The Hit List (Monthly Faves for January and February 2012)

Hi everyone! I decided to do a hit list post which will feature the products that I am loving lately.   I have even considered checking out a list of online cosmetology colleges to discover even more great makeup products from a cosmetology/ makeup class. 

In no particular order, my fave products are:
1. Maybelline Baby Lips - Two of my readers commented on how good this product is. I have tried Carmex, Chapstick to Vaseline.. I think this one is the best. Thank you for your recommendation. It moisturizes my lips very well. The balm just don't sit on my lips like a gloss but it does a nice job of making my lips softer and more supple. I have dry lips and I have noticed that I rarely experience chapped lips now. I also love the scent. I think I got the raspberry one. This only costs 79 pesos. I will definitely repurchase.

2. Splash Hair Control Polish - I like this better than a leave on serum. This tames my tresses and baby hair without my hair looking oily.  (The trick is not applying too much)

3. Sophia Eyelash Enhancing Kit - I posted an intro post for this product and a monthly update. I am very impressed with this one. A co-employee asked me last week if I my lashes are true or fake. Waahhh Nobody has ever took notice of my lashes before. Click here for more info about this product.

4. Revlon Lip Butters - I have been raving about this lip butters ever since I got them. I use it almost everyday to the office especially pink truffle which is my lips but way better shade. :D Review and Swatches here.

5. San San Rosy Blush - I expressed my profound love for the Peach blush before. I have been liking this blush because it looks similar with my ELF blush, the one in the Studioline blush/bronzer compact. The gold shimmer is not noticeable but gives my face that nice glow. Click here for review and swatches of the San San blushes.

5. Fashion 21 Loose Powder - I honestly did not like this when I bought it at first. I was even thinking of throwing it away but I just kept it inside my makeup drawer for about 2 or 3  months. Again, I was influenced by Filipina Youtube Gurus in buying this product. I find this great for touch ups but not for setting foundation or BB Cream. However, I use this to set my concealer to highlight my under eye because the shade is a bit lighter for my skin tone.

6. Saizen Face Massager - I do not actually know what you call this stuff. Is it a face massager or scrub? I saw a Youtube guru cleaning her face with a face brush (the one used in facials). Having sensitive skin, I have an inkling brushes will definitely not work for me since it will prick my skin. Then I saw this at watsons and I am using this to clean my face every other day (not everyday). I feel that my face becomes softer after using this. I never thought that cleaning one's face can be so relaxing. :D 
The tiny bristles are very gentle. Just don't press this hard on your skin.
7. Marionnaud N32 Angled Brush - Fave brush for the moment. I use this for blush application and for contouring my cheeks. I think I should get a back up for this brush.

8. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Bb Cream - I am using this everyday! More about this product soon.

9. MAC Gingerly Blush - This is my go to blush as of the moment. I find the shade very versatile. I can use this with a pink, peach or red lipstick!! Also, JlovesMAC love this blush too. :D

The shade is a very warm peach blush with brownish red undertones. 
 10. Nichido Tru Lashes Eyelash Adhesive - I was very disappointed with Aido and I was in search for a nice lash adhesive. During one makeup gig with my sorority sister, I was amazed that she was wearing falsies since 8 am and it was still on her until I went home (around 7pm). I was surprised when she showed me a tiny bottle which is very familiar because I have been seeing it always at the Nichido Counters. I was also thrilled that it only costs 60 pesos!! This tiny bottle does a great job. It dries relatively fast(not super quick, I hope you get what I mean). 
This bottle is very tiny and it is worth every penny. The only thing I hate about this is the packaging. The cap can be really hard to remove.

That's it. What are the products you are loving right now?I would love to hear from you.
Godbless everyone.. :D


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  1. (Maybelline Baby Lips)
    look dear oh.. the first time i saw that maybelline lippie was on a blogshop (i wont mention it pero blogger din sya) and sell that lippie for Php300 nung hindi pa sya readily available, i want it badly, pero sabi ko.. 300php plus shipping fee, medyo pricey ata, so i purchased a lipice na lang ^_^ and nagustuhan naman sya ng lips ko hehehe.. my younger sister liked it too kaya binilhan ko din..

    (Splash Hair Control Polish)
    eto yung gamit ko nung highschool ako hihi.. saka yung Suave.. hehe

    (Revlon Lip Butters)
    i wanted to try this out medyo mahal for 525php (i'll buy this one kapag nagsale sila), tapos madali daw matunaw =( hehe..sobra na ata ako nagkukuripot nung magkababy na ko hehe (still on my wishlist, i wanted to try the PINK TRUFFLE

    (Neutrogena Fine Fairness Bb Cream)
    hihi, i wanted to try this too kasi your skin looked great nung ginamit mo very promising ang bb cream na ito..

    i like this post hun
    hugs and kisses

  2. I love the Maybelline Baby Lips. Super nice talaga. But I think I love the fact that it only costs you 79. To think it's from Maybelline ha? hehehe. :)
    I also bought the Nichido eyelash adhesive because of you Don. Haha! I get what you mean about the cap, arrgghhh!!

  3. I was supposed to buy the Maybelline Baby Lips on Sunday but I had second thoughts. ~.~ Sayang. I wanna check out the Nichido Eyelash Adhesive though!

  4. I'm loving my Marrionaud angled brush too! Sometimes I used it as foundation brush!

  5. I love the Marrionaud angled brush too! I actually use it as a foundation, blush and countour brush...I'm actually thinking of purchasing a full set of this since I'll be having make up classes soon ^^,

  6. try the marrionaud premium angled brush! i have it and they say its way better the other angled brush pro i don't have that kc so i can't compare.. :)

  7. love the blush and ang liit ng adhesive!!1 ang kyoot!

  8. Nice post! Would you say the mac blush leans more orange than peach? I mean a stronger orange..than lighter. I'm looking for a replacement or dupe from Nars blush 'taj mahal'.

    1. hi sarah.. nope it is not near orange at all.. it is a very warm peach with a little of red and tons of brown undertones.. :D

  9. currently using the neutrogena bb cream and loving it :) as for the maybelline baby lips, i have dry lips lately and needed a good lip balm pero im leaning more on the eos one just coz its organic and stuff :)

    1. i wanted eos din before pero my friend told me na it is not worthy of all th raves kasi parang normal lipbalm lang daw so i believed her!!hahaha

    2. Promise hnd mgnda ang EOS? i would like to order p nmn...kc ok daw sb ni Say. but when i saw it s bazaar s WTC, ngdalawang isip ako to purchase

  10. Love the Marionnaud angled blush brush too. I bought Baby Lips a couple of months back, but I ended up including it on my New Year's giveaway LOL!
    I'd suggest you give Faceshop's Eyelash adhesive a try, it's awesome. ^_^

  11. Must try the lash adhesive! That reminds me of the sample perfumes from Lacoste :) I'm using the adhesive that comes from the beauty bar. :)

    The Pink Margarita

    1. i agree!! :D but some samples have spray na rin.. :D ang hirap nito buksan haha.. thanks ang mahal kasi nung sa beauty bar eh minsan lang ako nag falsies. :D

  12. hello!!

    Your blog is just so helpful and informative! I love how you are so honest with you reviews and how you support local products too. Keep it up~

    Hope you could visit my blog too and see if you like it!
    Please follow me it would mean a lot and I am a follower now~

    LOVE: Arrienne

  13. I know I'm late with the news but I'm so happy for you! :P You did a wonderful job and you deserve it. :)

  14. stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for a good local liquid foundation. great list you have here. what I like is that most of the products you rave about are locally available and relatively less expensive. to a newbie in makeup [late bloomer!], that's a lot of help. thanks!

    1. Osy you're right. It's time that our local products be discovered. Local buys doesnt mean hnd mgnda. Mey mga ok nmn. mura pa. but i wont deny n mey mga fail dn ang branded h. hehe...
      thanks Donna for making reviews like these.


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