Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil
190 ml. 

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil is enriched with Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and specially selected natural seed oils to help gently remove makeup, impurities and excess oil effectively and thoroughly. The special formula helps soften skin and prevents dryness after use. With  a natural herbal complex (Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Freesia, Chamomile & Rosemary Extracts), it also provides a soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin. 
Hi everyone.. :D I have been hearing about cleansing oils for years now but did not even bother to know the details and benefits it brings to one's skin. Why? I do not like oils!! Younger, my lola (grandmother) will always give me a bottle of baby oil and a pack of cotton. Then, she will tell me to clean myself! If I will not do it, she will forcefully, intentionally and willfully grab my arm and start doing it herself! waaahh... Anyways, I have heard a lot of raves about Shu Uemura cleansing but the price is just so steep. I saw these cleansing line from Pure Beauty at Watsons.. Before beauty bloggers started blogging about them, I was thinking of getting one for myself but I want to read more reviews about them. I was dumbfounded on which among the three variants will I choose. Water, Oil or Liquid? 
This comes in a pump bottle with a lock. I find it very easy to use and no spillage at all because of the lock provided.
The primordial reason why I kept on hesitating to get this cleanser (when they came out in the market) is the price. They costs 300 pesos (I think). Now? Tada!!!! Half price reduction! I wonder why they reduced the price so much.. The Cleansing Water only costs 119 pesos while the Cleansing Liquid has a similar price as the oil. Honestly, I was supposed to get the water because I want something light and my skin is very probe to rashes and all. I researched through the internet what is the best cleanser amongst the three (thank goodness for beauty bloggers!!). The Cleansing Oil is one of the popular choice. I gave in!
How to use this product? Pump an appropriate amount on your dry hands and spread/lather it over your skin.
I followed this and I find it very messy. The product gets everywhere I touch (like Midas touch lang noh?). I prefer using cotton pads. I dampen the cotton with the product. The product is more effective when your hands and face are dry.

What I like about this product:
  • Inexpensive! Only 149 pesos now!! Great deal right? Good thing the reduced the price because I will not spend 300 pesos for this product!! I would rather get a decent makeup remover from Etude House of Maybelline. 
  • The pump dispenser is very nice and you can control the amount of product very well. The lock is also useful. No spillage at all.
  • It removes my face makeup really well without leaving a tight feeling on the skin.
  • The oily and greasy feeling goes away after washing your face with water. Amazing!! No trace of oil at all.
  • It did not irritate my skin. No breakouts or rashes!
  • After using, my face feels soft and supple. Not greasy!! Thumbs up for this. I usually use my Eskinol Derma Clear C to remove my face makeup but my face turns so dry when using this.
What I do not like about this product:
  • It has a weird smell! Hmmm.. Very similar to fish oil. Have you seen an squalene tablet? When you burst the soft gel capsule, the scent of that is very similar to this cleansing oil. When I bought this product, my mom was the first to use it and she was too afraid to use this on her face because of the scent. haha
  • The first time I used this, It stung my eyes!! Oh my. My eyes became watery and sore. I hate it.  Be careful when you use this to remove your eye makeup. 
  • It does a very poor job of removing my waterproof mascara (In2it Fiber Free Mascara). The best in removing eye makeup is still my Pond's Cold cream.
Will I buy this again?
Maybe? I do not know. I hate the smell. I expected a lot from this product since it is in oil form. I thought I could use it alone without buying a separate eye makeup remover. I might try the water or liquid soon. 

Have you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?


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  1. News flash! You just killed my lemming for this. Hee.

    And thanks for doing so. I really am debating if I should get this over Nature Republic's. I think I'll drop by NR to check theirs out.

    Pamatay lang yung price eh. 149? Tsk, tapos it takes off foundation well.

    I've one few Q though:
    1. Is it easy to emulsify?

    Also, I noticed that its consistency is similar to Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil. Is Pure Beauty thicker than Shu sis? Pet peeve ko sa cleansing oil e yung makapal na consistency. Yung parang fish oil/cooking oil type.

    Teka, didn't I just tell you you killed my lemming for it? Andami ko pang tanong, haha.

  2. glad i didnt get these then! ewww fish oil smell. and i think its pointless to have a cleansing oil that would sting your eyes. i mean i use them primarily to remove mascara!

  3. Oh how badly it stings the eyes. I have to agree with that. :(

  4. I saw this at watson but I opted for the cleansing water instead, I like that better for washing my face in the morning.
    for oil cleansing I use extra-virgin olive oil, can be a bit greasy but very moisturizing, and it doesn't make my oily skin more oily, if that makes sense. :)

  5. I was going to get a cleansing oil myself but decided not to in the end. Sucks that it stings the eyes!

  6. Oh man, it sucks that it stings the eyes, but the other pros sounds really good.

  7. hala! anunng nangyari at pumasok sa mata mo? so far hindi ko pa naeexperience yan... :)

    pero aminin ang sarap nya sa balat kasi malambot ng bongga!

  8. you should try just a normal virgin coconut oil or olive oil :) it won't stung your eyes. I use it most of the time when I have masacara, eye shadow and eyeliner :) it's very effective in removing make up ^-^

  9. Hi Donna!

    This is my default cleansing oil, been using it for a year. I haven't experienced any stinging though, but so far I'm loving it. Some broke out from using this but I didn't. I guess hiyangan lang :)

  10. Maybe you can try the perfect cleansing liquid variant nla. the one wth the pink bottle.
    finished the whole bottle na but I NEVER had any stinging sensation s eyes or anywhere. PLUS the smell is good :) parang soft sweet scent.

  11. I'm using the other variant, The Perfect Cleansing Water. And yeah you're right it feels soft and supple after using it but it really stinged my eyes too when I tried removing my waterproof mascara.. Lalo na if marami masyado ang nailagay sa cotton pad/balls, oh my! I got red eyes after. hahaha... About the scent of the cleansing water, I didn't have problem with the scent since it's not that strong naman... Anyway, we just have to be careful with the eye area nalang hehehe... And oh! You can use the cleansing water for cleaning make up brushes too :D


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