Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tutorial: Korean Ulzzang Makeup (How to make your eyes look bigger without circle lenses)

I got these clear band lashes from KKCENTERHK again.. I love their lashes a lot!!They offer wide varieties of lashes from natural to glamour ones. 
ES A66 (click here for link)
ES A68 (click here for link)

Here is a quick tutorial to those who want to achieve that bigger eye look without using circle lenses. I have been staying away from circle lenses. There are fake circle lenses being sold everywhere and I do not know how to distinguish the fake one from the original. They look  identical too. YAY!! I don't want to go blind. So here is a quick tutorial on how to make your eyes bigger without using circle lenses.
Sweep some shimmery bronze shadow on your lid and your lower lash line. I just used my finger in applying the shadow on my lid. Apply matte white shadow on your brow bone.  Then I applied my black liquid liner, I lined my lower waterline with matte white liner from Fashion 21. Ohhhh... Do not forget to tight line your eyes with. Then put the falsies on.

I cut my other falsies and added them  to add more drama. 

I had a hard time applying the lower falsies.
 I cut them in half and applied both halves on my lash line.
It look so unnatural noh? I need to practice applying lower lashes!!

Before and After Photos
Donna, what big eyes you have?? haha
I just woke up on the before shot. WAHH

Products USED:
Kevin Beauty Maker aqualight foundation
Maybelline foundation
Etude House Surprise Concealer
Aido Putti
NYX Hot pink cream blush
NYX blush in Angel
CAreline Lipgloss in 103
NYX lip liner in hot pink
in2it gel liner in black
L'oreal lineur intense liner
Maybelline stiletto mascara
ELF liner in coffee
ELF mineral lid primer
Estee Lauder Pure Color elegance makeup palette
Channeling the Korean Ulzzang look minus the circle lenses!! WAHHH!!

Have a nice day everyone!!
VISIT KKCENTERHK for more products. :D

Products sent by KKCENTERHK for review.
This post is based solely on my experience with their products. 

Careline Lipgloss in 103 and 110

Hi guys. Just a quick post about my favorite lipgloss
that is available locally. :D
This costs 60 pesos when I bought it but my friend told me that it now costs 75 pesos!! 15 pesos mark up in just a few months!! YAY!! I love this gloss because they are super pigmented. I do not find this drying though.. My friend told me it is so.. Hmm.. I hope Careline Cosmetics will read this post of mine.. Please make more non shimmery colors!!! The shimmery ones feels so gritty on the lips. Make a peachy pink one and please make a decent shade name for each. Who loves the number coding anyway?? I hope they can turn this gloss to a lip those of NYX or ELF stain.. I will definitely hoard!! haha 
110 and 103

This is a cool light pinkish purple shade. Very exquisite shade in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of Lady Gaga. I do ntot know why.

A nice nude with brownish tones. It am not a fan of really nude lipstick because I tend to look like  that I have terminal illness or something. If you are just like me, you'll love this color too. 
In case you are all wondering where have I been?? I am going nuts studying!!! haha... I am staying at my bestfriends's house where no one lives. No TV. No internet. Nothings!! Its just me, my books, my lamp and my book stand!! I just realized that I can sit for 10-12 hours with text and restroom breaks of course.. Argghhh!! I am too stressed.. Honestly. I reserved Sundays for my lucid intervals.. :D So here I am blogging and doing non stressful stuffs...

Have a nice day everyone!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick in Centrifuchsia

One of the treasures Charmaine of  Starmaine Shop sent me. I have mistaken that Lime Crime ans Sugarpill were the same because the latter offers beautiful vibrant eye shadows while the former offers beautiful lipsticks with shocking shades. Errr.. I am so weird to ever think they were the same considering their brand names are patently different!!haha

The packaging was the cutest I have ever seen!!! wahh.. Its looks so girly and I immediately thought of Rainbow Brite with their holographic unicorn logo. It actually looks like a girl's toy!! 

Bright fuchsia pink amplified to a cosmic degree.

This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear.

This is how it looks on my lips. 
This looks brighter in person as I have said earlier. This is a medium fuchsia on my lips (not that bright and 
shocking like the Barry M shocking pink lip paint).
This lipstick is super pigmented. True enough, I just lightly dab it on my lips for a touch of color and I am ready to go. This lipstick has replaced my regular lip tint. It applies very smoothly on my lips and it is quite moisturizing too. It gives a soft sheen on the lipstick. The picture does not lie. Look how my lips look glossy.

Have a nice day everyone.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

In2It Waterproof Gel Liner

Hi everyone!! I have been using this for a month now and I can't stop raving about it. I first heard this product from Liz of Projectvanity. I was desperate to find a good eye liner. I have been hoping that someone at ebay would sell  Milani liquif'eye, saly no one did. So, I decided to give this a shot. 

This comes in three shades gold, brown and black.  When I tested it at the mall, I was really surprise that it is super pigmented and very creamy. Then the SA told to wait for a few minutes for it to dry and  try rubbing it off. And amazingly, it does not rub off nor budge. It just stayed put. 

In2It says that this Eyeliner is:
Waterproof and super long wearing
No smudging or panda eyes
Dries in 60 seconds
Ultra smooth formula 

Everything that In2It claims about this eyeliner is true!!

What I like about it:
  • This eyeliner is very creamy and pigmented
  • I can use it on my waterline and on top of my eyelid. I actually use this more often than my gel liner from maybelline because it is very easy to use.
  • I can create thin - thick lines in a breeze!!
  • I can finally line closest to my upper lash line without getting too much product on my lashes. (This happens when I use gel liners and when its time to put on a mascara my lashes looks like spider lashes!!! yay!!)
  • It is very affordable. It only costs 379.75 pesos
  • It lasts the whole day on me especially on the upper lid. 
What I do not like about it: 
  • I find a hard time using this liner to tightline my eyes.
  • I still get that occasional smudging on the outer corner of my eyes. 
  • I have to sharpen very now and then if I use it in lining my upper lid.
See how pigmented this eyeliner is?? very nice noh?? I will definitely get the brown one soon. 
I use the liner to line my lid, lower lash line and waterline and for tightlining. The shade looks more intense and darker in person.

Have a nice day everyone!!!


Sunday, July 3, 2011


NYX Round Lipstick

These some of the goodies I received from Starmaine Shop.

Click here for shop info:
 A big portion of my visitor here on blogger was from NYX round lipstick.. YAY!! My most popular posts are my NYX product posts and swatches.  I swear if I will be given a chance to do swatches on all their round lipsticks and all their products I will never ever hesitate!!! haha I love NYX because they are very affordable and they offer a wide range of products from eyeshadow palette to lipsticks!! 
I can never get enough of red lipstick!! Thanks Charmaine for letting me choose the shades for NYX lipsticks.

This shade is one of their newest shade from their Summer collection. I was torn between SHIVA and this one.

This is a neutral red color if I am not mistaken since it suits my medium yellow skin very well.  It goes one very creamy too.

This is medium very shade with tiny gold flecks (hardly noticeable at all.. ) 
I noticed that this does not have that funky soapy smell.. Does it mean that the new summer shades have a new formula?? Hmmm...Does anyone who owns the new summer shade collection of NYX round lipstick notice this too? 

Another look at the swatches. :D
I was supposedly going to do two posts today, the other was my HG eyeliner but I need to finish reading a book.. OMG I have been stuck on it for three days.. haayysss.. I would be going mia anytime soon. Pressure is everywhere!! wahhhh 

Anyways, I watched Transformers 3 yesterday!!! and I love it!!!! When I was younger I have a robot and I can't remember if it was optimus prime or the one from voltron!!haha I love robots... super! Enough of my blabbing...

Have a nice day everyone!!!