Myra Vitaglow Tinted Facial Moisturizers Winners + Picture Thief

Congratulations to Arra, Man0521 and Cathrina.
I had a hard time choosing the winners.

Please email me @ within 48 hours from this post. If you fail to email me within the aforesaid time, I will choose another winner. 

Look at this picture!!

I was browsing ebay last night and found this!
The seller intentionally removed my watermark!
This is so unfair. It took me hours to do the makeup and take pictures of my eyes. I was even wearing contacts in this look which made it harder for me. hmpf! I am not angry when sellers use my pictures in their site as long as they give me credits for my pictures or will not remove my watermark. tsk..  Take note that not everything you see in the internet is for free.

Godbless everyone


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  1. Amazing morning for me! Yaaay! Thank you very much Donna! ♥

  2. Wow,I win.Thankyou so much dear!I'l e4mail you in a while:)Hingi ka ng talent fee dyan sa site n nagnakaw ng pic mo.Grabe nmn sila:(

  3. Aaaw...that's your intellectual property violated right there! When I become an IP lawyer (hopefully in the near future), I'll protect your rights! Haha! :)


  4. Seriously..what a jerk. I've kind of given up on much as I despise those who steal and go out of their way to remove the watermark..I know it's going to happen. Sad, but true. You can try to contact ebay saying the person is in violation of copyright and taking your content was not permitted. Good luck!

  5. oh my! what is wrong with these people? Spent time to remove watermark instead of spending time to "email the owner" and ask for permission how hard is that? :(

  6. tsk tsk tsk!
    the nerve of that seller to even remove the watermark that you made!
    i hope that no one will buy from her ever!

  7. I hate it when people don't even bother to ask for permission... Why not just ask for permission? It takes like 5 seconds!


    Philippines Makeup Artist | YouTube

  8. anung gusto mong gawin natin sa kumuha ng pic mo? :)


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