Friday, January 28, 2011

WetnWild Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow

WetnWild Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow

Emphasis on the double zz people!! Ok,Firstly, this is not a bronzzer! This is a highlighter from WetnWild. A discontinued product from wetnwild. (I hate cosmetic companies discontinuing good products!) I am hearing raves about NARS Albatross and I have heard that ELF gotta glow is a dupe of this one. I rummaged through my makeup box and found my ELF Bronzer in Luminance but I have it for quite some time. Like a year or two so I threw it away and instead of buying ELF Gotta Glow, I ended up buying this one.WHy?? Primarily because I want to save on shipping HAHA. 

Look at the sun embossed on this product. Nice noh? Ohh pardon the scratches I was the one to blame for that. 

It has a high rating in makeupalley. I was really curious why. When swatched, it gives you that luminous sheen. It is not white but a beautiful champagne color.No chunky glitter for that disco ball look!Very pigmented and I like the consistency of this one.ELF's Luminance does not have that velvety feel at all. How much is this? 100 pesos exclusive of shipping. I bought this from the ebay shop I was talking about on my previous post.
Hello chubby cheeks!!! Look at that glow..I used it on top of ELF Peachykeen.
(my everyday look)Products Used:
Nature Republic Bloom Bebe Foundation in #2
In2it Foundation in Harvest
Revlon Softstroke Powder Liner in Black Brown
Wet n Wild Megalash Mascara
Nichido Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
L'oreal Infinite Eyeshadow in Deep Mocha (I use this for filling my brows and for contouring.. will blog about this soon)
NYX Lipstick in Heredes
Wet n Wild Acapulco Glow
ELF Peachykeen Blush

What I love about this product is that it gives me that nice glow without looking fake at all. Try applying  a highlighter on your cupid's bow and it makes your lips look more defined and luscious!! What highlighter are you using?Any recommendation? 

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ELF Studioline Blush in Peachykeen

ELF Studioline Blush in Peachykeen

Hi everyone. I am planning to finish the blushes I bought rather than let them expire in my makeup box. If you would see me in school or anywhere, I barely wear makeup especially blush. (oh if you see me anywhere say hi to me especially if you study at UST too.. :D I may look snobbish and grumpy but do not worry I am really nice.. haha) I bought this blush months ago and have neglected it since I am not into shimmery blushes because they tend to highlight my dry areas on my face. I was getting nauseous with pink blushes and pink lipstick. I have been sporting that look like forever.  
The packaging is very  NARS-ish.. 
This blush is peachy coral on me and gives me that golden sheen. It gives my face that nice warmth. 
The color might appear light especially to those who have medium yellow skin tone like me(NC37). The color reminds me of TheBalm Hot Mama with less shimmer. :D This only costs 3$ or 250 pesos locally. 


Wet n Wild Mega Liner in Black

Wet n Wild Mega Liner in Black
Easy-to-control liquid liner has a fine, flexible brush for precise application. Rich, fluid formula dries fast and stays put to subtly enhance or dramatically define. (from wnw website)

I bought a few things from ebay again. To those who are asking from where I bought these affordable products, here is the link of Meg's shop:

Moving on,  I bought this liner because of the great reviews in makeupalley. For 100 pesos exclusive of shipping, I gave in. I have high hopes on this product because of the raves in makeup alley. 
The brush applicator is perfect!! I can create thin lines with precision.

Upon swatching the product, my first reaction was "wow this product is perfect"!! It created that beautiful shiny black color. However, the color was horrible when it dried. It was matte black. The black turned into an faded carbon black which looks so fake!! As shown in the picture above,this liner has a tendency to crack. I hope you can see in the picture how beautiful it is when it is still wet, it looks vibrant as compared to when it is dry.YAY!! I compared this  with my L'oreal Lineur Intense and this liner look so weird. I will definitely not recommend this product. Nichido liner which costs less (only 60 pesos) is way better than this one.
Here is another rant on wet n wild:
My two weeks love affair with their famous creme liner in black has finally ended. For the first two weeks of using it. It was pure love!! The fact that it dries fast was a plus for me however after a few weeks after opening it I noticed that it  shrinked! It became hard to apply and the color does not show easily. I tried placing it in a hot water but it was unavailing. I also tried spritzing mixing medium but it does not work too. SAD!! I watched a youtube video before saying that there are two types of this liner.. She got one which is perfect and the other one which dries fast. Hmm.. I really find it weird if wet n wild manufactures a single product with different formulas.
I will definitely go back to maybelline gel liner. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Favorite Pink Blush

Ever Bilena Blush in Pink Petal

Way back in college, I would love to wear pink blushes specifically those light shimmery ones. And guess what? They look blahhhh on me. I never understood why light purplish pink blushes never worked on me. From then on, I tried to stay away from pink blushes. I would usually wear peach and red shades. Until I got a blush from mary kay the shade was pink flamingo (yup i never forgot). This is the only pink blush that worked perfectly on me. The bubblegum pink looks so pretty and addicting to wear too. I wore it almost everyday. Then I hit the pan and poof i finished it. I tried to find an exact shade but it only points to one brand-- MAC. I guess I was in the verge of buying Pink Swoon or Well Dressed but being too kuripot (stingy.. I did not haha). I can actually remember it was a day before my preliminary examinations that I chanced upon this blush. I was ecstatic! For a 100 pesos (err I think it was like 88 pesos back then I can't actually remember), it was love love love!! This is my second pot!! This is one of the few blushes I used up till the end and will definitely repurchase!!!
This looks perfect on my NC 37 (medium yellow toned) skin. It gives me that sweet look. It is the kind of blush that I just fall in love with every time I wear it because it brightens up my face.

With one swipe.
The color is sheer but buildable.
What is your favorite pink blush? Care to share?

Basic Brow Tutorial

Hi readers!! Someone requested that I do a tutorial on how I do my brows. I am not an expert on this but I want to share with you my own tips (which I know you have heard or even watched from other youtube gurus out there.. :D) 
To start off, I want to share with you my untidy brows. hehe I do not have that beautiful arched brows. Some really like their brows thinner because it is easier to work with thin brows rather than bushy ones. I even saw a tutorial showing that they trim their brows. I, on the other want to keep that bushyness (err... almost unkempt look) by not trimming it. I always think that thick brows give you that virginal and innocent look. haha. yes, i still have that perception that those women with thin brows look older. However, I also want that arch that really gives you a more defined look. So how do I reconcile them? 

First tip: GROOM IT!! Groom your brows but try not to over pluck.

Second: Outline your brows with a light hand. 

Apply your eyebrow pencil or your brow powder in a feathering strokes. You must apply it lightly or else it will be really hard to blend and will create a conspicuous outline of your brows. I use my Nichido Eybrow Pencil. I love this brow pencil. It stays on till the end of the day on me. Before, I love using brow powder found in brow kits but I discovered that using a pencil in creating an outline is easier.
Then, with a thick angled brush 
(i got mine for 15 pesos, I cut the bristles and voila the perfect brow brush!!:D )
Fill in your brows with a brow powder or eyeshadow that matches your brow color. 

I am using Avon Simply Pretty's Brow Powder in Brown. The color is just perfect for brow shading. It does not look reddish at all. I am using brown although my hair color is black since it looks more natural. I saw a  girl sporting that black brow shadow and damn it looks so Morticia Adam-ish. It looks so fake.. Or probably she just forgot to blend them properly. The key in filling your brows is blending!! what else right? As you can see in the picture above, I extend in shading the inner part of my brows to get that thicker and more natural look. 

Lastly, you can also apply a concealer on your brow bone to highlight your brows further.
You can also use a clear mascara to keep your brows in place but I find this unnecessary since my brows are well behaved. :D 
Here is a comparison of my brows.. So who say you can't achieve that arch even without over plucking? hehe

Here is a quick video tutorial so you can see better how I did this look:

Basic Brow Tutorial from donnarence on Vimeo.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Randomness 101: Brows, Nails, Hair and YUM

I am a lazy law student. 
I was studying an hour ago when I suddenly fell asleep and when I woke up I felt to lazy to study again. weird me.
Spank me please for being delinquent.
I really think that the cold weather makes me super sleepy lately. :D
I have been wanting to do posts like this but I was a bit too worried my readers want more reviews and makeup related things.. but I figure well, this is my blog i can post anything i like. 

Here goes my randomness:
I am loving well defined and thick brows. AS shown in the picture, I am not blessed with nicely shape brows but I am now trying to use nice brow products to achieve that much coveted arch. 
This is my current love. I cannot live without this.. (HAHA)
NICHIDO Brow Pencil in Dark Brown is a super pigmented brow pencil that I have been using everyday.
This only costs 60 pesos. Another bargain find. hehe
I am growing my nails.. yey
I have a bad habit of biting them. I am trying really hard to remove this habit. Anyone knows an affordable nail strengthener?
Hair Products Overload.
I have been obsessed with taking care of my hair lately.
Ohh.. the Hortaleza  hair products are really not good!!!!
Monea's CPR is nice well minus the scent of it when initially applied.
Jeff de Bruges chocolates
Heaven in every bite.
Need I say more??
 Have a nice day everyone. :D

Etsy: Dark Heart Designs

Hi everyone. I recently got a sample from Tina of Dark Heart Designs
She sent me three samples of her hand made cosmetics.

Dark Heart Designs is a handmade mineral make up company that creates eye shadows, lip slicks (gloss), and more. The company started because we wanted to be able to sell safe products to our customers that are free from dangerous chemicals, while still offering quality & a reasonable price. Email for info, ordering, or free samples. All products are sold on Etsy at
(copied from her site)
I got three shades from her store: coral fang, purple haze and killing moon.

Here are the eye swatches:
Coral Fang
This shade is very  lovely and my favorite amongst the three shades.

Killing Moon
Purple Haze
 These loose eyeshadows are really pigmented but you have to choose the right primer. The purple haze hardly show up with my ELF Primer. They have really unique shades. What I love about hand made cosmetics is that they do not contain harsh chemicals but applying them can get really messy. 

Thanks tina for your samples!!

Visit Tina's Store here:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moi Cosmetics: 88 Metal Palette

Hi everyone! I am so excited to show you my latest palette acquisition. I know you have seen a lot of this palette being raved about by bloggers and youtube gurus.  I am not really in love with shimmers at all that is why I never ever thought I will buy this one. However (lately...), I realized that whenever I go out I always reach for my shimmery nuetral eyeshadows then I suddenly felt that strong lemming for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I was actually telling my bestfriend to buy one for me and I'll pay her when she comes home this February. Then while browsing Moi Cosmetics Facebook page, I chanced upon this palette.I think its one of her new products since I never saw this  before being sold at her store. What is more surprising is the price -- I got this for only 950 pesos with free shipping!! Now, the dilemma -- the naked palette or this metal palette?? 

I think you know what I bought or else I will not be featuring this beautiful find here on my blog!!

I think I made the right choice.. I know this aint urban decay but this palette is so gorgeous,pigmented and it blends really nicely!! 
I love that it has a lot of beautiful neutral eyeshadows!!From taupes to browns and golds.
This is a fantastic palette to those who wants shimmers because it features a wide range of colors. 
One wipe is all it takes,, hehe
The eyeshadows are smooth and I do not find them chalky at all. 

(although some people do.. )
PIGMENTATION is highly impressive and I read in reviews that some are dupes of  UD and STila Eyeshadows. 
Here are swatches of the 88 eye shadows:
I tried to capture the shimmers but it was an epic fail.
NOTE: The colors are more vibrant and fuller in person! I swear! hehe
1st row

2nd row

3rd row

4th row

5th row

6th row

7th row

8th row

9th row

10th row ( i soo love the 2nd color it is an intense hot neon pink!!)

 11th row

My only rant-- where is the dark violet or dark blue ?? and there is no shimmery black as well.. :C
But over all this palette is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
Here is a comparison of the eye shadows in the Urban Decay Palette:
credits to : kraseybeauty
I swear some of this shadows in the UD palette looks exactly the same with some from the metal palette!!
Did I made the right decision ---DEFINITELY!!!

I suggest that you use a primer to add more vibrancy to the shadows. I tried using this with my ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
And the only word that came out of my mouth was --WOW! haha
Btw, Thanks allie for the bent liner brush freebie!!!
Check out Moi Cosmetics here. They are offering free shipping for the whole month of January!!

ohh i also want to tell all of you that I am thinking of buying a new digicam anytime soon.. or will I still save so that I can purchase NEX 5.. what do you think?