Prom Night Special: Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Hi guys!! Here is quick and easy  purple smokey eyes makeup tutorial.  I played with colors because I miss doing tutorials with playful shades. I have been stuck with the neutral craze. :D Doing smokey eyes is the easiest because you just pack on eyeshadows on your lid and blend away (and creating a neutral eye makeup look was the hardest... haha). 
I love HBC lashes. I went to HBC the other day and these lashes were out of stock. :C I need to hoard when they have stocks again. For 20 pesos, these are the best lashes out there. Just try getting the black ones because they look more natural than the super brown ones. 
My head looks like an alien's! haha I just had to post this picture because I look meek and mild. LOL  Contouring at its  finest because my face looks so small. Ohh the wonders of my makeup. No surgery needed and saves you a lot of money.  :D
Products Used:
Sansan Matte Liquid Foundation in No.3 
Chanel Teint Innocence in Cameo
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
88 Avant Garde Palette from Dollface Cosmetics
NYX eyeshadow trio 
NYX single shadow in Luxor from Digital Traincase
Nichido Eyeliner in ONYX
Nichido Minerals Liquid Liner
In2it Fibre Free Mascara
ELF Matte bronzer
Ever Bilena blush in Pink Petal
Ever Bilena Pro Shimmer lipstick in berry rose
HBC Falsies
Fashion 21 Loose powder in no. 1

I made a video for this and it is in Youtube!! Yep in youtube! My ultimate mistake, I did not know that I can convert my videos to WMV file and maintaining it in HD!! Fail! I am such a dumbbell. IKR!

Here is the video tutorial:


Btw, I finally have a job!! I love the view from my room but I cannot look down from the 30th bldg. I am super afraid of heights!! Yay!! Thank you Lord for this blessing. :D

Godbless everyone!


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  1. Congrats sa Job mo Atty! You always blend so perfect! :)

  2. Glad you're doing videos now. Your version of a prom night special look is very gorgeous. Love the music too. :)

    Oh, and congratulations on your new job. :)

  3. Wow, you look gorgeous! Especially with your hair straightened. =)


  4. OOh your foundation looks really nice on you.. :( Sadly teint is already discontinued! and beautiful lashes too.. Sana kaya ko din maglagay ng lashed na dun nyan..:(

  5. you look gorgeous sis! i love the "raw" eye closeups! yung iba kasi todo mag photoshop sa EOTDs :-/

    ganda ng falsies, thanks for sharing where you got it i will drop by HBC na for them!

  6. You look sooo beautiful! And I love the colors you used in this look! Cheers! :)

  7. Doing smokey eyes is the easiest because you just pack on eyeshadows on your lid and blend away (and creating a neutral eye makeup look was the hardest... haha).

    hahaha. sa akin that doesn't work that way. -.-
    when i put them altogether muka akong clown -.-

    1. Hi jenina... my first youtube guru na talagang naadik ako sa fafinettex (aubrey) and she seldom use neutral colors at puro smokey yung look.. dun ako nasanay.. haha kaya pag one eyeshadow or two lang feeling ko kulang pero ok na ngayon.. practice pratctice.. dati mukha akong binugbog.. :D tolerable pa ang clown.. :D

  8. *speechless* lol

    ang ganda...:)

  9. Nice, you have a youtube channel na! I'll subscribe ;) This is a lovely look!

  10. You look so gorgeous! Love your looks!

  11. How I wish the blogging world started when we were still in highschool. Ang swerte ng mga bata ngayon, ang dami na nilang natututunan from beauty bloggers. hahaha!

    1. korak!! sana nung high school ako na lang nag makeup sa sarili ko.. hahaha :D


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