Monday, August 8, 2011

My Makeup Evolution

Why am I blogging? The answer is simple... I am going crazy and too much stress is killing me. I will get back to study mode in a while. I just want to share with you my makeup evolution. I have gone through looking like a clown to feeling professional makeup artist (on myself only haha.. I am my number one client!!). The above picture was taken way back 2008. WHOA!!! Messy makeup!!! Err.. blending was not in my dictionary.. :D I have attempted to do smokey eyes gazillion of times but I ended up looking like Manny Paquiao's opponent after 12 rounds. :P When my friends and sorority sisters tell me that I apply makeup so well (on myself only) that it is because I practice. I always tell them WATCH YOUTUBE!!! HAHa I learned from youtube but it is not only from watching that will make you better.. but you have to do what they do.. (I also do the blabbing thing... like ok first you apply the foundation.. LOL as if I am filming my own videos too.. 

I am not kidding!)
 and along the way you'll develop your own techniques. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lime Crime Magic Dust in Shoe Addict

Lime Crime Magic Dust in Shoe Addict

One of the products sent Starmaine Shop for PR purposes is this lovely eyeshadow dust from Lime Crime. Their packaging are very nice and cute. This comes in 16 eye popping shades!! As you all know, I am not into eyeshadows lately because I have no time to put on some makeup. Hence, no FOTD's for now.. :D