Thursday, April 28, 2011

MAC Hug Me Dupe

I was cleaning my makeup drawer this morning when I started  swatching my lipsticks. I had the Mac Hug Me lipstick for  quite but I barely use it. I find the color too light for my skintone. While swatching, I noticed that Fashion 21 Aqualicious Arctic stone is almost the same shade as MAC's Hug Me!! See my post here about Fashion 21 Aqualicious lipstick.
They look almost identical when worn on the lips!! Yey!! 

When swatched, it is fairly noticeable that MAC Hug Me is sheerer and  glossier than the Fashion 21. I used Fashion 21 more since it is more pigmented and covers my dark lips better. Do you know of any MAC dupes? Care to share? 
Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Graduation Pictures!!

Bachelor of Laws Major in Makeup Artistry

I finally got my picture taken for the yearbook a while ago. YAY! I was late for the photo shoot appointment and I also experienced one of the hottest day here in Manila!! I did my makeup in this picture. I want everything to look natural. I wanted to contour my nose more but I was afraid that I might look so fake with it.
The photographer almost forgot to take a wacky pose of me. I insisted and she gave me two shots. haha
Ohhh the power of persuasion.. These are raw photo files from the photo studio so pardon the messy hair. Do you see my jeans underneath this shawl?? hehe
Products Used:
Mac Studiotech Fluid NC 37
In2it foundation in harvest
Fanny Serrano Foundation  orleans
Avon Simply Pretty Brow Cake in brown
Careline lipgloss in 101
ELF Studioline Duo Blush and Bronzer
NYX trio palette in Honeycomb

Shiseido Perfect Mascara 
Milani Black liner
Moi Cosmetics Metal Palette
Dollface Avant Garde Palette

My oh my!! I look like a  future politician in this picture! A congresswoman to be exact! Haha
Oh anyways, I want to clear something. I am not closing this blog because some anonymous hater spoiled my day. I will just be blogging less for the next seven months to come. I will be reviewing for the Bar exams. I would like to thank everyone who commented on my previous post. Thank you so much for your positive thoughts. I need that now. Also, I removed my formspring widget!! woohoo.. I do not need negative vibes!!! That's the last thing we all need. To those who have questions or suggestions please feel free to email me or like my FB page.

From now on, No anonymous coward will be entertained

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Veet Bloggers Lunch with Daniel Matsunaga

With Daniel Matsunaga, the Brapanese Hunk

I had three invites turned down because of school. Sad noh? I cannot compromise law school with events like this. I got an email a week ago from Veet inviting me to a lunch at Via Mare with Daniel Matsunaga. I said Yes of course.. Who would not want to meet a hottie on a sizzling summer afternoon.  This Hottie is definitely a catch!! Too bad he's already taken.. haha He is so nice and humble. Definete;y not a snob like most actors out there!!

Remember this youtube scandal? A video that instantly attracted thousands of viewers overnight!  I actually believed it was real!! Yay!!If it were not for the email of Veet, I will never know that this is just a promotional ad for VeetMe win a date with Daniel Matsunaga. Blame law school for my hermit type of life!! Kudos to this video because it was definitely a hype. 
Daniel Matsunaga with Assistant Brand Manager Issa Marfori

This 2011, Veet brings you its ad campaign "Veet Me." This is a contest giving women (and gay???) a chance to win a date with Daniel and an Apple ipad!! Runners up will recieve cool prizes such as iPod tpuch, iPod nano, IPod shuffles and Veet gift Packs. How to win these awesome prizes?

There are two ways to join:
1. Create a video
  • Must include footage of you using Veet on your legs
  • Must tell us why you should win a date with Daniel Matsunaga
  • Must be one minute or less
  • Format must be in QuickTime .MOV, .WMV, .AVI, or .MPG
  • Must not exceed 100 MB in size
  • You may use a videocam, cellphone or any other video device
2. Create a photo story
  • Must include an image of you using VEET on your legs
  • Must tell us why you should win a date with Daniel Matsunaga
  • Must consist of 6 pictures
  • Photos must be in JPEG format
  • Each photo must not exceed 1 MB in size
(from Veet's Website)

For more information, Visit this site:
This video is one of my fave!! 
I got the following treats from Veet! To tell you honestly, I barely shave and I never had a wax (ever)!! I have sparse hair almost invisible on my legs and arms.  I used to shave if I will attend special gatherings but not monthly. After having lunch with Ms. Issa Marfori, I am now decided to use veet instead of shaving.  I tried the hair removal cream on my brother legs and he was amazed! He had the silliest reaction ever!! hahaha I wanted to use the cold wax strips on his developing mustache but he gave a big NO!! haha  I wanted to do it while he was sleeping but being a barrister I need to be nice.. haha I am such a meanie. I know!

Veet Hair Removal Cream is a silky and easy to apply cream that comes in three variants: Normal (for skin that is moist, smooth and supple), Dry (for poorly hydrated skin) and Sensitive (for skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions).
Veet Hair Removal Cream is suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. The results last twice as long as shaving and re-growth is significantly smoother. With Veet Hair Removal Cream, there is no stubble, unsightly ingrown hair or painful cuts and nicks.

For longer-lasting results, Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips do away with time-consuming and messy waxing kits. The wax stays on the strip, doesn't burn and leaves less wax residue on the skin. Best of all, hair re-growth takes up to 4 weeks.
Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips are suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and face. There's even cold wax strip for the face and other small, hard-to-reach areas such as eyebrows, upperlip and armpits. Veet Ready to Use Cold Wax Strips can also remove hair as short as 2mm. No need to wait for hair to grow an inch!
(from Veet's website)

Get ready to strut your stuff this summer.
Hello teeny weeny bikinis!!
Veet is a definite must have this summer. 
Jamie, I, and Liz

It was such a wonderful experience seeing these people. I finally met Liz of I was really in awe when I met her. She was wearing this gorgeous ensemble. She was definitely a fashionista and she looks so sophisticated.  This is the second time I met Jamie of She is really a beauty. I was utterly mesmerized by her beautiful skin. (I am not a tomboy!! I just appreciate beauty..hihi)
Shen of

I was thrilled to meet her. She looks so stunning and fresh.

Have you tried Veet?
Have a nice day everyone!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunkissed Eye Makeup using Moi Cosmetics 42 pc. Palette and ES Falsies in A101

Hi guys!! Here is a quick post on my eye makeup on my last post, sunkissed look. I was freaking frustrated taking pictures of my eye makeup. This looks bluer in person.. haha.. I finally got to use my Moi Cosmetics 42 pc. palette. I was really amazed that it is so pigmented. Also, I used KKcenterHK's Lashes. I was so excited when they asked me to review their lashes!!  This brand is called ES. I used ES A101 in this look. 

The lashes are really full and very easy to apply. It looks so dramatic and made the eyes looks so intense when worn. 
 Hope you like this look.
I tried doing a video of this look but it was such a mess.
 I immediately deleted it.
Have a nice day everyone. 

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Visit KkcenterHk's Shop:

Products sent by KKCENTERCK for review.
This post is based solely on my experience with their products. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunkissed Look : Bronzing 101

I lived in a country where most people have a weird perception of beauty. Most think that fair skinned women are more beautiful than those with golden skin. Tisays (fair skinned women) are in while Morenas are out. This is the reason why I freakin' want to be fairer! Younger, I have this habit of buying whitening products from soap to lotions. I have tried papaya soaps and glutathione before. Uhmm.. nothing worked. :p
This post is for my reader Gly Lee. Thank you for requesting this one and for supporting my blog!! I am not a professional makeup artist. I will try to share my thoughts on bronzers and how to apply them. 

 Back in college, I was really interested in trying bronzers. I could still remember my first bronzer was from Palladio. It was a shimmery one with a hint of red in it. When I used it, oh my!!! I literally looked like a paso (a garden clay pot!)   I looked dirty and muddy and the bronzer looked so unnatural on my skin. After using that bronzer, I never tried any bronzer until now.  Choosing the right shade of bronzer is very important. The no. 1 rule is you must choose a shade that looks natural on your skintone. You want to look sunkissed not sunburnt.If you are using your bronzer to contour your face, choose a shade a shade or two shades darker than your skintone. Those with brown tones looked more natural on most skin tones. Those with orange or red tones looked so fake on me. I like using matte bronzers more than shimmery ones since the latter tends to highlight my rashes. I use my shimmery bronzers on the apples of my cheek for that nice glow. I think those with golden sheen are very versatile and can be used by most skin tones.  Another thing you should consider is your skin type. There bronzing lotions, liquid, cream, pressed powders and loose ones too. I am more  into the pressed powder forms. It is easier to use, easier to manipulate the amount of product and to blend. I like using my Marionnaud Angled Brush in applying my bronzer to contour my face.

These are a few swatches of my bronzers. I made a post about them. 
Click here

Apply your bronzers where the sun naturally hit your face. I use my matte bronzers. Start by applying your bronzers lightly   on your face then apply more to build your desired color. I use matte bronzers for contour. Sometimes, I use it as a blush too depending on the makeup that I do for the day. I applied it on my hairline,  jawline, underneath the apples of my cheek to the temple, and some on my clavicle (collar bone) to define my face. And to lessen the roundness of my face!! hihi Then I applied my shimmery bronzer on the apples of my cheek. See how it made my skin glow. (and sweaty!! eww.. hahaha)

For contour: ELF Studioline Duo Powder Bronzer (i love this one) I applied it using my Marionnaud Angled Brush.
For that golden sheen: I use my Moi cosmetics 42 blush
 and eyeshadow palette.  I applied it with the use of my Ecotools Kabuki brush.
I bet your wondering why I looked a bit tan on the pictures. I mixed my foundation with a darker cream foundation from James Cooper Jazzy Compact Cream Photogenic Foundation (wheeeww.. quite a long name noh??) and I added a lot of Maybelline Mineral Powder Bronzer to create that beautiful sheen on my face and neck.

Another tip: If you are sporting the shimmery bronzer, try using a matte lipstick or matte eyeshadow so as not to look like a discoball. hihi..

I hoped I helped everyone with this post.
Next post: My eye makeup on this look.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake

Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake

I finally gave in. After two years, I finally switched to a new powder foundation. Gawd. It took me a lot of prodding (just me talking to myself ). I ditched my in2it foundation for this one. I realized (very late realization tsk tsk) that In2it Harvest is lighter on my skin. It can sometimes give me that weird white cast on pictures. Thank goodness I did not look like a ghost on my graduation photos. I bought this powder due to the variety of shades available which I really think suits Filipina skintones really well. There were like 7 shades or 8 (sorry I did not even take note of that) but the shades are really perfect for Filipinas. I am thrilled that there is a shade for morenas and those for fair skinned ladies and those for ladies with medium skintone like me. I honestly have a hard time picking the right shade of foundation it can either get too light on me, too pinkish or way too dark. I know. Sometimes I just wish that I have a light skintone so it would be very easy for me to buy foundations and I can use a lot of BB creams too if that's the case. :D Kudos to Fanny Serrano for this.  When I bought this foundation, my mom (who does not wear makeup at all... even at my graduation!!!gaahh!!) asked me if she could try it. Upon trying, guess what? She does not want to give it back to me. It was the very first time I saw her so interested with a foundation. I gave it to her but she gave me money to buy another one for myself..haha.
It comes with a mirror and separate compartment for the sponge applicator. It might seem bulky but I really don't mind. The packaging very similar to my Mom's Sally Hansen Firming Foundation. 
Tiny openings for ventilation?? 
My Shade in Orleans
Such a perfect shade for my NC37 skintone.
I think  it was meant for NC40 ish skintone but I find  Chino, the lighter one just almost the same with my In2it "Harvest" foundation, hence, I chose the darker shade. It can appear a bit darker than my skintone. Just a tad bit darker but after a few minutes it blends on my skin perfectly. With a spritz of my finishing spray, it looks so natural on me.
Just one swipe. This powder has a very fine and silky texture.
Did I get the right shade?
See for yourself.
Ohh.. I am not fooling you.. I really swiped the powder on my skin in this picture.
It blended on my skin like... MAGIC!! 
On to the Product Review: 
I find the packaging quite uneasy to use. You know with all the flipping and all that stuff because the mirror and the sponge is in a separate compartment. On a positive side, I like that the sponge has a separate compartment. I hate placing my sponge applicator on top of my powder since I feel like it can accumulate a lot of bacteria and all that nasty stuffs you could think of. The foundation is a steal for 399 pesos. I get 15 grams for this. That's a lot of product in a compact! My In2It foundation only weighs 9 grams. The coverage of this foundation is remarkable. It is not too cakey or heavy at all but it covers pretty well. It goes on smoothly when applied. It gives me that flawless finish. It has this subtle mocha scent. It is not really bothering at all. Plus, I did not get any zits or rashes in using this one.

 I will definitely give this powder foundation a 10/10 grade. 
You know, when I like a product I just extremely like it. This is not utter exaggeration! 
My first time to use this foundation was on this FOTD. (used with KevinBeautymaker Aqualight Cream Foundation)
I was shocked too when I uploaded this photo.  It evened out my skin tone so well but my skin does not look this perfect at all. NO PHOTOSHOP HERE.
It was my first time to use my new camera on portrait shots. just the soft skin feature of my camera.. :D godbless everyone

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Think Pink

Flirty. Sweet. Pink.

Barbie is not the only girl who can wear pink that good! I honestly think that pink is the most versatile shade because it can make one look sweet or sultry.  With a swipe of  your pink lipstick or a pink blush, it can surely brighten up your face effortlessly. I know some people who think of pink as a very repulsive shade.  I, on the other hand, love it (to bits!) aAnd if you are worried that you might look like having a debut or sweet sixteen with your pink shadow, lipstick or blush.. try matching it other colors. You do not have to be pink from your eyes to lips!!  I atill remember being a huge fan of light pink lipstick and bronzer  look! I sported that look for months!   
I added a touch or plum, purple and browns to dimension to my eyes. 
Products Used:
Moi Cosmetics Metal Palette
EB 24 eyeshadow palette
MAybelline black gel liner
Milani COlor Brilliance Eyeliner in black
Shiseido Perfect Mascara in Black
Gosh Eyeshadow Base
Unbranded False Lashes
Avon Simply Pretty Eyebrow color in Brown
For the lips, I am rekindling my love for NYX Thalia and I added more color by applying Wet n Wild Lipstick in Mauve Madness on top. That its why it looks a bit nude and purplish in the picture.  For the Face I used Nature Republic's Bloom Bebe Foundation in No. 2, Fanny Serrano 2way Foundation in Orleans and NYX Blush in Angel.
I hope you are having a fun weekend!
I really miss doing FOTD's!! hihi 
Have a blessed Sunday to everyone. :D

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wild and Crazy Summer with ES 218 False Lashes (from KKcenterHK)

Wild. Crazy.Summer.

Yes!! I am officially on a summer break more time for blogging before I go crazy reviewing for the big exam of my life -- the bar exams. Ok.. Let's not talk about that since I feel sick just thinking about the bar exams. I got this wonderful lashes from

This is the ES A218. Click here for the link.
I love the way it looks so natural on the pictures and it looks like my real lashes. Do not mind my untidy brows.. I am in the process of growing them back because I got it shaved (thinking they willl look better ) but  I ended up with a one liner brow.. eeekkk!!!!
ES A218
These lashes are very easy to apply and I love it to bits. I used it on my graduation. Ohh.. do you know any good lash adhesive. My aido eye putti  is so not good in keeping my falsies in place.. 

Another close up look. I know you are tired of the usual greens that I do. I just can't help it. I love green and it soo summer right?

I am soo loving my new camera!! 

Products used:
Fanny Serrano 2 way cake in orleans (this is my hg!! goodbye In2it 2 way foundation!! haha)
Kevin beautymaker Aqualight cream foundation
ELF blush in Peachykeen
Wet n Wild in Acapulco Glow
L'oreal mono shadow in Deep mocha (as contour)
Ever bilena Brow pencil
Shiseido perfect mascara
KKcenter ES 218 False lashes
Careline lipgloss in 111
Dollface Cosmetics 88 palette

maybelline gel liner in black

I will definitely have the best summer (although it will only last for a month) this year. I will relax my mind and spirit for that great battle!!More FOTD's for the coming weeks..

Products sent by KKCENTERCK for review.
This post is based solely on my experience with their products.