Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butters are much raved about from youtube to blogging world. I was very curious about it!! I asked my cool aunt to get me three shades of it since I really thought it would be released at a very late time here in the Philippines. However, these lippies hit the market before I got hold of my lippies from NYC!! haha.. My aunt told me that she can't find these at local stores near her place. She got these at instead. I had a hard time picking the shades because at the back of my mind, I need to make the right choice!! haha

Pink Truffle/Sweet Tart/Tutti Frutti

These are my top three choices. I was torn between lollipop and sweet tart.. Pink Truffle is a just a spur of the moment decision because I wanted a natural lip color but it turned out to be my favorite shade. When I received these lippies, I immediately took pictures of them (for this review post) and tried it on. Good heavens!! They are nothing that I have ever used. The texture and consistency is very smooth and balm-y. The shade is very opaque for a lip butter and they are very moisturizing (in my opinion, but a lot of people are not that impressed with the moisturizing factor these have). I can use them even without a lip balm. I have very dry lips and these worked really well on me. The packaging is very nice too but I have a hard time removing the cap. This costs 525 pesos each. I find it very pricey but with the quality.. I don't not mind the price at all. I am a fan of these lippies!!
What I love about these Lip Butters:
  • They have a wide range of color selection. They have 20 shades available! That is a lot!
  • The texture and consistency is very smooth, creamy and very similar to a lip balm (but way better because of the tint!)
  • The shade is quite pigmented for a lip butter/lip balm. The coverage is very good too. I have dark outer lip lines, thus, I still need to apply a lip line. However,  I can use the Pink Truffle on its own without a lip liner.  I am not into glossy lip products but this product is an exception. I hate glossy lippies because they tend to be sticky but these are not!! 
  • These are very moisturizing. I have very dry lips and I gave up on every lip balm I knew of because my lips somehow becomes immune to them after some time(uhmmm do you experience this too?). Anyways, I can use these alone without a lip balm unlike my Venus and Mars lip butter.
  •  The packaging is very sleek! 
  • The staying power is quite good not great. (emphasis supplied) I need to reapply after 3-4 hours.. The good thing is that I reapply this even without using a mirror. Yes, like reapplying a lip balm.
  • The slanted tip makes the application very easy.
What I do not like about these:
I would love to say NONE.. haha 
  • I find it pricey for a lip butter. (di ba?)
  • There are times that I have a hard time removing the cap. (I need to use force talaga!!)
  • Not all shades will probably work on dark lips, some shades are not that pigmented. Thankfully, I got the good ones.. :D

Tutti Frutti
A very nice sheen of orange on the lips. Perfect for summer.

Sweet Tart
Nice bubble gum pink with slight blue undertones but look well on warm skin tone. On some people, it looks like a warm bubble pink.

Pink Truffle
Would you believe that this is my favorite shade? This is my lips but way better shade.. hehe The shade does is a dusty  rose with hints of brown. It has slight shimmers too but very subtle. 

Look how natural and beautiful it looks on my lips.

Pink Truffle/ Sweet Tart/Tutti Frutti

More than just a hype, these lippies are worth raving about! I definitely recommend this to everyone especially Pink Truffle. :D

Godbless everyone!
Do you have these lip butters? What do you think of them?


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  1. i think i should buy pink truffle or tutti frutti for the next ^.^ i already own peach parfait and i love it!

  2. I've been wanting to try these too especially tutti fruity, but I keep holding back. got too many lip balms and lip conditioners to finish...hehe

    Awesome review!

  3. I love the Sweet Tart and I love them so much! It's a perfect lip product to me :D. Nice swatches!

  4. I have this in Raspberry Pie and I love it too! I love how it can be sheer but applying more coats will make it darker =D I agree with having a hard time removing the cap! It's because the base is thin you don't have a big area to grip on but it's a little sacrifice because I love the packaging! It's so pretty! =D

  5. you shouldve gotten lollipop! that one is the most pigmented one! revlon products always go on sale here in the US so usually when i get them i have to catch them on sale so i dont spend so much

  6. I really want to try this sis pero namamahalan talaga ako! Gah! Tapos ang corny pa ng mga sale ng Revlon dito. Kaya nvm. :(

  7. haha sis natawa ko sa sarili ko ang basa ko sa "hard time removing the cap"
    "hard time removing the crap" haha my bad :) great review! gusto ko na din ng pink truffle!

  8. My friend said she recently saw this at the mall, I'm super excited! I thought this would take a while to be released here but thankfully that is not the case. From your swatch I kinda like the look of Tutti Frutti. I sure want Pink Truffle too but heck, I've already got so many similar colors. >.<

  9. I just love how they call these lip butters. The colors looks so luscious and moisturizing!

  10. Will check on this sis! i like all pink shades kya i might try sweet tart. ;)


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