Monday, June 27, 2011

Neutrogena Winner

Congratulations to Monette Nama!!!
I already sent you an email..
Have a nice day everyone.. :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Barry M Lip Paint in Shocking Pink

Barry M Lip Paint in Shocking Pink
Hi everyone!! this is just a quick to post . I would liek to share with you this wonderful lippie sent to me by Starmaine SHop. To date, this is my favorite pink lipstick!! She told me to choose the shade I want. I was torn between Peachy pink and Shocking pink. When I got the package, I was really shocked!! hehe The name shocking pink suits the color very well. 

I thought I cannot pull the color off. When I first wore it, it looks so weird..  I am not just used to super bright pink lipstick. I am telling you the shade is really bright!! Almost neon pink on me!! The black casing/packaging is very classy.
Here is a lip swatch. It is a matte lipstick and stays on for hours on my lips. I tried using it yesterday and I only had to reapply once for the whole day. Applying a lip balm is a must because this lipstick can really be drying since it is matte. To those with medium skin tone like me, I think topping it off with a gloss is better. It lessens the brightness of the lipstick (a bit). 
The color intensity of this lipstick is fab!! Very pigmented even with just one swipe.

In case you do not believe me how shocking and bright this pink is, here is a proof:
Don't you just love pink lipsticks??
I am thinking on getting two more shades of these lipstick.

Have a nice day everyone.

Goodies from Starmaine Shop

Thanks to Starmaine  Shop for these goodies!!!
Here are the stuffs she sent me:

-Barry M in Shocking Pink

-Lime Crime In Centrifuchsia

-Lime Crime Magic dust in Shoe addict

- NYX Slim Liner in Hot Pink

-NYX Loose Eyeshadow Powder in Orange pearl, Turquoise Pearl, Blue Pearl

-NYX Round Lipstick in Haute Coutour and Electra

Visit her shop.
Click the shop for the link.
She sells Barry M, NYX (she has the summer shades) and Lime Crime too..

Thanks so much again!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Limited Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Giveaway

Hi guys.. This is just a limited giveaway since I cannot pick up the prize at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. The winner will receive a neutrogena hydro boost which is the one of best moisturizer I have ever used.. :D

There are only two rules:
1. The winner must pick up the pack at Fort Bonifacio

 (i will email you the exact address).
2. Must like my FACEBOOK PAGE:

On the comment box write your name and email address..


Winner will be chosen on Monday, June 27,2011.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette

Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette
Price: 100 pesos

If there is one makeup product I can't live without.. that would be my lip liner. I was born with dark upper lips and my mom would often say (when I was younger) that only people who smoke have dark lips (so untrue!!) and those who are evil/mischievous/naughty have dark lips too. waahhh.. I cannot concede to the latter.. hehe This is the reason why I am obsessed with concealing my dark lips and why I love lip products!!
I discovered this product way back in college and I was really amazed how its price went up through the years. I  featured this product on my blog since I have used up a lot of this in the past years. I kept on buying and never regretted. This has become a staple in my makeup kit. I particularly love the shade. The color is very natural. Just enough to conceal the dark lining of my upper lip. It is very smooth when applied and more of a very matte lipstick in consistency. I tried using this as a lipstick but it is quite drying on the lips but definitely works well with a good moisturizing lip balm and gloss.    It also works well with pink and peach lippies but not the lighter ones. I use this everyday and I think I would buy another shade from Nichido. I know its quite weird but I am drooling over lip liners online especially the NYX slim lip liner in BLOOM!! 

this looks rosier in person
have a nice day everyone!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guelain KissKiss Gloss in 865 (Rose Tentation)

I never believe that products with  higher price can deliver better than drugstore ones. I received this lipgloss from my coolest aunt from NYC. She loves makeup too but settles for the high end ones. She keeps on telling me how good Chanel foundation is. Ohh how I wish I have the money to buy one too.. haha Upon opening this gloss I was not really impressed. It does not have any sweet scent to it which I am always on the lookout when buying glosses until I tried it.
I got Rose Tentation which is a sheer lilac pink shade.

I love the gold cap and the brush applicator.  I am getting tired of the doe foot applicator which most glosses have. 
The shade is really sheer but SUPER shiny.

What i Love about it?
It gives my lips a more plumper look (although my lips does need more plumping because it is naturally plump). It gives my lips that high shine. I apply it on top of my lipstick. It is not drying like most glosses that I have. Plus, it stays on for hours on my lips . 

Toni Rose, if you are reading my post buy this one. haha
My friend is asking me what lipgloss is not sticky and I suggested her my all time favorite Careline lipgloss. If you want a high end brand, this one is worth it. hehe It not sticky at all and goes one very smooth on my lips.

Price: $30.50 (sephora price)
I don't know how much this costs here in the Philippines. 

I miss doing lip swatches!!A LOT!
Look how shiny it is? The shimmers are just enough to give your lips a bit of sparkle. The color is very sheer and cannot cover my dark upper lips.. yay.. I wanted to show the shade without anything on my lips to show you the beautiful sheen it gives.

Ohhh I know you are all wondering why I am not studying and here I am flooding you with posts? It is because Sunday is my rest day. (but I want to study more.. sigh... I am really stressed already since I have not finished a book this week. Need to study more). I am getting fat too. Sitting all day and munching while reading equals a bulging belly. :C
Have a nice day everyone.

Neutogrena Hydro Boost

This post is long over due. I was invited by Neutrogena last May 23 for a dinner with regard a new line they arelaunching in the Philippine market. I met a lot of beautiful people there. Sadly, I was not able to attend the actual launch because I have a schedule to follow. :C
Anyways, they sent me this product.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
This line also carries a lotion, facial wash and essence if I am not mistaken since I just chanced upon them in Watsons  last week. This Gel costs 830 pesos (again, if my memory serves me right). The scent is really good and very light. I have been using this for  weeks now and this is a good moisturizer. I have dry and sensitive skin but this did not caused me any rashes or zits at all. I do not experience dry patches anymore even if I stay all day in an air conditioned room. The nice people from Neutrogena said that this also perfect with those with oily skin. Isn't that great? The gel is light and the skin absorbs it immediately upon application. Plus there is no greasy or sticky feeling.

I applied only this small amount for my whole face.
Amazingly, it hydrates more than putting tons of regular facial moisturizer.
I swear this product is worth it. Hehe I hope Neutrogena will place testers in malls so you could try it for yourself. This is not just your ordinary moisturizer because this is way better than anything you could imagine. :P

Godbless everyone!! 

Review: Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara

Maybelline Long
Extreme Stiletto Mascara

I can't hardly remember the last time I bought a mascara. I have been using mascaras given by my aunt and friend. I was contemplating on buying the In2it Balloon Mascara but when I saw the 30% off sign at Maybelline's counter, I dropped In2it's and hurriedly purchase this. Thankfully, I made a right choice!! I love this mascara. This is one of the few mascaras that made my lashes look longer and fuller. I have sparse and thin lashes. I asked my mom before if she cut my lashes when I just a baby to make it grow longer. ANd she said YES, that's why it never grew longer! Damn! I thought cutting your baby's lashes will make it longer. Ughhh!! This definitely did not work for me. 

The brush looks like your ordinary mascara brush. Nothing fancy like the In2it Balloon Mascara.

What I like about this product?
  • Makes my lashes longer and fuller
  • Holds the curl for hours
  • This has a bit of a  dry formula which is perfect for thin lashes
  • Waterproof but it can be easily removed by my Pond's cold cream
  • Affordable (it only costs 349 pesos and I bought mine for 249 pesos because of the sale)
Here is the evidence of how good this mascara is:
LOVE indeed!!
I will definitely buy this mascara again. I hope Maybelline will not pull this out in the local market.

Nanny Rose's Sticks and Pulls

Nanny Rose's Sticks and Pulls

I have never tried waxing and when Amanda contacted me if I am interested to review their product. I was in all honesty very hesitant. I have heard some people saying that it was very painful and all that nasty stuffs. Ergo, shaving is the best option for me. I hardly have noticeable hair on my legs. I shave monthly.. sometimes it will take me 3-4 months. I was really curious in trying this since it can be used hot or can be used as is.  I have seen those wax where you have to heat it. I hate the idea of hot wax on my skin. 
It was in a eco friendly packaging. I love the fact that it is made in the Philippines and all natural.
A little note from Nanny Rose!! Sweet!

A little information given to me by Amanda about this product:

It's called Nanny Rose's Sticks&Pulls and is exclusively distributed by Watsons. It's an all natural hair remover in form of honey wax and is made of only ingredients closest to nature. The sticky pot is a combination of locally produced honey, sugar and calamansi juice - a concoction that will keep skin smooth, hydrated and will even exfoliate dead skin cells. It contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients that can cause allergies that is why it can be used on sensitive and delicate areas. Plus, it is all natural and Philippine-made.
The kit comes in three sizes: 200 grams (Php 279.75), 100 grams (Php 169.75), and 50 grams (Php 99.75) and is available in Watsons and SM Department Stores with Watsons.

What is included in the kit?
 microwavable jar
wooden applicator
fabric strips

Directions for use:
To use, just stir the product with the wooden applicator and smear it onto clean, dry skin. You can also dash a little powder on the area to be waxed to make sure that no unwanted residue is left. The product should be applied/smeared in the direction of hair growth. Place the strip of cloth on top and even out air bubbles. Then pull the end of the strip towards the opposite direction - now, against hair growth. 

For this review, I honestly used it!! (this is to affirm the fact that I use and try products before reviewing them although no picture of before and after shot is shown on this post.. that's what I mean by using "honestly used it" haha ) I was really scared at first but it was not painful at all. I used it without following the directions and it was not really good then I strictly followed the directions and it removed my hair easily.  I also tried it on my boyfriend's hairy legs. And it also worked!! I was thinking if it can removed thick hairs too so i tried it on him. I read a blog post saying that this product did not work for her. Hence, product may work for me but not for you or vice versa. My tip if your would like to try this is that you must press the fabric unto your skin gently to insure that the wax adheres to your skin and also to the fabric. Also, make sure you follow the directions very well. I took pictures of my legs but I decided not to post it because of my scars from psoriasis. I used about 2 weeks ago and no sign of hair growth yet!! 

Have a nice day everyone!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lorys Hair Cream Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone.. Here are the winners for the Lorys Hair Cream Giveaway:

Congratulations to:
Lourdes Roña, Jona Alforque, Aly Lorica, 
Mariel Navarro and Chas Hermosura!!

I will email everyone.. Thank you everyone for joining.. I will be the one choosing the variant to send to each one of you. It will also be randomly picked by moi!! I am super busy reviewing but I am happy I am on track with my schedule.. I am enjoying reading a lot. Hopefully, I can blog again this coming Sunday!! I want to share with you my new concealer which is so cheap!!! My HG eyeliner and a lot more.. Ohh I wish I have more time.. Btw, have you watched Xmen First Class?? Its really a must see movie!! Super love it..

Have a nice and blessed Sunday to all!!