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I finally got the chance to do this post. I was supposed to do a lot of reviews (to keep myslef busy.. so as not to remember my beloved lolo) but the pictures were saved on my old hard drive (that all of a sudden crashed last Monday). Hence, I need to take new shots again! Tsk! Anyways, here are the goodies I will be giving to my lucky reader. From now on, I will do this Reader of the Mnth segment. I will be giving away stuff given by comapanies (if there will be sponsored posts.. ) and if there are no sponsored products, I will be giving away products that I am loving for that month. What do you think of that? This is my simple way of saying thank you to all my readers. I am very vocal that I am not a good writer (ala editor in chief of a magazine style) but still many still visit my blog. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

 Products in the Goody Bag:
Nanny Rose lipbalm + sunscreen
Myra E Vitaglow Moisturizer in Beige and Ivory
Nanny Rose After wax salve
Purederm Hydro Pure gel Mask
Purederm Intensive Foot Repair 

How will I choose the winner?
I really love hearing your thoughts and comments on my posts. Thus, the winner will be picked base on his/her comment on my blog posts. I love responsive comments and you can comment in English or even Filipino to express yourself better. Another aspect that I will take into consideration is the persistency of the reader's visit on my blog. I always take note of readers who visit my blog and even Facebook page always. 

Open to Philippine Readers only. 

The winner will be announced on the first week of February through my facebook page. Like my FB page here:

 Godbless everyone
I can't wait for your comments!!


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  1. Wow. Thanks for this giveaway Atty. Donna! :) Godblessyou and your Lolo. He's safe with the Father now.

  2. Happy new year! more power to your blog!

  3. Ha! and here I thought you were just like other bloggers who do it for fun. You "take my breath away" yet again, Don. I find it very interesting how you manage to keep tabs on what's happening with your blogger page and have a life at the same time. Anyway, this is a wonderful way of expressing your love for us readers. You really inspire me to do better in life just by the little side notes on your blog. These are things that I believe you aren't aware of yourself, noh?
    Anyway, I have been an avid reader constantly checking your blog for new updates. So its really something for me that you now update it almost everyday, YAY!
    I also feel that I am sort of a stalker..bwahahaha! Like, for instance, I have been seeing gurus use the san2x matte liquid foundie but never wanted to try it until you posted that you purchased it yourself!
    I also find myself asking questions like: "what shade would Donna get?" or "what was the brand of blush Donna used on this and that?" hahaha! Sorry if I might have made you feel awkward. ^_^

    Anyway, congratulations on thinking about this and really looking forward to more post and PHOTOS of yourself really soon. (I miss seeing your face).
    xoxo :)

  4. thanks everyone!!

    rann: namimiss ko na din mag face of the day.. grabe as in.. but pinatapos ko muna ang nine days ng lolo ko.. hopefully soon.. godbless everyone

  5. heymumaii sana nga atty. na in god's time.. godbless

  6. Wow! So generous sweetie :) Your lolo is in a better place now. I pray for him. :)

    Check out my new blog:

  7. This is a great segment, Donna! :)

  8. wow that's nice of you to give back to readers :)

  9. I feel how you feel now. Masakit lalo na sa situation ko since my grandma died 2 days after my birthday. Will be looking forward to more of your blogs/post/reviews and other stuff. By the way, I'm new here yay! and it really caught my attention since i like the color of your site hihihi and your reviews are so helpful. Well, anyway, congrats to the winner (whoever she is). :)


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