Guest Post: Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight Without Actually Hitting the Gym

Hi everyone! This is a very special guest post from Chrissy. I have known her ever since I started blogging. I asked her to do a non makeup related post because I want some inspiration. She is indeed an inspiration. Losing weight seems like a herculean task for me since I love eating and hate exercising but I have to motivate myself. Chrissy is the lady behind the blog,Cosmetic Fixation. 

Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight Without Actually Hitting the Gym

Hi gals! My name is Chrissy and I write a beauty blog, CosmeticFixation. I’m writing this as a guest post for Donnarence, who was kind enough to let me have this opportunity. J

Hitting the gym seems to be everyone’s first choice when it comes to weight loss but when it comes to a busy schedule, finding time to go to the gym seems more difficult than the exercise itself. Many are forced to take losing weight into their own hands. How exactly is that possible without going to the gym?

I think that any girl can agree with me to the fact that dieting and exercise takes a lot of willpower, something that not really everyone has. With summer rolling around and beach days getting closer and closer, losing weight becomes an even higher priority. I personally wouldn’t want to show up on the beach without the rocking bikini bod to go with it. Ikaw ba, gusto mo?

I’ve previously lost some weight but as we’ve just been through the holidays...I need to lose some again. So since I was doing some research on how to lose weight, I figured why not share it with you?

WEIGH YOURSELF AND CHART IT. Stepping on a scale is scary for many people but finding out your weight is necessary in order to keep track of it. Weighing yourself everyday allows you to see if you are doing something right or wrong when it comes to eating and physical activity. Just put it this way: weight loss will make your day and weight gain will allow you to adjust your habits so that you won’t gain any more.

KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL. Keeping track of your food intake will allow you to see just how much you are eating. It may seem like it’s not a lot at first, but once it’s on paper you’d be surprised. Many successful dieters keep food journals so they can know if they are staying within their calorie range or not.

HAVE FUN. Summer is coming and that normally means more fun, physical activities. If you have time on the weekends, try to do something with your family or friends such as playing Ultimate Frisbee or taking a hike. You can also pick up a sport or pack up and head off for an adventure. A good place for a weekend getaway is La Mesa Eco Park. Try their Fitness and Mountain Bike trail, boating and zip line.

SWIM. When you go to a beach or a pool, don’t just sit there and soak up the sun. Have a good time by taking a dip in the pool and having a leisurely swim. You don’t have to do laps to burn calories—non-lap, leisure swimming can allow you to burn up to 400 calories in an hour, depending on your weight. To put it in perspective, a 130 lb person can burn around 354 calories an hour.

INDULGE. Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods because you’ll pay for it when you end up craving and binging later on. You shouldn’t ignore your cravings. In fact, you should allow yourself to have them (in moderation!). Not only will this keep you happy, but it will also keep you motivated. Think of your small indulgences as little rewards for your weight loss efforts. This way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

DO YOUR CHORES. Stop putting off cleaning and laundry for another day because your chores can help you to burn calories. In fact, calorie burn in housework is equivalent to that which you would burn on light to moderate exercise. So pick up the broom, wash the dishes and have a general cleaning day. It’s tiring, but at least you’d have burnt a ton of calories while getting everything done.

WALK. Many people agree to the fact that walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Get as much of it as you can by using the stairs, parking your car farther than normal to the entrance of your workplace or just heading out for a leisurely stroll. This also means that walking around in the mall for hours actually burns you a good deal of calories—just don’t wipe it out by scarfing down a sinful serving of fast food.

Since I’ve given you a few tips on how to lose are a few on how to maintain your weight!

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DRINK. Most people just watch what they eat but continue drinking whatever they want. What they don’t realize is that drinks are actually far worse when it comes to calorie content. A coffee drink can contain up to 700 calories (or more!) and can be very fattening. Ditch the high calorie drinks and stick with water, natural juices or shakes. If you must have caffeine, take it in the form of tea or plain coffee without all the bells and whistles.

DON’T COMPENSATE WITH FOOD. A lot of people who work out on a regular basis feel justified when they eat too much. When people are tired, they tend to eat a lot in order to regain their energy. This is restaurants and fast food places are usually right across from gyms. Eating a lot after exercising might just be the reason why you can’t seem to lose weight. Eat, but don’t overdo it so that you don’t wipe out your progress. Do what the hunky athletes do and eat a banana. It will give you a great energy boost along with a good deal of potassium.

DON’T GET COMPLACENT. People who lose weight can sometimes become confident that they can keep it off so they eat whatever they want and forego exercise. This is a quick way to get your weight right back up to where you began. Eat whatever you want but remember portion control and exercise so you can keep that weight off for good.

Thank you again to Donnarence for letting me write a guest post on her blog. Don’t forget to check out my blog for some makeup tutorials and reviews!

Before Photos of Chrissy

And her vavavoom body now!!! waahhh

I am speechless when I saw her pictures. It is high time that I take care of my health and trim my body.. who know 3 years from now, I will be walking down the aisle and I must be in my best form, right? :D 
(BF, if you are reading this.. please take not note, three years from now. haha)

Godbless everyone!!
Have a blessed weekend.

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  1. my goodness!! She's walking testament that I still have hope in losing weight! I started going to the gym actually so these tips will go handy as well :D *must take eating in moderation*

  2. Oh wow, Chrissy lost even more weight. She's so hot!

    I actually hate running, but it really does help to keep the weight off because I burn so much calories. However, when I can't run, I try to walk as much as I can.

  3. Interesting post. I agree with the things she said. As a dieter and health buff myself, I can say that hitting the gym is a good start, but without the proper motivation and support, the gym can't do anything for you. :)

    I just have to add (haha :p). To maintain your weight for life, make sure you have a healthy meal plan, and strategically plan your cheat meals. It's a safety base for one to maintain his/her weight for life.

  4. hats off to her!!!! jaw dropping indeed!

  5. Oh god, she's hot. I love these kinds of regimen. It's more realistic and sustainable than crazy fitness workouts and fad diets.

  6. ahahahaha! Is it me? O parang na underlined "three years from now" was somewhat like a threat or a challenge?? hahaha!

    OMG! She is uber sexy. So she didn't take any slimming pills whatsoever? I really must try this because ever since I have been working at home, I put on a lot of weight na. :(

    1. Hi hi, nope I didn't take any slimming pills. Hehe :) All hard work, sweat and tears!

  7. ang tagal 3 years from now.. LOL

    1. haha... wala pa kami savings eh.. errr.. ako lang pala.. siya meron na. :D

  8. outstanding post. really useful post. you mention all important point for lossing weight. you are looking butiful after lossing weight. I am waiting for next post.


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