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An accessory can transform a simple wardrobe into a stylish new look. I envy those women who can wear a simple tee and add some spice to it with accessories. I have never enjoyed wearing accessories until now that I am working. My excuse will primarily be tight budget so as not to buy accessories.  I have recently discovered this multiply shop, Geraonline.The brand name, Gera, doesn't mean war, it just so happened that in combining the owner's name they came up with "Gera." The accessories (the "etc" part) that they're selling is at it's lowest price possible, so that is their edge amongst all of those who sell them online. However, being affordable, it doesn't mean that the quality be compromised.

Good news to my readers, here is a discount for everyone to enjoy.
  • The discount will only be applied if a single purchase is within the required minimum order amount of 300php
  • The code that you will create is valid until March 1, 2012
  • The code can be used as many times a customer would want to so as long as it is within the time frame. 
  • Orders can be processed through our multiply shop or through text messaging. 
  • The discount code is not applicable to shipping fees.
Btw, I am blogging here at the office!! waahh.. gotta go or else I will lose my job..waahh :D

Godbless everyone!!


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