Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

I am finally reviewing the infamous soft matte lip cream of NYX. A lot of people are raving about it. I got really curious. I tried Antwerp because I was in my quest for a nice peachy pink shade (but more on the peach side). I bought this for 270 pesos from Starmaine Shop. I was very excited to try it (as in ibang level ang excitement  ko!). When I finally get to try it on my lips, my instant reaction was - WTH!?!!?! hahaha Yup! My reaction was like that! I was expecting too much from this product. Oh the agony of immersing yourself on a makeup hype that did not reach your expectation!!!! Sigh!
The brush applicator is the ordinary doe foot applicator. It is bigger than my ELF lip stain. 
The shade is so gorgeous. I can attest that it made me look so fresh and innocent(may ganitong impact siya! haha) when I wore this. My boyfriend for ten years (why can't i hear wedding bells when i say this? oh no proposal yet.. that's why.. haha) told me that my lipstick suits me very well. He hates to see me with makeup on! I rarely wear makeup when I am with him. A blush and a lipstick for him is too much! HE told me that this lipstick looks so natural on me. Indeed, the shade Antwerp is really lovely in my opinion too. 
Whenever I apply it, it creates those crazy streaks. It can easily be removed when the product has not yet dried on your lips. Unlike my ELF lipstain, this lip creme takes forever to dry. After drying, the product stays on your lip unless you'll eat. It will definitely wear off upon finishing a meal or a snack. It is not that long lasting as my ELF studio lip stain in my opinion. However, it applies smoothly on the lips and there is no sticky feel on the lips.
I need to apply two to three coats of the product to get this look.  It is not too drying compared to ELF lip stain.

Over all, I really think that it depends on the shade you are buying. Antwerp is really sheer on my dark and pigmented lips. If I bought Addis Abba or Sau Paulo, probably my review would have been a bit different.Also, I was expecting a lot from this product. I really thought that it would exceed my fondness for my ELF Fashionista lip stain since the blogging world is raving about this. I felt bewildered because I was the only one
(Am I the only one?? speak up people!!! haha) who did not like this product. I have to test the other shades. The other colors might change my mind, don't you think? I am really into pigmentation and lasting effect and in both cases, this product failed my standards.

Have a nice day ahead!! Godbless everyone!

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CLOSED!!! Sigma F80 Brush Review and Giveaway

Hi everyone. I am sorry I am bombarding you with two posts within day. Being a bum is hard for me.. hahaha I received a message months ago from Jessica of the Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program asking me to join their program! I was freaking happy when they emailed me. I have heard of their program before and I was saddened by the fact that you had to have 1000 something followers to qualify for their program. Luckily, I was contacted by them even though I do not have 1000 followers yet. Thank you so much Sigma!! 1 year ago, I was drooling over their brushes and I never imagined that I would own one before I even have a job. haha They have really fast shipping. This brush arrived only after a week and straightly delivered to my doorstep. Actually, I was about to buy another ELF powder brush because my ELF powder brush looks so old and my charm brush handle broke. Sad!!!! I love the Charm Flat Top brush so much. I think the heavens heard my dilemma and sent Sigma to the rescue. 

The handle is so sturdy and posh looking. 
The bristles are so soft. I use it to buff powder around my eyes without fear of being pricked.  
This is the softest brush I have ever tried. Swear! (I could say ang soft, ang dulas.. referring to the bristles..haha) The brush is really dense and firm. You need less effort in buffing makeup products on your face. 
I was kinda surprise when I received this brush.
The brush head is smaller than my ELF Powder Brush and Charm Flat Top Brush. 
If there is one brush every makeup enthusiast must have, that would be a good and soft flat top brush.A flat top brush can do a lot of things from foundation application to contouring. You can use it with powdered makeup and even liquid ones.
If you want me to do a comparative review of the three brushes just let me know. :D
 The Sigma F80 brush is the softest brush I have ever tried. I am not telling this because they gave it to me for free but it is just the truth! haha The softness of the bristles makes it very easy to work with. It applies liquid and powdered makeup like a dream. It leaves my skin with an even and smooth finish. I mainly use this for my foundation routine. I reached this more now than my other two flat top brushes. It did not bleed nor lost a fiber when I washed it. I also use this in applying liquid foundation. It gives my skin flawless finish. The brush head, although smaller compared with my other flat top brushes, makes it perfect for contouring! I do not use this in applying blush because I prefer an angled brush. I sweep my blush onto my skin not buff it like crazy. This costs 16$. 

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Godbless everyone! 

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink and Hot Pink

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink and Hot Pink

If there's one makeup product I can't live without, that would definitely be a lip liner. I have been using  Nichido Lipliner in rosette for year. I find the shade very versatile. Here is a complete review here. Then I recently discoverd NYX Slim Lip Pencil. They have tons of shades to choose from compared to the limited range of Nichido's shades.  I got these from Starmaine Shop.  Click here for the right ulr of their shop. There are some faking her shop for fraudulent purposes. YAY! I got the hot pink liner for review and I bought nude pink lipstick for 150 pesos or 100 pesos. SOrry, I cannot remember. 
The lip liner is very creamy. The pigmentation is really good. 
My dark lips. Wahh...
Hot Pink 
This has a bluish undertone to it. It really looks bright. Perfect when I paired it my Barry M shocking Pink and Lime Crime's Centrifuchsia. 
Nude Pink
I can finally wear lighter shades of lipstick because of this lip liner. 

What I like about it?
Very pigmented
It has a wide range of shades to choose from.
What I do not like about it?
Not locally available. You have to go through the tedious process of paying shipping costs and depositing payments because its only available online.
Look how pigmented they are. They can pass off as a lipstick but it would be very drying on the lips. Btw, I just woke up when I took this pictures..haha

Have a wonderful day ahead. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Physician's Formula Mineral Face Powder (Talc Free)

It's my first time to try a mineral makeup in a compact form. Honestly, I am not into mineral makeup at all. When all people are ordering mineral makeup samples some two or three years ago, I was in search for traditional makeup that will suit my skin. Why? Using mineral makeup is a lot of work. Buffing here and there. It was so messy for me. I was never into the mineral trend at all. I do not entirely believe blog reviews about minerla makeup at all unless I tried the product or have seen the product itself. For instance, there is this nice mineral primer that I was excited to try because someone blogged about it. She said that it was really good. When I went to their stall, WAHHHH!! The worst product ever! hahaha True enough, the mineral craze is a goner before I knew it. I am not that type of person who will buy makeup that's in (or the latest innovation chuva?!).  I have read tons of review about this mineral makeup and all but I was not impressed not at all. I was really happy when Tameraonline contacted me months ago. They asked me to reviews Physician's Formula products and I chose to review their Talc Free Pressed Powder. Why did I chose this? Simple, it is in a compact form. HAHA I also love the details on the powder. It resembles the shell of a dinosaur egg (uhmmm.. that's what I saw in the movies and books!haha). 

The packaging has small openings to let the brush breathe. Is that the real purpose
 Or for the residue to fall off the brush??

Product Information from

Mineral Wear maintains a natural appearance by gently absorbing oil without drying and helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines.For extra sensitive or breakout-prone skin!Includes built-in mirror and brush.

I reminds me a lot of Fanny Serrano's 2 way cake packaging!!

This brush is not useful at all. As you can see, the bristles are evidently course and hard.

The product itself is actually good were it not for the fact that I got the wrong shade. When I searched through makeupalley, they said that sand beige is perfect for NC35 or medium yellow toned skin. Wrong! It looks a bit orange on me. I can wear it alone but it looks tad bit darker on me. :C Sad talaga!! I cannot wear it over my usual liquid foundation because it turns darker on me. The shade does not really suit me. I love its coverage too. Compare the two pictures below and you will see that it can even cover my dark bags. It really feels soft and smooth on my skin. No tight feeling at all like mose pressed powders that I have tried. I have dry skin and I like powders that are smooth and does not harsh on my sensitive skin.  It smoothens my skin too.I researched about talc and the results were scary. YAY! I stopped reading since I love splashing baby powder on my neck and body. haha
Without powder
with powder

It did a great job in covering the reddish parts of  my skin. My skin is not perfect. I usually have rashes, reddish skin, and look at my pores. Thank Heavens I rarely have pimples or acne. Over all this product is nice. Just make sure you get the right shade. It costs 700 pesos or 16 US$ at Tameraonline

Godbless everyone!!

Product sent for review purposes by

Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Post: Love Packages

The transition period of my review consists of switching from 1st reading to second reading. I had to quit blogging when I started my second reading phase because I just have to concentrate more. What did teh more concentrated mode of my review do to me? I just have to leave you first with a picture that says it all. It was a whirlwind journey. However, it did not prevent me from buying new stuffs. Since I have no time arranging my things, I just threw everything on my traincase and some here on my drawer!!

Anyways, here are the stuffs I recieved from the past months I have MIA. I am sorry the delayed entries especially to the companies who have sent me these goodies. I will be blogging about them soon. 
Goodies from Tameraonline. I have been using the concealer a lot as a base. It does an amazing job of covering my dark eye bags!! More about these soon.
I finally joined the bandwagon!!YEY!!I was really excited when Sigma contacted me. I got this package just after a week they sent me an email!!That was really fast! 

Another package and this time it's from Mosbeau!! I already replaced my skincare routine by using these. More on these  soon..

Have a beautiful day ahead and Godbless.

Nichido Minerals Precise Liquid Liner

Nichido Minerals Precise Liquid Liner

I am very excited to share with you this new find of mine. I was in SM department store with mom and I noticed this new item from the Nichido shelf. I was actually a bit excited to  try it since it has silver glitters on its packaging. I thought that it was a shimmer/glitter black liner. To my surprise, it was their new liquid eyeliner. I love love love their liquid liner before I switched to gel liners. 

Can you see the silver glitters on the packaging. 

Their new liquid eyeliner has a new brush. This is far from their  old liner with a flimsy brush. This one is pointed and more stiffer. Hence, application is easier. 
The shade is pure black and its really matte.

Do I like this liner? YES YES YES!!!

I swatched it on my wrist at their counter. The SA told me to wait for a few seconds because it dries quickly. Indeed, it dried quickly. Then, I decided to rub it off my wrist and  it did not rub off!! Instead of walking away from the Nichido counter, I asked the SA to give me a new stock of this liner. haha Finally! A local brand that is long wearing, non transferable and waterproof liquid eyeliner!Isn't this good news? I was thinking of getting the Maybelline Pen liner but thank heavens I found this one! Also, when you shake the bottle you will here there is a tiny ball inside wiggling.. The concept is like that of the ball inside the nail polish bottle to keep them from drying.
This is how it looks like when worn. Intensity level check! :D
What I love about this eyeliner?
  • Long wearing (I use this eyeliner in the afternoon when I went to review school and when I came home in the evening ,the shade and intensity did not change.)
  • It does not smudge. (if you do not believe me, try swatching it at their counters to see.. hehe)
  • CHEAP!! This only costs 150 pesos!! 
  • The shade is matte and pure black. 
  • I love the brush applicator. It made the application easier.
What don't like about this eyeliner?

What is you latest find? Care to share? 
Godbless everyone!!

Review: Yanqina Volumizer Mascara

I'm BACK!!!! haha.. I want to thank everyone who helped me get through the bar exams. I will do a separate post about my bar exams experience. wahh.. I actually want to have a temporary amnesia for a while. I don't want to think of my mistakes. I just want to pray and believe. 

Moving on, I received this mascara months ago. I am very sorry for the delayed review of this. When I got this mascara, I hurriedly tried it on. I was a bit disappointed. 
Why? Look at this picture:
It made my lashes look like spider's feet. right? It weighed down my lashes too. The next thing I know, I threw this mascara in my drawer and did not dare use it at all. I have short and sparse lashes. I want a mascara that lengthens and gives volume to my lashes. 

 I suddenly realized, that although this mascara has a wet formula, it also has a thick consistency. Can you see? It seems as if it is infused with fibers. I tried it again. The results? REMARKABLE! 

STEP 1 of the Mascara:

Step 2 of the Mascara:
(my skin looks all dry and wrinkled!! wahhh..)
The first step of the Yanqina mascara just enhanced my natural lashes and it did a great job of separating and defining my lashes. When I applied the Step 2, it made me look like I am wearing falsies! YEY

 How did I achieve this sky high lashes (or tirik na tirik lashes?haha) ?
I simply let the Yanqina mascara to dry before applying another coat and loads more coat.. haha
That's it. Plus I followed Eki's tips in one of her videos.

The yanqina volumizer mascara costs $20.85. Quite pricey for my taste. 
Here is the product details from KKCENTERHK
Net Wt 0.41 fl oz (11ml)
One mascara 2 steps & 2 different look.
Step 1: Natural and lifelike lashes definition.  
Step 1 + Step 2 : Full-on dramatic & naughty lashes.
After 2 steps, Saturates lashes with the richest black and thick and delivered maximum payoff.Just one product give you what you want in the best mascara.Lasts all day without any flaking, smudging, smearing or streaking and water-resistant.Even water-resistant, yet easy to remove
More information here

I was really confused when I got this mascara. I thought that it has two wands. After a while, I just realized how dumb I was. Of course the rule is: no two things can occupy the same space at the same time.I know you are also wondering why is there a step 1 and step two, if there is only one mascara product and only one wand too. There is a huge difference in using step 1 or step two and using both steps. :D

When you use the step 1. The mascara wand is not loaded with the product because the second wand filters and removes the excess product. When you use the step 2, obviously, it is loaded with more product. 

My take on this mascara? I simply love it. 
Again, it all boils down to proper application. 

Why I love the Yanqina Mascara?
  • It made my natural lashes looks as if they are falsies. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes gorgeously. This is very evident on my pictures right?
  • It can hold my curl for hours.
  • It is very easy to remove. 
What I do not like about the Yanqina Mascara?
  • I cannot use this mascara and achieve the results that I want when I am in a hurry. 
  • It does not dry easily.
  • It can get clumpy because of its formula.
  • Not sold locally.
  • Quite Pricey for me.
FYI: This product is sent to me for review by

Monday, November 21, 2011

I am BACK!! (Almost!!) haha

Just one more week and I am so back to blogging!! Wheww... 
I never thought I could make it through  but the Lord helped me. He gave me strength to go through the grueling 3 weeks.This was a very humbling experience.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart 
  and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, 
   and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Anyways.. before I get back to blogging (officially!! may ganito!?!chos!) I finally made necessary changes.. 

BTW, anybody knows someone who could help me with my blog design?? thanks.. :D