A Touch of Silver Look

I just finished watching Heartstrings (a korean series).  This look was originally inspired by Lea Michele's Golden Globes 2012 look. I watch the tutorial of Nic (pixiwoo) but ended up doing my own look instead. I

Here is Nic's tutorial for Lea Michelle:

Here is my own Touch of Silver Look:
I used my Nichido Minerals Eyeliner Kohl in Onyx as a base. I created the winged outline. It makes the application easier and cleaner if you do this. 
Blend the eyeliner on your lid.
Apply a dark gray liner. This is actually optional but I love packing shadows on my lid to create a beautiful gradient and texture. 
 Dust some matte brown eyeshadow on your crease area and darken it with the black eyeshadow. I also applied more black eyeshadow over the wing and outer v for more definition. Highlight the inner corner of your eye with a lighter shade of silver. I also highlight my brow bone using Ellana Mineral Concealer. I think this made my brows look cleaner.

The final look. This is the texture and gradient I am talking about.  
I forgot to apply more mascara on my lower lashes! :s I swear this looks more sultry and fiercer in person. 
Products Used:

Maybelline Pure Minerals Liquid foundation
Ellana Minerals Concealer in Smile
Fashion 21 loose powder in #1
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
ELF matte bronzer for contouring
MAC Gingerly Blush
Sophie Martin Lipstick in Caramel Sugar and I top it off with Fashion 21 Arctic Stone
Wet n Wild Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow
Avon Minerals Mascara
Nichido Liner in Onyx
ELF 32 pc. warm palette
KKCENTERHK 40 pc. shimmery eyeshadow
HBC False Lashes
Aido Eye putti (i hate this lash glue does not stick the lashes very well!!)

I hope you like this look..

 I will be doing the morning rush look soon. It made me look so posh with using only one eyeshadow!!

Godbless everyone.


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  1. Oooh so pretty! :) I need to start watching Youtube videos too.


  2. This "face time" just made my day (not a lesbian, okay). I really like this look. I'll try it. Unfortunately, unlike you I don't have the confidence to post pictures :(

  3. rann: go na!! makapal lang talaga mukha ko.. haha

    tanya: ano ve!?! watch na.. wag ka puro aral diyan.. :D

  4. You look great!

    Can you please check out my last post? I need help :)

  5. Wow!!! Its such a pretty look n it looks amazing on you!!

  6. Super super nice! Grabe sis lalo kang gumaganda :D I love it! Hehe


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  7. wow how did your face look soft focus smooth on the last photo ? :) this is such a nice look on you! :) demure pero sexy

  8. aaa you looks so sultry ;D
    i wanna re-create this look on saturday... even though i'll be at home all day lol XD

  9. @kumi: dahil sa camera ko!! magic ang ganda na ng balat ko..bwahaha

  10. I love this! It's soft and smokey but still bold and dramatic. I really like how the lashes look too :)

  11. Clean blending, as always! Good job atty!

  12. I love the look! thanks for the tutorial, Love! I'm definitely trying this one out. :)

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  13. hi, I'm just a bit concern coz it seems like your pics are not viewable lately.
    It's just sad, I follow your tips and thoughts a lot.
    hope it will be fixed soon.

    Thanks :)


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