After 1 Month of Using Sophia

After one month of using Sophia Lash Enhancing Kit

I noticed that my lashes became a bit more noticeable and darker. I also noticed that my lids near my lashes became brownish in color. Hopefully, it will fade after I get my desired length of lashes. There were times that my lid feels itchy after application. I am not religiously applying it nightly since I tend to forget about it. Yay. 

My lower lashes became noticeable too. 
 Here is a before shot of  my lashes:

I am excited to see a bigger difference next month.
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Godbless everyone.


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  1. Wow. Mine is super thin and short. How I wish i have long and thick lashes.

  2. your top lashes indeed looks darker noh.. sana nga mawala pa yung browning of the lids. :)

  3. Wow! I want to try this product soon!

  4. Sounds Fabulous.. Must give a try over it..!!

  5. Looks like the eyelash enhancing kit is working well for you. Your lashes look darker and more voluminous. :)

  6. Can't wait to see next month's result :)


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  7. wow!
    i want to see it with the side by side comparison of the before & after!
    & i also most often skip product application because i'm so tamad or just forgetful

    but im glad that this seems to be really working for you!

  8. i wonder, maybe it has a "coloring" or "tinting" ingredient to make lashes darker and that's why the lids become browner too =)

  9. Its now march can i see the progress?

  10. Can i see the progress and pictures?


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