Finally!! Atty. Donnarence M. Masilungan

Finally!! I am officially - Attorney Donnarence M. Masilungan.
I want to share to my readers this milestone in my life.
I am soo happy but I would definitely be gazillion times happier if my grandfather was still  here with us. I could drop the Atty. and exchange for another year with my lolo. However, God has His own ways. Truly, I can never understand the reasons now but I am grateful to HIM. I am nothing without GOD. I knew that I pass the exams with sheer hard work and God's grace. I do not want to go back to review again. Waking up at 6am and ending my review at 10 or 11 pm with breakfast,lunch, meryenda and dinner (plus restrooms breaks) as my only breaks. YES. I worked hard. In the first two months of review, I could still blog. I was trying to get my own phase. At the back of my head I told myself, If I fail because of  blogging I will definitely destroy this blog. haha

Moving on, I signed the roll today. So it is official. I am a lawyer. :D I just want to share with these photos from my roll signing today at the SUpreme Court and my Oath Taking Dress. On my roll signing, I was rooting for my H&M Gold Brocade Dress with a Satin Blazer but I saw this Blazer at Landmark, the brand is named WORKS and when I tried it on. Yun na! I just had to get it. It looks so pretty and the fit was perfect. It cost me 1/3 of my salary! Gosh! I never knew blazers are so costly until now! I do not like to wear black and white in my roll signing because I have been wearing black and white throughout my lawschool life. YAY!! 
My Oath Taking Dress. I had it done and the design was not mine. I wanted a different design but  the dress I wanted looks so intricate.
At the Supreme Court.
I was with my family and BF. I really wish my lolo was here. :C
I look so happy in this photo! haha
Yes!! :D

Thank you blogging world for keeping me sane throughout my law school, review period and the interregnum in awaiting the results of the exams. 

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I would really appreciate it.. :D
Godbless everyone!

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  1. Congrats again Atty. Donnarence! :D

  2. Congrats! :)I'm just about to enter law school this sem. Hope I'll be able to make it through.

  3. Congrats again, panyera! Hehehe!

  4. Cogratulations, Attorney. :) You'll probably be a stunner in the courthouse. :P

  5. Congrats to the prettiest lawyer on the Internet! :D

  6. congrats ulit! so proud :) i'm sure your lolo is proud too!

  7. Congratulations sis! I'm so happy for you!

  8. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. I'm sure your grandfather is seeing everything from up above and is beaming at your success.

  9. congratulations Attorney!
    greetings from

  10. I am sure your LOLO is super duper duper to the max proud of you!!! Congratulations and I'm sure your lolo is guiding you on all your endeavors!

  11. COngratulations Atty! I knew you could do it! :)

  12. Yahoo!!! What's your roll number? Mine is mala-sardinas at 55586:p

  13. Congrats po ate donna... este ATTY. Donna... more power po! :)

  14. I’m one of your many blog lurkers. Ha-ha. Congratulations! :)

  15. Congratulations!!! Glad to finally meet you sa Snoe event last week :)

  16. Hi Donna@ it was nice to meet you during the SNOE event! I had a fun interesting long chat with you! hope to see more.


    twitter: sofiemorabe

    please follow me on twitter, can't find you huhuhu

  17. oh congrats! and I would love to learn how you did your eye makeup!

  18. Yay! Congratulations. :) You really deserve the blessings you have right now. You are very hard working and dedicated (That's what I feel while I am browsing your blog hehe) May God bless you more and your Family. *cheers

  19. congratulations! i can feel your happiness. :) God bless you more.

  20. thanks everyone for those kind words.. I really appreciate it..

  21. Congratulations Don.
    Nai-iyak ba naman ako sa picture mo with your family. :)


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