Lunch Event: An Introduction to Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream

Hi everyone!Years ago, minerals was biggest thing in the makeup industry. Every beauty junkie I knew of owns at least one mineral makeup in her stash. Now, everyone is into this bb cream craze. My friends who are not so into makeup, are asking me what BB creams are nice. They heard that it is different from the normal liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer in the market. Most BB creams promises a lot of skin benefits from UV protection to whitening effects. Neutrogena  now joins the bandwagon. Knowing the quality of skin care products that Neutrogena products makes,I am so excited to try their BB cream. The Neutrogena BB cream is their final addition to their Fine Fairness Range. I am very honored to be a part of this event which happened at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club yesterday. It was a very informative lunch with Neutrogena and Dra. Frez. I will be sharing more about their BB cream in the coming weeks. The best part is -- my readers will be a part of it! I am dead sure you will enjoy it too.. :D More information about this soon.
The beautiful Ms. Nica is sharing the product information of the BB cream.
The bloggers who attended the event. I was actually expecting a lot more people but Nico told us that due to their schedule, they could not come.
Julia, Kira, Me, Phoebe, Say and the ever so cute, Helga
I will not miss this chance to take a photo of Phoebe with me. I am an avid reader of her blog like forever! 
Helga's hair was the bomb!! :D love it. 
Guess who was my seatmate for that event?
I attempted to curl my hair but it did not turned out the way I wanted because I lacked time and I forgot to apply a face primer by the end of the day my face look streaky and uneven!! 

Say!!!! I have seen her makeup skills evolved in her videos.

I told her "tabi tayo!!" wahaha I was really excited to talk to her. I thought she was suplada or snob because the first time I met her was in a dinner hosted by Neutrogena too. She gave me than sweet shy smile before. The moment we sat on the table, our chika was never ending! You thought our bonding time ended after the lunch event was through? NO way Jose!! We strolled at the Powerplant Mall and drank milk tea at Happy Lemon. (She loves strolling around the mall alone, and I love doing that too. WHy? because nobody wants to come with me and spend half a day looking at makeup, clothes and whatever fancy my eyes!!) We spent talking about a lot of things for almost four hour or more!! From makeup to life. I was really blown away with her attitude. She radiates this positive energy and she is really pretty.  I asked her about the negative comments being thrown at her in her videos. I heard the best answer from a 20 yr. old lady! She is very driven, positive and family oriented. I cannot wait to spend another time with her soon. :D 
Say, did you get a nose job?? haha
Her nose was very genuine! I am so jealous!hmpf! :D

Food Porn from Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club:

I have a dilemma! I need a high resolution photo for this Neutrogena Campaign.. The only high res photo I have was my graduation pictures!! waahhhhhh  I am in dire need of a decent picture ASAP! :S Help!!!!!!

Godbless everyone!


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  1. say is very pretty indeed! :)

  2. You and say are so pretty! :) I love both of your makeup looks! :)



  3. You look great!

  4. wow i should try that bbcream
    thanks for sharing

    ow that event looks fun

  5. You look like you had so much fun! I love it :) I hope someday I'll get to go to events too. :)


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  6. Kahit wacky pic, ang pretty niyo parin. :D It's the first time I've seen Neutrogena's BB Cream. Sana okay siya! :)

  7. In all honesty Don, you and Say are my daily staple. You = reading; Say = watching. You are actually the first EVER person I chanced upon when I first ventured into cosmetics. Then after reading your blogs through my phone pa nga yon eh, I saw Say. Looking at the pictures, it made me realize that lahat pwede mangyari. So, now I am hoping that someday I will meet the 2 of you. The 2 person who made me love makeup and helped me spread the word to my friends, that makeup isn't about changing yourself to look beautiful. It's just simply enhancing what's already beautiful to boost your confidence. :)

    I can't explain how happy I am to see the two of you together. wahahaha!! I really hope one day, magka picture tayong tatlo. :)

  8. natuwa din ako when i met say.. super thanks rann.. :D i hopt magkita din tayo... soon.. godbless you.. :D

  9. Ang cute nyo ni Say! The photos are treasures! Too bad i left my cam at my dad's car :( I hope to see you soon!


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