Gotcha! The Cheapest Kabuki Brush

Hi everyone! I never intended to buy something makeup related until payday. Plus, I do not have any craving as of the moment except for the beauty blender look alike sponge that Etude House was selling for less than 400pesos only!!  I chanced upon this kabuki brush from Landmark! I was so thrilled because I was looking for a kabuki brush before in Landmark but these are not available.

The kabuki brush is dense compared to my small ecotools kabuki brush. This brush is also huge. 

See? I told you it is huge.

No bleeding when washed.
No shedding.
I use this for loose powder and/or setting my liquid foundation. NO PRICKING at all.
The size is relatively big for kabuki brush. I also use this in
applying powder on my neck area (to prevent the Casper look).
VERY CHEAP! Guess how much?? :D
129.75 pesos!!! Let's do a cart wheel for the price!!! I am so thankful for Landmark for bringing good and affordable brushes for us to enjoy. 
You don't even need an online accounting degree to know that is a good buy!

The only  reason that I would give a thumbs down for this brush is that the black cap was removed when I was using it! Thankfully! I just applied some mighty bond and it is good as new again. :D 
It comes in this plastic container.. :D

This kabuki brush is available at Landmark Trinoma.

Godbless everyone!


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  1. You just made me want to roll over :( Kakainis talaga Don, we don't have Ayala or Landmark here. :(

  2. ang saya saya! ikaw na reyna ng great finds!

  3. Woah, that's a great find! Plus since it comes in a plastic tube, that will be great for travelling too! Sigh, why can't Malaysia have such great deals too T.T

  4. AWW WOW! I LOVE SHOPPING AT LANDMARK FOR BEAUTY STUFF! omg im so heading over there tom after gym :D i need some nail fix anyway.

  5. Cooleo! I own a kabuki brush worth less than P60, but this looks better. :)

  6. Wow! That's unbelievably cheap considering how huge and dense that brush is. I want that too! :D

  7. i always pass by that section in landmark and my heart just melts when feeling the brushes! definitely getting a whole lot of quality for the fraction of the price! great review. :D

  8. If I knew about this, I wouldn't have bought thebodyshop's kabuki brush.

  9. Thanks for sharing this. Heading to ♥

  10. this is a steal! wow! thanks for sharing!

  11. wow sis, thank you for sharing! I've been trying to find cheap brushes (especially kabuki) for a long time na! yey!

  12. I have the same kabuki and yes, it's awesome!! :)

    1. Hi!

      I can't view the snapped photo of this kabuki...I wonder how it looks 😕

  13. sis! congrats on your latest achievement!!!! love you!!

  14. Wow. And I thought my 280 pesos kabuki was cheap. Hats off to you! =)

  15. i have the same brush and i was elated when i first saw it! :D since i'm a student with a few bucks to spare it was a really good brush~ sometimes i wished i had a second one and customize it as a toy squirrel since it's suuuuuuper fluffy. my friends love the brush as well. :)


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