Giveaway: Beauty & Butter Spa Date worth One Thousand Pesos with Me

I am super duper excited to post this giveaway!!! Why? Three readers of mine will be given a chance to have a pampering treat with me. I would love to meet you guys. I honestly owe to each and everyone of you everything that I am experiencing right now.  Moving on, this Spa Date will be so much fun filled with endless chikas about kikay stuff.  
Nice, right? 

Here are the rules:

1. You must comment on this post and tell me why would you like to join me for a Beauty & Butter Pamper session also please include your email add on your comment.

2. Like B&B's Twitter and Facebook
Beauty and Butter's Twitter:!/beautynbutter

4. Winners will be chosen on May 1,2012. 

5. Answer this simple question: Why should I choose you as my SPA Date? 

6. I will pick 3 winners who will contact me within 48 hours from announcement of winners otherwise your prize will be forfeited.

7. Promo is limited to metro manila residents only.

8. Winners, we will have 3 months to set our spa date. Please please cooperate or else.. LOL We have three months to arrange this and I am only available during weekends. 
(take note of this) 

9. Each winner can have a maximum of P1000 worth of services done.

Three winners will win 1000 pesos worth of services plus a chance to meet me otherwise B&B will issue P1000 GC for the winner so they may claim the service on their own.!!!! :D haha 

I am so excited to read your entries.

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  1. WOOOW!!! Ate Donna please pick me as one of your spa date, cause I really want to know you better not just as a fan of your blog but also as a friend. I have been a recent follower of your blog since I just started to be addicted to make up, and when I was looking for a review about cheap local finds, yours showed up... Ever since I saw your bog, I've taken it as an inspiration. hehe.. I also am always on the lookout for your posts, since you always give a good review... I even signed up for twitter just now so as to be included in this giveaway, cause I really want to know you better and be not just a fan but as a friend as well... so please, pick meeeeeee!!!!!!!!! :)
    facebook account:

  2. Simply because, I believe in your skills and I see every bit of your post as an amazement. I may never be able to try products, but with your reviews, I feel like I have them onhand. I just want to drop by and say thank you! <33

    - Apol :)

  3. I'm just a newbie when it comes to blogging and I learned a lot just by reading your blog!:) Though I admit that I recently discovered your site, and still on the process of reading your previous posts. :) I love how you do your product reviews and how you take photos of your lip swatches! Sooo gorg!:) Winner talaga! HAHA!:) I admire you on how you handle your life as a blogger, as a law student and now as a lawyer! You're probably a pro on time management!:) I would love to know you more over the spa. Perfect before I start my training as a nurse!:) I would love to learn new things from you and hopefully share some of my thoughts with you too!:) Congratulations Atty!:) More power on your career as a lawyer and of course on blog!:) Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!:)

    Love Lots,
    twitter: @mitchiekyuti

  4. I would always to love to visit Bread n Butter every time I see their store at Mega Mall. Who girl wouldn't love to get pampered the way Bread n Better pamper their customers? Aside from this, the hope to be chosen as one of the three who could have a chance to meet and talk to you in person is what urged me to join this giveaway. :D

    I've always wished for a sister...because I was born and grew up with my two brothers. For 20 years. I've been the only girl in the family since my mom died when I was a year old. Growing up with my two brothers, I think it's what turned me into being boyish sometimes and a late bloomer.

    I hope you could allow me to meet you in person and be my sister even just for a day Ms. Donna. :))

    I'd love to know more about you and also get some pieces of advice about the world of cosmetics and life, success, and anything under the sun. I admire you Ms. Donna. You are a lawyer and yet you can still manage to explore the things that you love and passionate about. I can't imagine how busy yet adventurous your life is. You are a superwoman and an inspiration to all the girls out here. More power to you and to bread n butter! God bless! ♥

    -Sunshine Manahan

  5. Keeza VillanuevaApril 3, 2012 at 9:21 AM

    Hi Donna, i have 2 reasons why you have to choose me as your spa date:
    1. i have been a follower of your blog for a long time
    2. i work at night and as you know working in night shift is different from that of the normal people. i only have limited time. I have a lot of errunds to do everyday but have so little time. We're both busy people and we deserve the right to pamper ourselves. And i know Beauty and butter is the perfect partner for us to relax and prettify! =)


  6. i want to join coz bcoz for me its a once in a life time experience!
    Pls choose me,give a chance to try it once in my more than 29 yrs.of my life & my bday is coming on april 14th.its gonna be awesome to try it & pamper myself after busy work.
    geraldine modesto

  7. Pick me please! Aside from my personal reasons that I want to take a break from my work and relax, and my constant need for pampering, your blog is always one of my favorites. I'm a big fan of how you take pictures, and how adventurous and creative you can get with eye make-up. Your tutorials are really easy to follow, and the pictures always blow me away. I also believe in your personal motto, "There is always a dupe out there." Haha! I always check the "Cheap Thrills" tag nga. I first saw your blog when I googled NYX Swatches for their round lipsticks. I saved your pictures in my phone so I'll know what to buy. You've ben a life- and money-saver to me. Haha!

    Btw, do you have a twitter?

    Please pick me, Donna! :)

    twitter: ivylives

  8. Hi, Donnarence! I'd love to join this giveaway. Sure, it's no guarantee I'd win, but I'd love to try.

    Here are my reasons why I'd love to win this:

    1. I quite look up to you and am itching to meet you. I think the fact that you're a lawyer and a make-up fan is so crazy lovely! It quite shows that beauty and brains can mix. If I get the chance to meet you, I'd love to ask you about both sides of you --- the kikay and the intellectual (halatang journalist kuno!).

    2. I'm the Queen of Kunat! Hahaha! I'm the type of girl who'd scour racks with a surgical mask at ukay-ukay than spend P1000 on a name brand item. I'm the type of girl whose fridge is full of NYX lipsticks (it might melt) and would think twice about buying a MAC equivalent because it's expensive. I'm the type of girl who'd go to her neighborhood manicurista rather than a nail salon.

    For once, I'd love to feel what P1000 worth of services is like. And what better way to do that than one without apologizing to my wallet (which, I literally do --- stare at my wallet sorrily before making a purchase I deem indulgent. Hahaha!)

    3. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to beauty and make-up. In fact, in high school, I loathed make-up since I always associated it with the mean girls who teased literature and drama nerd me. It was only in college I learnt that being pretty doesn't demean your intelligence kaya, yun, nag-make-up na rin! Hahaha!

    Even so, until now, I've never had a facial or a foot spa or whatever (see number 2 on why). Hanggang hot oil at pa-style lang ng hair ako sa salon. So, I'd love to..uh...complete my girliness! Hahaha!

    Anyway, more power to your blog!

  9. Gah! PS: My e-mail is and Twitter is @jesuisallie. I forgot to add, sorry!

  10. I would like to go to your pamper session and be your spa date because I think we will have so much fun together! Isn't that what relaxing is all about? Having fun, laughing and sharing so many stories. I'm a fan and ever since meeting you, I wanted to see you again and make chika. Haha!

    Plus, I havent had a pamper session for so long and I feel I already need one! With a girl friend to make it ever girlier and more enjoyable! so that's basically it. I hope to see you soon!

    Char Tan

  11. I'd love to join your pamper session because I'm juggling two jobs now, including being a teacher to rowdy college kids!, as well as trying to finish my thesis! I really need a relaxing and rejuvenating sesh to bring me back to life! =)


  12. I'd really love to join your pamper session. I think it'll be fun to go to the spa with a new friend. I usually go to pamper sessions alone or with my best girlfriend, but right now she is away on an exchange student program in Japan, so I am currently alone & have no one else to invite to on my pamper sessions (lol)

  13. I would love to meet you Atty! Ive been following your blog for about two years na.. You influenced me when it comes to shopping wisely! Bago ako magshopping ng mga kikay stuff, chinecheck ko muna blog mo kung na-review muna siya.. I love your reviews! All of them are fair kahit sponsored sila! I look forward on your next review! ♥

  14. I would love to be your spa date cause I really want to personally meet you! :) I started blogging recently and have no plans in quitting. I love blogging and meeting new people! My dilemma is I am about to enter law school this coming semester. I need someone who's been there to give me pieces of advice about law school, blogging, time management, everything!. Although I've never actually had a spa pamper experience, I'd consider the 1000 pesos spa gift certificate as an icing on the cake, cause meeting you would be the ultimate prize of this giveaway. :)

    Mish Rendon


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