Pinkbox Party

I was so thrilled when Liz of invited me to the Pinkbox party. It was held yesterday at Sweet Bella Cafe in The Fort. I came in purple and everyone was in pink! Yay! (you know I cannot wear pink, reds or tangerine for a year.) Anyways, everyone was super nice and friendly. I have finally met new bloggers. It was a super fun event and I was eventually starstruck when I met Martha, Angela of Lushangel, Lissa Kahayon, and Verniece Enciso. I can't stop staring at them!! waahh.. I felt so lesbo because they mesmerized me talaga!  haha

Pinkbox is a ten year old retail brand that carries hair accessories for kids. They also have charms and novelty items. The best part is -- they are now selling trendy accessories for women. I have known about Pinkbox for quite some time now. Why? It is because of my younger sister (she is 11,btw). My mom would always buy her clips and ponytail at their stalls/booths.  
Meet Nelly See (she is the owner of Pinkbox). I was ogling at her beautiful and stylish necklace. She looks so cool and pretty. I cannot believe that she is an entrepreneur and a mom of 5 kids! WHoa! Now that is really impressive.

I only had a few photos of the event because I was busy chatting with my table mates.
I came from an interview, hence, my outfit for the event. :D I have finally met Bec! It was so fun chatting with her. I was with Kumiko Mae, Jill and Tanya at that particular table (click on their names for their blog link). So the whole conversation revolved around makeup, events and law/legal profession (Hands down to Atty. Jill.. haha and Tanya.. our time will come in God's time.. hehe). I have finally met Kim  Kira and Sara
Liz was looking fresh in her dainty pink dress.. Siya ang punong abala for the whole event. I forgot to take a picture of me with her again. I am a fan of hers. No joke.
There was a table filled with Pinkbox goodies. When Liz told us that we would have the chance to pick our own accessories - everyone was ransacking the goodies! We came so giddy and happy with PInkbox accessories. 

Here are the stuff that I got:
Liz told us that her favorite bangle was from Pinkbox and she also added that it was of very good quality and it did not tarnished at all. 

This headpiece looks so posh. 

I wanted earrings that I could wear in the office. The hoops earrings was a part of a welcome gift.

I saw someone lifted this necklace up. I was hoping she would not get it. At the instance she laid it down on the table, I snatched it real fast. haha 

These hair accessories except for that black elastic are for my sister. :D

The food at Sweet Bella Cafe are all yummy. The place perfect for the Pinkbox Party. When the cab dropped me off at Burgos Circle, I immediately looked for people in pink! haha I was not able to take photos of all the food served because I was busy chatting with the other bloggers. Visit their website for more information. Click here

This pizza tastes so delish!! as in!
Thank you and Miss Nelly See for the fun event!
More power to Pinkbox. :D

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  1. You looked like you had so much fun.
    I'm really hoping to see more of you in social events such as this.
    You look very pretty in purple by the way. :)

  2. you're so fast! :D it was so nice to meet you at the event! argh grabe i love your necklace. im thinking of dropping by pinkbox to see if they have it in a different color. though the white makes it really teardrop-ish. eh kaso ayoko naman makikambal haha

  3. *_* everything... soo... giiiirly!!! <3 i loved your jewelry picks, especially the necklace that you quickly snatched lol

  4. super fast kasi naman akala ko go na go ang final interview ko today turned out di pala tuloy.. hahaha ano veh!! go na kumi... ok lang kambal tayo sa necklace!! haha\

    rann: thanks so much.. :D hindi naman very pretty medyo lang.. char!!

  5. Hey girl! It was super fun meeting and chit chatting with you! See you soon! x

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of

  6. You look great and that party looked super fun! Grabe siguro if I didn't stop blogging for a year I'd probably be doing pretty well now. Hay! Haha. Missed reading your posts sis!


    My Makeup Blog | YouTube

  7. Super nice meeting you, donnarence! :D

  8. Cute naman, puro pink! Cute ng bangles and earrings. :)

  9. I was at the event too! Sorry I wasn't able to introduce myself. I was too late. Haha. Great things you snagged at the accessories buffet! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  10. Wow.. sounds like fun! I was in the PI for the New Year.. My brother in law has a condo near that cafe called Bellagio 2. I will frequent Philippines even more when my condo will be up in The Fort too.. Cant wait :) We should meet up :D

  11. SHar!! we should that nga!!

    Melai: hopefully next time we will meet again and will make chika na.. :D


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