Quick Post: Love Packages

The transition period of my review consists of switching from 1st reading to second reading. I had to quit blogging when I started my second reading phase because I just have to concentrate more. What did teh more concentrated mode of my review do to me? I just have to leave you first with a picture that says it all. It was a whirlwind journey. However, it did not prevent me from buying new stuffs. Since I have no time arranging my things, I just threw everything on my traincase and some here on my drawer!!

Anyways, here are the stuffs I recieved from the past months I have MIA. I am sorry the delayed entries especially to the companies who have sent me these goodies. I will be blogging about them soon. 
Goodies from Tameraonline. I have been using the concealer a lot as a base. It does an amazing job of covering my dark eye bags!! More about these soon.
I finally joined the bandwagon!!YEY!!I was really excited when Sigma contacted me. I got this package just after a week they sent me an email!!That was really fast! 

Another package and this time it's from Mosbeau!! I already replaced my skincare routine by using these. More on these  soon..

Have a beautiful day ahead and Godbless.


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  1. Pretty awesome stuff! Glad you're back :)

  2. Awesome haul!1 I love the Sigma F80 too. :)

  3. I love the Sigma F80, amazing brush :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  4. I have followed your blog!!! maybe i need this to be able to make myself a fashion-inclined person...lol...



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