L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy with family matters. Family comes first on my list (of course!!). My under eyes went from dark to scary dark after my grandfather passed away. I have been rubbing it like crazy and after the burial, it looked really scary dark. It looks as if I have not been sleeping for days. My aunt told me that she consulted a doctor about her similar dilemma. The under eyes and the lid being the most sensitive part of our skin tends to darken fast especially if you rub it excessively.  So here I am in search for a new concealer. My San San concealer looks so light on me that I have to mix it with a darker shade of cream foundation. I am always in a hurry so I have to do away with the mixing part. I have been seeing the Beauty Treats stand in different department store and I saw  the brand L.A. Girl always beside it. I really thought that L.A. Girl and L.A. Colors are the same brand. The department store near my place hardly have an SA lurking at the Beauty Treats stand so I have the chance to test their products without an annoying SA following me. HAHA (I hate it when SA follows you and when you need them, they are nowhere to be found. HMPF) I was really amazed when I swatched this concealer. It goes really creamy and opaque! The best part is I got it on sale. I bought this for 254 pesos only!! I have been using this since the day I bought it and I am really liking it a lot. 

Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet light weight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

I was shocked that it has originally 21 shades in their website. At the department store, I only saw 3-4 shades of it. I really hope the distributor would get more shades so that Filipinas would find their perfect shade. I have found my almost perfect shade for my dark circles. 

It comes in a squeeze type tube with a brush applicator. I really thought that the brush applicator would be pricking my skin but turned out that it is very soft and gentle. Thumbs up for this one. My physician's formula concealer have the same brush applicator but that one pricks my skin whenever I use it. The brush applicator also have it cons because I have a hard time controlling the amount of product since I could not see the amount that is being squeezed out. What I do is just pinched little by little to get my desired amount. When I did the swatch of this concealer, I squeezed the tube so hard that it let out a great amount of product! What a waste!
The product is really creamy and the pigmentation is really good. 
Look how nice it looked when blended on my skin.
It does a good job of concealing my dark circles!

Here is a closer look on how it concealed my dark under eye:

Staying power is good. I applied it around 4pm and went home at 12 midnight. My foundation have already faded but my under eye looks fairly good. Don't you think? My mascara holds my curl very well noh? Winner!My lashes is still tirik na tirk pa rin.. haha

What I love about this concealer:
  • Affordable! The original price costs 299 pesos only. 
  • It is long wearing. Lasted for about 8 hours on my under eyes without any primer!!!
  • It feels light weight.
  • The pigmentation is very good. It covered my dark circles really well.
  • It is very easy to blend and use. I apply it in a tapping motion.
What I do not love about it:
  • I have a hard time controlling the amount of product. 
  • The products tends to get watery. You have to roll the product between your palm like a rolling pin to warm up the product.

Over all, I am really loving this concealer!!! A lot!! If you see the LA Girl stands at department store, try swatching this concealer and you'll probably like the coverage and consistency. This is by far the best liquid concealer I have ever tried. :D

Godbless everyone
Have a nice and blissful weekend. 


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  1. Oh wow!.. That looks great!!.. Sadly I still haven't seen that here in the US!..:/ but once I do I'm snatching one!.;) thanks for the review!..:)

  2. nice! id like to try as many concealer as I can til I found the right one for me. Lol. Ive been trying all the concealer uv reviewed before but so far walang nababagay sakin :( mas malala pa kasi ang black undereye ko at ang eyebag ko compared sayo ms. donna. im gonna try this one, thanks! :)

  3. I know this might sound silly but I like the "cruelty free" bunny on the back. Hehe. So cute. :3

    I have tried a few LA Girl products before and they're decent despite of being cheap! I like their creme lipstick line a lot; so many shades to choose from and better texture than NYX Round lipstick too (at least for me).

    I'm glad you find a reliable concealer for your dark circles. I don't think they're that bad, though. Your skin looks nice even before the concealer.

  4. nice!! too bad LA girls is not available here...

  5. This looks amazing even after 8 hrs. I think it's such a great concealer!

  6. I've been to LA Girls Counter last week. How I wish i was able to get it. Arghh. It didn't catch my attention cause i was so busy looking for lipsticks and lipgloss. Haha. Next time!

    Thanks for this Review Atty! :) I got the Nichido Mineral Liquid liner because of you <3

  7. aww looks nice. :D i love cruelty free make up :D your skin looks dry na. de-stress girl. :)

  8. Wow!. Works well. Gotta try that one. Thanks!

  9. i use this one as well and it is still 15% of at SM north dept store till Jan. 15.

    anyhu...it has a good staying power and as a primer too...but if u rili have a dark circles under ur eye like mine..it tends to give me owl-eye sometimes. good thing i usually wear my eyeglasses.

    looking for a great concealer that will not dry my eyes and crease...any suggestion? thanks

  10. hey!
    pls tell me : this shade " Pure Beige" from LA concealer has pink undertones?
    tkx a lot

    1. this has yellow undertones.. :D

    2. yey! tks a lot for your review :)
      have a nice day!

  11. hi
    i can't see the pics? why? (i want to order from the internet so it could help me pick a color)
    and i LOVE your reviews!!!

  12. same here, i couldn't see the pic. was just about to purchase it in lazada, glad i researched for it first in google for it's price and reviews, in lazada they selling it at almost double the price, 499.
    so now i think ill just drop by in SM beauty counters and see if its available there, hoping it is.
    nice review though ms.donna
    the more i can't wait to try it.
    though im aiming it generally for my acne and pimple scars, you think it will address that too?


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