Sunday, May 22, 2011

ES 40 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow in Tropical

Hi guys!!! This palette has been with me for  a week now and I honestly kept staring on it.. haha I cannot do FOTD's because I am really very busy so I only kept on swatching the shadows on the back of my hands with awe. Why? This palette is really pigmented and it gives out a very lovely sheen/shimmer!! I am imagining just wearing a single color on my lid and with a thick black liner.. I am ready to go. hihi (tamad/lazy mode in putting makeup is on!!!)

This was sent to me by KKCENTERHK for review. I really thought this was a matte palette until I opened the package. You all know I am biased with matte eyeshadows because they look good in pictures but when I swatched the eyeshadows.. I absolutely changed my mind!! I super love it!! Honestly!!

The Brand is ES and this costs $15.50 exclusive of shipping.
Here is the link of this product:

I was really afraid that the product might be broken due to shipping but KKCENTERHK really wrapped it very well. No breakage at all and the eyeshadows are all intact.

Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows:
They are worth drooling for!!haha 

  Can you guess my favorite shades??
It is definitely the olive green eyeshadow!!!
The eyeshadows are really creamy too. Here is the proof..
Just be careful with the fall outs because it can get powdery too.
Over all, this product is definitely worth a try.

Products sent by KKCENTERCK for review.
This post is based solely on my experience with their products. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lorys Hair Cream Giveaway!!

I am soo excited to do this giveaway that

 I just can't wait for the weekend to post it.
(just my excuse to stop studying for a moment,,haha) 

I am very happy when Ms. Anisha told me that I can hold a contest with Lorys Hair Cream as a prize but I was happier that I am giving away 1000 grams full size of Lorys hair cream!!! I really want my readers to try this nice stuff for themselves.

The rules are easy!!
First: This giveway is only open for Philippine readers. (To all my international readers.. watch out for my next posts in the coming weeks for a small surprise)

Second: You must like my facebook page:

and Lorys Hair Cream Page as well:

If you have a blog, you have to be a follower too..

On the comment box, you should write:

Your name and Email address
And those with blog must indicate the gfc nickname..

I will check if you are a follower and if you liked my page and Lorys Fb page..

Btw, if you are an old follower of my blog via gfc or have previously liked my blog before this giveaway post. You are entitled to 1 additional entry!! (I already gave everyone a hint about this on my previous post.. hehe it pays to follow an advice!!! :D) Please indicate if you have liked my FB page before this post. 

That's it!!

Winner will be chosen randomly.
Each winner will only receive one sample of Lorys Hair Cream.

Winners will be announced on the 5th of June, 2011.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Lorys Hair Cream

Hi everyone!!! Miss me?? I hope so.. I just took a break from reviewing. I have been going crazy reading and writing and trying to catch my schedule these past few weeks. I was overly thrilled when Ms. Anisha asked me if I wanted to review Lorys Hair Cream. I could still remember joining contests held by other Pinay bloggers featuring this product. if you have been following my blog, you should know that when it comes to hair care I am very kuripot (stingy).  I have been seeing Lorys Hair Cream in the market but  I am very hesitant to try their 1000 grams because I want to try the product first before buying full sized ones. Good news to those who have the same hesitations like mine, Lorys Hair Cream just recently released a 450 grams version. YEY!!

Here are a few facts you need to know about Lorys Hair Cream:

  • Lorys is made in Brazil (this reminds me of the movie RIO!!)
  • Lorys can be used as a hot oil or as a conditioner (dual function for the price of one)
  • If used as a hot oil, Lorys must be placed on the hair and scalp for 15 mins then rinse and apply shampoo (if lorys is used without shampoo, it tends to make the hair appear oily)
  • If used as a conditioner - Apply shampoo first then apply Lorys for root to tip for 2-5mins then rinse. (been using it for a week now and I am really impressed)
  • Bestselling variants are: Snake Oil and Fruit Cocktail (my mom loved the fruit cocktail version!!)
  • Lorys 1kg is currently available in Watsons, PCX, Robinsons, Metro Gaisano and other department stores
  • Since Lorys 450g just entered the Philippine market, it is currently available in PCX , First Aid, Landmark and LCC. In a few weeks, it will be available in Watsons, Robinsons and all other major department stores nationwide.
  • Lorys has 6 variants, all suited for different hair types: Fruit Cocktail, Snake Oil, Ceramides, Chocolate, Shea Butter and Nutri-Sun Gloss
  • Lorys SRP is: Php 185.00 for 450g and Php349.75 for 1000grams (1kg)
  • Here is LORYS FB PAGE for more information:

My thoughts on this product:
Lorys Hair Cream is very economical to use. Lets all do the math here. My conditioner costs 203 pesos per 200ml bottle, Lorys Hair Cream on the other hand, costs 185 pesos for 450 grams. See the huge difference? In order to get 400 ml of your conditioner you have to spend around 400 pesos too. I have been using it as a conditioner since I received them. What I noticed is that I only have to apply a scoop of the product and it can moisturize my hair really well. When I use my regular conditioner, I have to get 2-3 pumps to get that right amount of moisture. My hair is relatively thick and super dry and Lorys Hair Cream really good in conditioning and giving my hair that right amount of moisture without being oily at all. Some deep conditioning products tends to make my scalp and hair oily especially during summer. I also noticed that unlike my conditioner, this is easier to rinse. No soapy and slippery feel at all.  Over all this is a very good product. However, I wish the scent lasts longer because these creams really have nice fragrance.

This is the first variant that I have tried!! Perfect for the super hot weather!!

I was also thinking of giving my readers a surprise. I am still in the process of brainstorming though.

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Til my next post.
Have a nice day everyone!!
Nerd mode on again.. yay