Charisma Star Tv: Not Just An Ordinary Makeup Guru

You all know that I love watching youtube videos but some can get so boring. Unless it is jarmaine, pixiwoo or emilynoel talking and blabbing endlessly, I would not dare finish the whole video. Haha I get bored easily. A while ago, I discovered this makeup guru that made me watch all her videos in just one sitting! Yup! I watched all her videos and I am really amazed. The quality of her videos are of utmost perfection. You think Michelle Phan does a good job in presenting her videos? Watch Charimastar TV and I am pretty sure you will ll agree that she deserves more views and more subscribers! She knows how to apply makeup pretty well and her videos are highly entertaining!

Enjoy the videos!!

Godbless everyone!
Who is your fave youtube makeup gurus as of the moment?
Oh this post might sound like I am advertising her channel, but hell no!! I just  know how to appreciate the works of others.  

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  1. hhhmmm she sounds promising.
    Yep, same tayo. na bobored na ako. hahaha

  2. She looks so beautiful and she is indeed very talented.

    I will always love Michelle Phan but I am in love with local/Filipina make up gurus as well like Say Tioco (@saytiocoatillero on YT) and Charmaine Manansala (@b3bed0llxoxo on YT.

    Latest video:

    1. Charis's grandfather is from Bohol,Philippines

  3. Replies
    1. have been watching her vids ever since.. :D been subscribed to her for a long time now

  4. I watch her too! She's so creative. And I like how she edits her vids! :D

  5. Currently, I love watching beautysavvy. She's so funny. You know those types of people na nag-jojoke pero seryoso yung face.

  6. Thanks for sharing her videos with us, never seen them before :) I really like Jarmaine and Emily as well :) Xoxo, Christine♥


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