Benefits Style Salon at Eastwood

Hi everyone!! Happy weekend.. :D When Camilla invited me for the Benefits Salon event, I hesitated to come. Why? Having plaque psoriasis on my scalp made me shy to go to salons. I have numerous of bad experience with salons especially from the moment they saw my scalp condition. It can be annoying and down right insulting at the same time because they would give me that glaring look or they will call other people in the salon to take a look at my scalp. I have never gone back to these salons ever. I would have gone to the pharmacy and buy Wellbutrin XL to treat my depression when people make a big commotion out of my scalp condition. Sigh.  Now, who trims my hair? The lady who trims the hair of my grandmother.haha  She would visit my lola every month or two to dye my lola's hair and give her a cut. The downside? She does not know how to style. Yay! I end up with uneven ends and layers. When I took the bar exams, there is this myth that you should not have a haircut so as not to lose everything you studied!!haha My hair got really long and the email of Camilla was very timely.

The first thing I noticed are the colors on the wall. Purple, pink and lime green.. Do you also have that feeling that an appearance of a salon could be enticing or unappealing? For me the Benefits Salon itself looks so inviting and not intimidating at all. The crew and stylists are all friendly. 
It was an afternoon of tea and pampering treat! This cupcake tastes so good I can eat three and more!!! Look at the logo of Benefits on top! :D Cute! This cupcake is from Sonja.

This caught my attention when they washed my hair. I have that strong hunch that the owner is Chinese because of this. hehe
I wanted to have my hair dyed but I was also thinking of getting a perm so I got L'oreal Hair Spa instead. I also had my hair cut and had my brows threaded. 
I was very observant throughout the whole process. One crew even politely asked me if I am getting impatient because I kept on looking around. Haha.. I love the fact that they considered my condition. When they saw the dryness of my scalp, they applied L'oreal Hair Spa vial on it and L'oreal Hairspa cream on my hair. The lady who applied treatment on my hair (I forgot to ask her name.. tsk tsk) told me that L'oreal Hair Spa in a vial is perfect for those with dry scalp. After applying the treatment on my hair and scalp, she started massaging my scalp! It was so relaxing I was preventing myself to dose off.  Before rinsing my hair, she again massaged my shoulders and upper arm. I felt so pampered and relaxed. I was not even shy when all my flakes started to show on my hair. (kiber!!!!) I was having a really nice time at this salon. 
I felt so bonggacious when two salon assistants started blow drying my hair. I just have to take a picture of  this epic moment. haha When the stylist asked me what haircut do I want I explained in very simple terms that I want layers and not too short because I still have an oath taking to attend to. He knew immediately what I wanted. I was impressed. I would usually caution the stylist every now and that that I want this and not that in the previous salons that I have been to. Further, I was hesitating to have my brows threaded because I have sparse brows. I also have a bad experience when I have my brows threaded for the first time at Let's Face It! My first brow threading was horrible. My brows look so  uneven and the assistant was not nice at all. For 280 pesos (I think), not worth it at all!!!!!!! I swear not to go back to LFI for brow threading. I went there because I have heard a lot of raves with their Brow threading services here in the internet! NOT TRUE!!!!! hahaha I had my brow threading at brow studio ever since. Rica was the one who did my brow threading and it was great!! I love my brows. I love how she maintained the thickness and arch. For only 150 pesos, I am so going back to this salon for threading, haircut and treatment. 
Here are the random shots of the event:
Helga of  with her new pink hair!!
The famous Shen of
She reminds me a lot of Angelica Panganiban when she speaks. I love her lipstick - MAC in Ruby Woo!!!
I finally met Jheng of
Love her eye color!! 
Helga and Martha of Beautyjunkee.
Martha looks so pretty with her hair noh? Her skin looks glowing.. :D
Rose, Martha, Krissy of Krissyfied, Tracy of, Robina and me!!
With the fab sisters Robina and Rose.
Young, pretty and hip entrepreneurs.
They are the owners of Benefits Salon. SHocked? Me too. Yay!! They are so young and they are also the owners of the famous Azta Urban Salon at Katipunan and other salons. Wow! Yun lang ang nasabi ko when I met them!haha They are so nice and friendly. I love the fact that they are salon lovers too.. Look at their gorgeous hair. I am so envious!haha

Another shot of Robina and Rose
Their hair color looks awesome.
I forgot to take a close up picture of my hair  at the salon.
Loving my layers!!

Thanks Benefits Style Salon for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this event.
Benefits Style Salon is located at 2nd Floor, Fashion Square Bldg. Eastwood Citywalk, Libis , Quezon City.

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Godbless everyone!

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  1. It was nice to finally meet you! Sayang we weren't able to take a photo together :(

  2. It's so cool to hear how considerate they are and made you feel very comfortable. All of you ladies looks amazing! It sounds like a really great salon.

  3. so love your layers!!!

    i agree w you, i fear salons like the plague cause i dont have great hair and whenever i sit in one, i always feel judged and insufficient. its like i would need so many treatments first before i am worthy of having a haircut!

  4. So glad to finally meet you! :)

  5. you look pretty on the last photo! :)

  6. Dear, di talaga tayo nagtatagpo! I wasn't able to go to this event because of my busy sched! Sana we get to meet this year na no? Hahaha

  7. You really shared well about your experience in Benefits Style Salon. I also know about some good hair salon Las vegas. Thanks for sharing about Benefits Style Salon.


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