Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cream of the Crop

I can't believe that 2011 will soon be over. This year was a whirlwind for me. A lot happened to me especially life changing events. This year was mostly fail for makeup buys because I would usually purchase makeup online due to my busy schedule. So here is a list of my best finds this 2011 (I will not elaborate too much on products I have already made a review):
San San Matte Liquid Foundation - I am really surprised that this 100 pesos foundation  is on this list. I really have sensitive skin and this did not cause me any break out at all. No rashes too. I have using this for almost everyday, the first time I got it. Click here for detailed review.

James Cooper Jazzy Collection Foundation compact - Having medium yellow skin is really hard. I have a hard time choosing foundation and concealer but this product save the day. I would usually purchase concealer that is light than my  skin tone. Having three shades in one compact is really good. The medium shade suits my skin very well but I do not use it that much especially the highlighter. The darker shade of the compact is my favorite because it makes my foundation and concealer suits me better. I just blend them (the darker shade and my concealer) together and I instantly get that perfect shade for me. Sadly, this is now phased out.

Ellana Mineral Concealer in Smile - I forgot to include it in this picture. My under eye concealer more often than not rubs off at the end of the day. I seriously think that looking like Wednesday Addams when I was five was so cool but having dark bags at the age of 26 is so not cool!! I look so stressed at the end of the day even if I am not. This concealer saves the day. I primarily use this for touch ups. It can get cakey so I have to exert extra effort in blending. haha

Fanny Serrano 2 way Foundation - I love this foundation and I bought my third compact yesterday. A compact would last around 4 months. No more ghostly white face in pictures!! I really think Fanny Serrano should get an applause for this product especially for the shade selection that perfectly fits Filipina skin. Click here for more information.

Sigma F80 Brush - The best brush I have ever used. Seriosly. The only problem I have now is that whenever I use my other flat top brushes, I think they prick my skin more than ever (or it is all in my head..haha). 
No palette this time. I just bought the Neutral Palette this year and I am not gaga crazy over it.

Nichido Kohl Pencil in Onyx - This is very pigmented and it applies like a dream even on the waterline. I use this for lining my lid my water line and even for tightlining. A detailed review on this soon.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - Finally!! This primer is better than all the other primers I have used even the ELF mineral Primer is no match for this one! I will do a review about this soon.

Nichido Minerals Precise Liner - It does not tug, smudge or budge!! The best liquid eyeliner on the local market to date! Click here for review.

Yanqina Mascara and Maybelline Stilleto Mascara - The best mascaras I used this year. Both made my lashes appear fuller and longer! Click here for Yanqina review and here for Maybelline Stilleto Mascare Review. 
Milani Bronzer in Medium - I bought this last November, 2010 but I mostly used it this year. I am quite surprised that I watched two Youtube Gurus raving about this. I love pairing this a light pink lipstick. I aslo use this for contouring. Click here for my bronzer collection post last 2010.

ELF Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze - The best contour powder and very cheap too. Click here for more information.

Shawill Blush in Natural Beige - Another exception to my list. I am never into shimmery blushes but I love this one a lot. It gives me that natural glow on the cheeks.

SanSan Peach Blush - One word - LOVE!! haha Click here for the detailed review.

Etude House Face Color Corset in No.1 - This is a white shimmery highlighter. I find this perfect for the Holidays. Click here for more information. 

Nichido and NYX lip liners - These are my lip savers. They cover my dark outer lip line very well. They are very affordable too. I just hope Nichido will release more shades soon.

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry - I find this better than Carmex! The cherry flavor is not over powering at all. It only costs 75 pesos.

Careline Gloss -If there is the best among the best product of the year, this will take that spot! For 60 pesos, you will get that super opaque and not sticky gloss! Winner! I cannot express how much I love these glosses. Careline, please add more matte shades. Click here and here for the swatches and review. Btw, my favorite shade is in 101. 
Skincare Products
Etude House Happy Tea Time Milk Tea - I use this as a makeup remover for my eyes. I had this for months an I just finished half of the product. I bought this as a replacement for my Ponds Cold Cream. However between Ponds and this one, Ponds wins without a doubt.

Eskinol Dermaclear C mixed with Dallacin C - I cannot got out of the house and sleep without cleansing my face with this one. I use this everyday morning and evening. It makes my face super cleans and makeup free. Weird fact about me using this -- unlike other people who use this after washing their face.. I use this before washing my face. This routine worked well for me.

Belo Essentials Face Sunblock - I have no qualms using this everyday. This feels so light on my skin and not greasy at all. I just wish the SPF will be higher like their body sunblock which is I think SPF60.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel - I already finished this bottle. I particularly love how refreshing it is on the skin when you apply it and the scents is soo good. Click here for more information.

Mosbeau All in One Facial Cream - It felt like a serum and a moisturizer whenever I use it. It acts as a good makeup base too. Click here for more information. 
Hair Products
This is so new to me. I have never been into hair products except this year.

Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water - This smells so good and adds a bit of moisture on my hair. I use this everyday after every bath especially when my hair is still damp.

Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray - This is a very huge bottle for 179 pesos. This is the only hair spray that my nose is not allergic too. The scent is so nice. It hold my hair throughout the day too.

Lory Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate - The scent is very relaxing and this is my favorite among the other variants. It is also more moisturizing compared with the others. I used this as a everyday conditioner .

That's it ! These are the products that I would most likely buy over and over again. I love that my list still budget friendly. hehe

If you ask me my top five, they are:
  1. Careline Glosses
  2. Sigma F80 Brush
  3. Fanny Serrano 2 way Foundation
  4. Eskinol Dermaclear C
  5. San San Blush in Peach tied with ELF Matte Bronzer
Choosing the top five was the hardest so I had to make it 6! 

What are your best buys  this year?
Share them!!!

Godbless everyone

Saturday, December 24, 2011

SanSan Cheek Blusher

San San Cheek Blusher

Good day my beautiful readers!! What a nice day to wake up with all the blessings Our All Mighty has in store for us right? Let's attract all those positive energy,shall we?!! I received my very first blogger kit from HBC!! YAY.. I am so excited because I have been lurking in their shops since I don't know when. It is such a privilege to be part of their exclusive blogger list. However, that does not mean that I will compromise the integrity of my posts for these companies (i just have to be emphatic about this). Anyways, i have thrown away a lot of NYX blushes. They have been with me for like 3 years!!Waahh.. I did not even hit pan on most of them except Taupe. That is why I am so thankful that I received these goodies. I was about to buy ELF studioline blushes but I do not like the color variety that much.

Pink Blush/Mocha Blush
Rosy Blush/Peach Blush

The plastic packaging is really tacky and flimsy. However, I love that you can easily see the shade of the blush because of the clear plastic covering. 

I so love the fact that it has a manufacturing date and an expiry date. I would always look for this when I am buying cosmetics and skin care products.

The shades in my opinion are very nice. They are all very wearable.

Mocha Blush

This is a brownish/coppery orange blush. I am not really into this kind of colors because I thought it would look muddy on me but it works well on my skin. I will definitely use it as a bronzer paired with a pink lipstick. This is my least favorite among the shades. The shimmers are not very noticeable but it give my skin a soft sheen. 

Rosy Blush
This is a beautiful coral shade. I love the color. It reminds me of the blush in teh ELF studioline Blush and Bronzer compact. This has tiny gold shimmer which is hardly seen when you wear the blush. I am not into shimmers but how I wish the gold specks are more conspicuous to add more glow to this blush.

Peach Blush
This is my most favorite among the four. This is a matte true peach blush. NO hints of pink at all. I remembered buying Careline Blush in Peach and it hardly shows on my skin. This blush is so beautiful on my NC35 skin (medium yellow toned skin). I actually felt pretty wearing this yesterday. Some peach/orange looks fake on my yellow skin but this gives me a beautiful flush. I am so in love with blush because it's matte and very buildable. 

Pink Blush
This reminds me a lot of  NYX Angel Blush but this is more pigmented and with less shimmer. This is a neutral baby pink. I was afraid that it won't show up on my skin but fortunately, it did! haha.. 


The peach blush is so beautiful noh? The shade stands out among the 4 blushes. These blushes are a bit powdery except for the Mocha Blush which I think is very soft. However, they blend beautifully on my skin.  I hate blushes that just sit on my cheeks making me look like a clown. I would give San San Blushes an -A for this. 
Do not attempt to use this brush. This sheds like crazy and it really pierces my cheek when I used it. I hope they just do away with the brush and add more product instead or a mirror in replacement.

What I love about these Blushes:
  • The shades are really nice and perfect for everyday wear.
  • They pigmentation is good NOT great.
  • It may appear sheer upon your first application but the shade is very buildable. 
  • Very affordable for 100 pesos!
What I do not like about these Blushes:
  • The packaging is very flimsy.
  • The brush is not useful at all.
  • The blushes are powdery except for the mocha blush.
They also sent me this brochure showing their best buys of the year!
I can't stop ogling on them.
I want to back and get goodies especially their body scrub and whitening solutions and soap!!
I want these too... waahhh i never knew they sell hair mousse.
How come I do not see these in their store everytime I visit?
I want these eyeshadows too.. haha

Do you own these blushes?
How are you liking them so far?

Watch out for my reader of the month segment after Christmas!!

Have a blessed and happy Christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nanny Rose, The Queen Bee is Finally Here!!

Hi everyone. How are you spending the Holidays and Christmas vacation? My grandfather is still in the ICU but he is getting better. Thank you Lord.  I just got home from a body massage and a foot spa from BFF spa care of my boyfriend's family. I am loving my nail polish on my toe nails!! I chose China Glaze in Sexagon! (Sorry,, no pictures of my ugly toes!!haha  I am too tired to take pictures). I just want to feel it is already Christmas despite the struggles my family is going through so I chose a silver and glittery polish!

Anyways, this is just a quick post to show you the goodies that Nanny Rose sent me for review. I will add some items to my latest "reader of the month" to thank everyone who appreciates my blog and have some time off to read it. I am really excited to try everything. I am already using the lip balm and hand + elbow massage. Thank you so much Nanny Rose for the goodies!! I will share some of them to my readers.
Sweet as a Pea Hand + Elbow Salve -- Smells so good!!
The Common Mint Peppermint Foot Salve
Lemonest Lemony Lipbalm + Sunscreen
Four Dices of Raspberry Cheescake Lipbalm
Godbless everyone!!
Enjoy the Holidays!!

Mosbeau Placenta White All in One Facial Cream

Price: Php 1,480*

     Enough with the tedious beauty regimens, the All-in-One is all you need to get the combined effects of facial    lotion, beauty essence, moisturizer and sunblock for that flawless facial experience.

                         ALL-IN-ONE BEAUTY DIFFERENCE

Fairness Formula
Made from the choicest ingredients to achieve the beauty benefits of skin whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing and UV protection.

Gel type Cream
The ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, are non-sticky, effective for all skin types and act as a great make up base.

40% MORE
The All-in-One Facial Cream boasts of a 70g content compared to the usual 50g creams in the market, which means that every pot lasts longer, resulting to more beautiful skin for less.

Every step entailed in developing Mosbeau Placenta White is done in Japan—clinical research, ingredient sourcing, product development, manufacturing, and packaging—utilizing their advanced technology and keen eye for perfection.

(information and picture from mosbeau website)
I received a package from Mosbeau five months ago. That time, I was reviewing for the bar exams. I waited for my exams to be over so that I can try this product. I have been using Mosbeau products for three weeks now. I wanted to use it first for more than a week to see the results and effects on my skin. Reviewing skin care products is harder than makeup ones because its either you experience its benefits outright or adverse effects in the long run. I have seen Angel Locsin's commercial on Mosbeau a lot of times. I am very intrigued. WHy? Because I am a huge Angel Locsin fan and like most Filipinas (I repeat MOST.. not all), I want to have that fair and glowing complexion. If this is the same cream that Angel Locsin uses everyday because she endorses it, hopefully I would look like her too di vah??  hahaha
When Ms. Bestie contacted me about Mosbeau, there was no hint of hesitation at all when I agreed to review their products. 
This is not the ordinary cream as I have expected but a gel type facial cream. It reminds me of my Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel but this one has a different feel to it. This is light on the skin. No greasy feel, however, unlike my Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel, this does not dry quickly. It feels as if I applied an essence or serum on my face and I can actually feel the slowly seeping through my skin. Usually by this time of the year, my face would get so dry and scaly but my face feels softer and supple. 
This is the texture of the product.
What I love about it:
  • It acts as an all in one facial cream - an anti aging serum, moisturizer and skin whitening cream. Because of this, you can skip a lot of steps on your beauty regimen.
  • It hydrates my face and keeps my face very soft and supple. 
  • It actually gave my skin a glow - made it more healthier and somehow improved my face complexion (not too much though but I can see the difference)
  • It does not make my skin oily or greasy and it is a good makeup base. I can instantly use my powder or powder foundation without the fear of dry patches on my skin.
  • It did not break me out. No rashes at all. 
  • Available at watsons. :D

What I do not like about it:

  • Pricey!! It costs 1,480 pesos. I suggest you but the set with soap to save 200 pesos. 
  • It has that distinct scent like plastic or something. I wished they added a subtle scent to it.
  • It says it has UV protection but it does not say how much SPf it has (are these two different?? I actually do not know!!haha). Hence, I still use my Belo Facial sunblock.
A tip from MLI: Try spraying your facial mist before applying this cream  (this will reduce the use of this cream, just a two pea sized amount will do). This will also help your skin absorb more moisture. 

Have you tried this product?

What are your thoughts on it?

Godbless everyone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Long Lasting Red Lips this Holiday Season

This holiday season, how do you get that much coveted bold red lips? Almost all my favorite youtube gurus are making their Holiday tutorial with red lips!! yay!! I have never dared to wear red lipstick when going out since I felt like a whore wearing one. haha I just envy those girls who can pull off red lips with such a breeze. This time, I am braver to wear one on a Christmas Party. My ultimate problem -- How to make it last. Surely, parties would entail a lot of eating and drinking. Going to the washroom for touch ups every now and then is a big distraction (at least for me).  Here is a simple tip on how I make my red lips lasts longer:

First: Make sure that your lips are well moisturized. I used my Vaseline Lip Therapy in cherry.
Then, coat your lips with red lip tint. I use my Tony Moly Lip and Cheek tint in Red Apple. This is the trick to make the color lasts longer on your lips. This is your base color. The lipstick may fade when you eat and drink but the red tint will not fade easily. It also prevents the lipstick from getting to your teeth since you will use less lipstick .
Define your lips with a red lip liner. I am using the Nichido Lip Liner in Blaze. 

Apply your red lipstick. I used my Nyx ELECTRA. You may use red tint and a lip liner alone but I applied red lipstick to accentuate the color more. 

Swatches of the products I used. 

 Finding the right shade of red is really hard for me. I think this shade suits me.. Don't you think?
What shade of lipstick are you planning to wear this Christmas?
Care to share?
Godbless everyone.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

28 Neutral Palette

Hi guys..  I bought this palette months ago and this was the only time I have the time to use it. I was looking for a nice neutral palette. I cannot believe that I am into neutrals. Honestly, I want more neutral palettes. I saw this palette being used by Misschievous and other Youtube gurus years ago. Back then, I loathed neutral palettes. I was never into neutrals because I love colors. It was just recently that I realized that you could create and recreate many looks even with neutral palettes.
This has been my go to palette. This has a mixture matte and shimmery finishes. The shimmery ones are very pigmented and intensely vibrant while the matte ones are powdery and some shades do not show up very well. Some shades almost look alike. I hate the fact that it has only one brown shade. I was hoping to see a variety of browns and taupes. 

I bought this palette on ebay. I am really impressed with how the seller wrapped my palette. It was wrapped securely like 2 or 3 bubble wraps with a carton. Compared with other online shops, her palettes cost less!! I was very thrilled to find her shop. Her palette costs 100 -150 pesos less than what other online shops sell!!! :D  only bought this for 650 pesos exclusive of shipping fee. I am not in anyway affiliated to pupay's corner. :D

Here is her shop:

Here are the swatches:

Over all, I am not impressed with this palette but I read a lot of good feedbacks about it. I am now in a hunt for a nice travel friendly eyeshadow palette. Any recommentaions?

Godbless everyone.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sigma F80 Giveaway Winner

The winner of my Sigma F80 Brush giveaway is: 

Congratulations to Miss Tracy Daroy!!!

Please email me at mylucidintervals@gmail.com

If you do not email me within 48 hours, I will pick another winner..

Godbless everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Do you still believe in miracles?

Last Monday, my grandfather suffered from heart attack. We are all in shock. He was very healthy. The only illness he suffers from is rheumatism. He is already 85 years old but seeing him suffer all these things is very painful for me. I can shout to the whole world that I was his favorite grand child. I grew up with him. I love him so much. Oftentimes, I would have these nightmares of losing him. I would wake up with tears in my eyes and with big sigh of relief  I will be glad it was all a nightmare. This is my greatest fear and it did happen. He already lost his pulse yesterday at the ER. We thought he was really gone. It was the worst moment of my life. I can't even believe this is happening.  I saw him being revived. I was beside him.  It was a miracle. Our God is one faithful God. I can hear my voice echoing throughout the ER... "lolo, not now please." He is now in the ICU. Better than yesterday. God is so good. I know this sounds cliche but tell your loved ones you love him/her before its too late. We were given by the Almighty another chance. This was such a wonderful blessing. I hope everything will be fine the coming days. 

See, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27)

Godbless everyone. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Budget Find: Landmark Brushes Haul

Hi everyone! I went to Landmark, Trinoma yesterday.I have been aching to go there since I have learned that they are selling  these cheap and affordable brushes. If you are like me who does not like brush sets, I suggest you check their brushes out. I was expecting to find kabuki brushes but there was none at all.. :C I saw a lot of brush holders though!!

I bought this faux leather one. Very posh noh? Only 139 pesos!! This is my fave buy of all. They sell different sizes and they also sell a larger brush holder for 299 pesos. 

It looks like this when closed. 
So here is a quick rundown on the brushes that I bought, I have not actually use them at all. 
Sigma Brushes look alike. Teehee. They just look like Sigma brushes but the quality are far fetched from those of Sigma's. Each costs 139.75 pesos. 
See how flimsy the flat top is? I already washed it and it sheds a bit. It is soft but not as soft like that of Sigma or Charm flat top brush. It is very evident that the bristles are synthetic and with a plastic sheen on it.
If I am not that impressed with the F80 brush look alike. I love this angled brush. This is denser and it is also soft. I finally have an alternate brush for my Marrionaud N32 brush that I always bring for blush touch ups. 

I have been dying to get a fan brush. The problem,, I do not know how to use this. HAHA This costs 154.75 pesos. Not bad right? The bristles are just ok and soft. 

This is a nice and thin angled brush. It costs 39.75 pesos. 

This is a long handled flat shader brush for 119.00 pesos.

See how flat it is?
I also bought tiny version of the shader brush for 89.75 pesos.
BTW, I can put two eye brushes on a single pocket. :D

Have you seen these brushes from landmark? Share your thoughts on them.. I just hope they have more eye brushes (like the bullet and crease brushes) and kabuki brushes too.

Godbless everyone!