It's Official: I Am A Butter Girl

It is official. I am a Butter Girl. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Beauty and Butter for  choosing me to be a part of this campaign. Anyways, last week I had the chance to get a pampering treat from Beauty and Butter in Megamall. I was so excited to go to this event because I needed mani and pedi for my oath taking and testimonial dinner which was held in UST. Upon entering the Beauty and Butter, my eyes searched for familiar faces. I gave out a silent yelp when I saw no one familiar. The bloggers invited were a mix of lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers. Then, I saw Tara but she was seated far from me. I met beautiful and gorgeous women. My seatmates were Jackie of gojackiego and Sarah of fashioneggplant. Both women are so gorgeous and I cannot even believe that they are moms already! waaah They are sexier than me.

Let me give you a tour of  Beauty and Butter  in Megamall
The exterior is so eye catching you will definitely not miss it!

Let me share with you a brief  excerpt of the press release from Beauty and Butter.
Step into any Beauty & Butter branch and you’re in for a different kind of spa session.  The burst of energy from the spa’s pop-art inspired interiors welcomes you to this happy place. Each aspect of this modern nail salon, from the foot sinks to the free i-pad usage, is designed to spoil the guests.
Once guest is comfortably seated, the hip nail techs a.k.a Buttercups begins their prettifying magic. These well loved BCs have a wide range of pamper treats up their sleeve. For them, their guests deserve nothing less than the ultimate in luxe pampering. One can’t help but have a favorite Buttercup after such a friendly service.
In Beauty and Butter when we say the ultimate we mean the best and the latest in the fashion and beauty industry.  B&B constantly introduces new services that are sure to provide instant satisfaction. From environmentally conscious organic spa treatments to the latest in gel nails technology, B&B has got it covered.
The same high standards not only apply to the services but to the products used as well. At B&B only the best products touches your skin, such as Depileve for waxing and paraffin and Cuccio Naturale for the Spa Paradiso. Tried and tested Beauty maintenance products such as Dermatopoeitin Nail Perfection Gel for improved nail health and the skin perfecting Priori mineral make-up are also available at the counter.
A visit to Beauty & Butter is truly the ultimate in fashionable nails and luxurious pampering.  Don’t miss out and experience the good life like the rest of Beauty & Butter’s loyal Butter Girls.  Call your soon to be fave Buttercup and book your pamper time now.
The walls have pop art inspired designs. Pretty cool huh? This is far cry from your usual girly pink nail salons. 

The huge chairs are pretty comfy too. 
 The services offered by Beauty and Butter:
They offer facials, massage, scrubs and of course manicure and pedicure.

Meet my Buttercup, Beth.
The person who will do your nails or services is called Buttercup. Ang kyuuut noh? My buttercup is really nice and she is very patient with me. Haha
There is no dull moment at Beauty and Butter because of the free use of Ipad. 
My fugly feet! It took me hours to pick the shade for my nails. I chose green. :D I was very happy that my buttercup, Beth was patient with me as I asked her to pick a couple of nail polish bottles for me to get a better view of the shades. I was not satisfied with the nail swatches given to me. hehe
I am a very impatient person and this is the reason I resorted to drying my polish through this machine dryer.  I kept on moving and standing up. hehe kitikiti mode ever.

These are the products used on me. I had an oarganic foot spa. 

This collection is so pretty right? I had my nails painted with the green shade a.k.a. Jealous Much from Orly.
I was very lucky that day because I won a mineral foundation from Priori and a kabuki brush which are quite costly. Beauty and Butter also sells a lot of products in their stores like the Priori Mineral Makeup Line. 
The food was also yummy. They are from Delifrance. I actually got more. :D hehe
With the beautiful bloggers:
Sarah, Pax, Cheysser, Jackie and with Beauty and Butter's Marketing Manager, Kwey.

I have already expressed that  I am mesmerized with Lissa Kahayon's beauty. I just had to take a shot of her. 
Cheysser is super pretty too. :D
The loot bag from Beauty and Butter!! Thank you so much.
SM Megamall: 5/F Bldg. B, 470-4239 * SM San Lazaro: 2/F, 353-7576 * SM Mall of Asia: 2/F South Wing * SM City Cebu: 2/F North Wing, 236-9113

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Godbless everyone!

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  1. This is soooooooooooo awesome! I want to go there and experience Beauty and Butter.. Hehe. Nice one, Ate Donnarence! :) Congratulations!

    1. hi bing join my spa giveaway to experience their pampering treat

  2. ooohhh just the interior makes me want to go there and see it for myself! and in fairness my vegan friendly options sila which is great since one of my kikay friends is vegan... and don't say your feet are fugly they are pretty kaya ^^, Very nice one Ate Donnarence!

    1. join my spa giveaway para you'll experience this pampering treat.. :D


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