Simple and Posh Everyday Makeup Look with Tutorial

Hi guys.. This picture may not be the most photogenic and enticing makeup look that I ever did but I wore this look for like five straight days and everyone was just asking me how I did it and if I am the one who did my makeup (errr.. who else???). This is a very easy and simple everyday makeup look. I can do this look for like 10 minutes or even less. 
My skin looks so dry in the pictures... waahhh In real person, I swear this eye makeup looks so nice . It gives me that posh, neat and elegant look without looking too much. You can change the eyeshadows but I chose taupe since it defines my eyes more than the usual brown. Choose a matte shadow for the crease area and highlight with a shimmery (not too much...) highlighter and it will create a beautiful gradient and texture on your lid. 

Some tips for a quick everyday makeup:

1.You can save time by creating a base color with your own foundation. Apply your concealer or  primer over your lid and set it with powder or powder foundation. 

2.The problem with most Asian women is that when they apply eyeshadows on their crease, it tends to disappear once they open their eyes. The reason being is that Asians do not have that deep socket in their eyes compared to Caucasians. I always watch Sam and Nic (PIXIWOO in Youtube) and I get frustrated because copying their looks takes more time since I have to deepen, darken and create the illusion of deep set eyes.

3. Skip the flick or winged eyeliner (when you go to the office,you have a formal event that requires a more professional look in school.. uhmm you get what I mean.. :D). Come on ladies!! Your boss will not compliment you and say, "OMG, you are so kawaii!!!"haha Well, perhaps in your dreams he/she will. :p In the office, if you'll meet a client or have a formal school presentation or reporting.. You do not sport the Tsubasa makeup!!Hello? It took me years to let go of the winged eyeliner craze. I know it looks so good but then there are times that I just had to grab a q-tip and erase that flick because it looks so unnatural and attention grabbing too. If you are in high school or in college, the winged eyeliner looks so cool. Let us get real here, ladies. We must dress appropriately and look (makeup wise) appropriately too.  
Sample of Winged liner makeup
(photo not mine.credits to the owner)
4. Find products that saves you time in makeup application. As for me, I can use my Nichido Pencil   Eyeliner to line my waterline, line my upper lid and tightline my eyes. Also, I can use my ELF matte bronzer as an eyeshadow too. :D

My whole look. Uhmm.. excuse my weird grin.. :p 
Here is the tutorial.. Enjoy.. Do not forget to subscribe!!

Btw,  my cam says it can record in HD but in Youtube it does not show that it is in HD.. I cannot figure it out.. Hmmm.. Anways, I just finished watching the movie, "The Vow." Hmmm.. I am not a love story movie lover.. I am more of the end of the world/apocalypse/alien invasion/action packed movie addict. I do not get the story behind the amnesia thing in love story but two of my favorite movies of all time follow the same trend. :D

Have you watched this?

A Moment to Remember

My mom and I cried a river when we watched this. This is better than the Notebook. I also love that movie!! Ohhh do not be deceived by the trailer of the movie, Chronicle. haha I hope you get what I mean. I watched that last week eh. I want to watch Daniel in The Woman in Black!! Hopefully, I could watch that this Sunday.. :D 

Godbless everyone..


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  1. A moment to remember is one of the best romance films evuuuuhr. You should watch The Classic. It's also a Korean Film. :)

    1. i should def watch that.. i must find a copy soon.. :D

  2. I still wish I can apply eyeliner like this. But my eyes are too hooded that it covers the lid where the eyeliner is. Urgh.

    1. hi rae.. try applyin g a very thick layer of liner.. :D as in thick!!

  3. Ganda ganda nman! Yhat perfect for everyday for work veryyyy nice! :)

  4. isnt that the model named Kumiko? LOL not sure.

    1. hi kumi.. wahh i do not know.. i changed the caption.. i was searching for tsubasa makeup and her picture showed up.. wahhh... :D thanks for telling me.. :D

  5. I love A Moment To Remember! I still cry whenever I watch it! Die hard fan ako nun pati ng A Walk To Remember (similar title much? :P)

    I love this look Donnarence! :D I like everyday makeup looks! :D

    Hope you can visit my blog some time! ;D

  6. oh my, this is also my everyday makeup for work. it's quick and easy to do. But I use a matte taupe color slightly above my crease instead of a shimmery one. Then I also use a matte white on the brow bone area instead of a highlighter. ^_^

    Lovely as ever...


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