talaga!! I cannot wear it over my usual liquid foundation because it turns darker on me. The shade does not really suit me. I love its coverage too. Compare the two pictures below and you will see that it can even cover my dark bags. It really feels soft and smooth on my skin. No tight feeling at all like mose pressed powders that I have tried. I have dry skin and I like powders that are smooth and does not harsh on my sensitive skin.  It smoothens my skin too.I researched about talc and the results were scary. YAY! I stopped reading since I love splashing baby powder on my neck and body. haha
Without powder
with powder

It did a great job in covering the reddish parts of  my skin. My skin is not perfect. I usually have rashes, reddish skin, and look at my pores. Thank Heavens I rarely have pimples or acne. Over all this product is nice. Just make sure you get the right shade. It costs 700 pesos or 16 US$ at Tameraonline

Godbless everyone!!

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  1. yey, wb to blogging world sis! praying for your success in the bar! kelan results?

    although i get curious with blog reviews, i also take time to test things when i try them. for me naman, i want to try things that are new maybe it'll work for me. if not, i can also share that to give caution to others to consider before buying. but before i do, i research a bit if it will suit my skin type, complexion, etc.

    ako naman i only fell in love with one MMU foundie - Joppa. i've tried lots but only that worked for me that i had to order a backup! which until now di ko pa nabubuksan hehe. i agree, applying MMU is messy, everything is in loose form! well almost. still, when i met Joppa i believed in the power of MMU hehe. it's really all about finding what works for you, kaya lang it'll entail a lot of trial and error and money spent! LOL

    it is not heavy coverage ah but it did even out your skintone, not bad!


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