J. Thomas No Tangle Leave in Hair Mist

Hi everyone!! Happy Chinese New year! :D I found this Leave in Hair Mist by chance when I went to Watsons. I was looking for a hair mousse but ended up adding this to my cart. I am really into hair care and styling products lately. Why? Finally, I have a long hair that is not rebonded at all. You know the dilemma of having rebonded hair right? You cannot tie your hair up, curl it or even change your hair color often (tiis ganda moment talaga!). I can now iron my hair all by myself (clap clap naman diyan oh! Yes, it took me years to master this.. Not kidding.. I was too afraid to burn my ears, my fingers, my scalp.. wahh I have too many fears...). I am now almost through with my Pure Beauty Water Essence. I honestly do not know if this product does something remarkable to my hair. I just love the scent and it somehow add moisture to it. When I saw the NO TANGLE sign, I was really giddy. It says mist so I thought it is definitely not a serum (yeavah!). Unlike my Pure Beauty Water Essence, this one is not clear. You can see that if you shake the bottle, it would develop bubbles as seen on the photo below. 
I am too lazy to retype the ingredients and how to use it so please refer to the picture.
I have to agree that it is not greasy. I love love the scent. It smells fresh but the scent does not stay all day long. Hmpf.  My hair is longer now and I am really not fond of combing and brushing it. hehe  I use this after I have dried my hair and I have noticed a difference.  My hair is easier is to comb through and brush. Indeed, no tangles at all! It made my hair a bit softer too. My hair is really dry but it does not add shine to it. I still need to apply a hair serum to make my hair look more vibrant. The atomizer is really good. It spreads the product very well on my hair. This only costs 165 pesos. The bottle is smaller than that of Pure Beauty which is in a 200 ml. bottle. Will I buy this again? I am not quite sure. I will probably make my home made hair detangler with the use of water and conditioner! :D 
The product is whitish and not a clear fluid compared to the Pure Beauty Water Essence. 

The following part of this post consists mostly of photos (my face is all over.. wahh). Those who are sensitive to narcissism,, skip this part.. please! I am planning to color my hair. What do you think?
1. 2. 3.
The first photo is my actual hair color. I know the color suck! It looks so uneven. I haven't touch it for almost 10 months (I think). 
I really want to hear your opinions.Will I color it black? lighter brown? or a bit reddish? I am so confused. I am now sure that I will not have my hair rebonded because I am learning to style my hair. Thank you, youtube! haha

Btw, Thanks to all those who gave me an insight on what editor to use. I am now trying photoscape and I am really trying to get used to it. :D I really find it easier to use especially when adding watermark on my photos. 
Godbless everyone.


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  1. You have beautiful hair Donna! I wish my hair would grow faster...I want long hair again so I can have it permed! :)

    Anyway, I like the third pic best. I think you'll look great in dark brown hair. Or you can ask Kumi too for her thoughts, she's the hair color expert haha!


  2. Hmmm...I think you will look good in any hair color. I love your current hair color though :)

  3. haha..I burned my ears when I was curling my hair without paying much attention. Super ouch! haha...

  4. I'd say black is the best one for you Donna. It makes your skin even more vibrant because black is a great contrast to asian skin. The added bonus to that is you don't have to worry about having it retouched. :)





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