CLOSE!! Giveaway: Nanny Rose's Summer Loot Bag

Good day everyone!!!!! I am busy as a bee.. I have a new job and honestly I am excited and scared all at the same time. This time, I will be appearing in court. I accepted the offer yesterday. It is a relatively small firm which is 85% litigation. And guess what? I am the only lady lawyer in that firm (after the other lady lawyer resigns yay i am so left alone). Wahh.. I prayed so hard to God if this is the job for me and He answered explicitly in the affirmative. So I am working on my SSS ID, PTR and all other stuff.. Wish me luck..

Moving on, I promised that I will be doing this giveaway after holy week. Here it is!! This is the Summer Loot Bag from Nanny Rose. This will be a very easy giveway and open to Philippine residents only.  Just answer this simple question: What is a must have this summer in your makeup kit?? To my readers who does not have a blog kindly include your FB name. :D

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Winner will be announced on the 24th of April.
Godbless everyone!

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  1. this is a hot summer for my make up kit must have lotion with a high spf because we all know that there is ultraviolet rays which can cause us sunburn and a lotion with a high spf will protect my skin from sunburn =)

  2. a must have this summer in my makeup kit is a lipbalm with sunscreen.

    good luck on your new job.i work in a court in quezon city..would be very glad to meet you..

  3. Wow, congrats with your new job! Ikaw ang magdadala ng girl power sa law firm na yan. :D

    To answer your question, a must have in my kikay kit this summer is peach blush! Bronzers tend to look dirty on my fair skin (and I don't know how to work it properly). I'm putting my pink blushes to rest for the meantime and go for a peachy glow. :)

  4. A must have in my make up kit this summer is a bb cream with spf. In that way, i can wear light make up even if it's hot and at the same time protect my face from the sun's harmful rays.

  5. Good Job Atty!

    A must have forme is my Skin79 Super Hot pink BB Cream, cause in summer time i dont want to layer so many products on my face. On my Skin79 BB cream you're all set! :)

  6. Wow! Congrats on the job ate donna.. :) buti ka pa doing well...and yehey for girl power! :) anyways my must have is my maybeline baby lips lip balm and a face powder... to protect my lips and control the oilies.. :)

  7. A must have for me is a lip balm. my lips dry out during the summer so i always always have to have lip balm :D

    PS soooo happy for you! i hope your new job brings the best in you out!

  8. hi pretty.. so happy for you!!!

    a must have for me is lipbalm with spf (^__^) big no no for dry lips ^__^ and sunscreen with spf50 or higher ^__^ (as per advice by specialist)

    hugs and kisses

  9. What is a must have this summer in your makeup kit?? - I really hate to put a lot of creams on my face, I hate the sticky feeling, pero dahil sa sobrang init ngayon at nakakapasong sunrays here in our country, I started loving sunblocks. So every now and then, I make it sure na merong sunblock sa kikay kit ko. And also, I opted on buying products na may spf for additional protection. And of course, I always have blotting papers! I have super oily skin, and blotting papers really do the job in removing excess oil (much better than applying lots of powder).

    Anyway congratulations! Para ka ng si Mitch Mcdeere sa 'The Firm'. hehe ang galing! Kaya mo yan Atty.! Aja!

  10. Summer must-haves for me are Lip and Skin moisturizers. Right! :) We all hate chopped lips and dry skin! So these are my armor against the summer heat and I can't afford not to have it in my kit! ♥



  11. my must-have items in my makeup kit this summer are tinted moisturizer and bb cream both with spf :)

    all the best on your new job!


  12. liked both your page and nanny rose :)

    my fb name is bing perez lorenzo


  13. It has to be my lipbalm. :) Even on normal days I have very chappy lips so how much more this summer? Although I'm loving the Maybelline Tinted Lipbalm I have now, I think I'll have to look for one with SPF for use this season.

    Good luck on your new job! GIRL POWER! :D

    FB: Denzyll Jade

  14. hi attorney! wow, that's great.. you have one of the best professions in the world.. i admire you.

    a must-have for summer -- sunblock! what a way to enjoy summer while having your skin protected! of course, a face powder and lipgloss to keep you always lookin' fresh all throughout. thank you for this giveaway attorney. Godbless on that day!

    FB name: Roxanne Perez-Gonzaga

  15. Hi, for me, lip balm and powder for retouching. Lip balm because hot weather makes my lips really chapped. Also, powder because the hot weather here really melts my foundation!:)

  16. Firstly, congratulations and God bless on the new job! You'll do great.

    Second, the new layout is soooo pretty :D

    Now a definite must have in my makeup kit is, surprisingly, a really good moisturizer. My face still gets all dry and peel-y during the summer, so this helps me big time. What's the use of trying to achieve a flawless finish with makeup when your face is all dry and rough to begin with :)

  17. Good luck on your job! Just landed on my first job as well last Feb. :)
    The definite must in my makeup kit is moisturizer with sun block to protect my face from the harsh sunlight.

    FB Name: Gwen Qua

  18. FB name: Alexis Araneta

    My definite must haves:

    1. Moisturizer (especially, since I have dry skin)
    2. Something bright (My lovely NYX Black Label lippy in Citrine is a fave)

  19. If you're going to open my makeup kit. You'll rarely see plenty of makeups in it because when it's summer here in PH, I don't like the sticky feeling of sweat, makeup, dirt rolled together in my face. But I see to it that I have with me the things that protect me from the sunlight like the following:

    1. Sunblock with high SPF
    2. Oil free moisturizer
    3. Lip balm
    4. Lipstick! (coral shade)
    5. Cheek tint or bluher

  20. Oooopppss.. Ms. Donna I forgot to include my FB name. Sorry, my bad

    FB Name: Econ Lanuza Margate

  21. A Lip Balm is a must have this summer in my makeup kit. My lips gets dry most of the time because of the hot weather.

    FB Name: Elaine Chua

  22. FB Name: Melissa Javier

    What is a must have this summer in your makeup kit?
    Normally, I would go for sunblocks and moisturizers, but a yogurt cooling gel is really a must-have these days! It acts as a moisturizer for the skin as it helps hydrate sun-parched skin and relieves any stinging or heat that accompanies a sun burn. :)

  23. FB Name: Rann May Luba

    A must have is my lip hydrating cream/gel... Bahala na ang lahat wag lang yon. Hahaha! I don't really wear makeup every single day. It actually depends on my mood, and dito sa place namin, if you do a full-makeup look they will think you're going someplace to parteyy!!. :D

    I do miss your FOTD! Good luck on your paperworks Atty. BTW, I love your new layout. :D

  24. FB name: Hazel Grace Bellen

    My essentials in my kikay kit for this summer are compact pressed powder and oil blotting paper because the heat is triggering my sebaceous glands. I will also include the lip balm to prevent dry lips.

  25. Sunblock to protect the skin from sun's harmful rays. Lip balm 'cos the sun and the hot air tends to be too drying. Bronzer for that sun-kissed skin look. Atomizer with lemon and water for the instant freshness! ;)
    FB name: Anri Iga

  26. A must have this summer in my makeup kit is my lip balm with a sun protection because my lips is really dry and it will get more drier if I don't wear it this summer.

    FB name: Gizzele Alfonso

  27. Summer or not these are a must haves for me:
    1. Oil Free Moisturizer
    2. BB Cream with high SPF
    3. Vaseline Lip Balm
    4. Lotion with SPF

    plus umbrella and shades! i cant live without much! :)

  28. Hi dear!of course a sunblock like Obagi - C Sunguard SPF 30 to preserve my face :)

    GFC: arra
    Facebook: Arra Morta

  29. Sunscreen, of course! I love Belo's face sunblock 'cause it doesn't react with my really sensitive skin.

    FB: Mauwi Fajardo

  30. What is a must have this summer in your makeup kit??

    I would say its my moisturizer/sunblock. because it's so hot, i need protection and at the same time something that moisturizes. Belo's dos the trick :) I also use this as a primer since it mattifies my face :)

    Facebook: golda grace azucena monzon

  31. A must have for me is my Blistex LipTone.

    FB: Maly Naine
    msbookworm22 (at)yahoo (dot)com

  32. A must have for this super hot summer is a good sunblock and lip balm with SPF. It's not only to prettify yourself but to save yourself from skin cancer as well. Happy summer, everyone! ;)

  33. a must have for this summer is an ultra lightweight sunblock or lotion with high spf..

    FB: Chan torrefranca

  34. I must have a cheek tint, lipbalm and sun block! answering your question makes me want to go to the beach :)
    FB: Paola Espiritu or

  35. My summer must have is definitely the mint lip balm (chapstick) to cool and moisturize our lippies to always be pucker ready! The heat in the country really makes our lips dry so lip balm is a must have! Another must have which I think a lot of people forget about is the pop up tissues or even oil blot film. What with the insane heat, we all perspire so having these will definitely keep us looking fresh! :)

    FB name: mich michelene

  36. It's really scorching hot now in the Philippines. And for that, I opt to have these in my makeup kit: a sunblock/sunscreen lotion, a lip balm, a cooling gel, and a good moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Let's rest our skin for this moment and flaunt a natural look with no makeup. Less makeup, less heat :)

    FB: Krizia Lorraine Acevedo

    Little Pinky Girl

  37. BBCream, Sunblock atleast SPF50 and Vaseline Lip Therapy (advance)! Gosh! I need sunblock ksi sayang ung pagpapaputi ko ng buong taon! Haha!

    FB Name: Micah Andrea Napiza

  38. My summer must haves are BB Cream, Lip balm all with SPF! :)

    FB Name: Katrine Lao


  39. Must-haves in my makeup kit not just this summer but all year round are sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 (no to skin cancer and premature aging!) and lip balm (because lips should always look plump and kissable).

    FB name: Aviva Domasian

  40. Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol !


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