Summer Essentials: A Quick Review of Snoe and Belo Sunblocks

HOT!!! Manila is freaking hot today! I cannot even  move a finger without sweating like a pig. Tsk. The sun's heat pricks my skin like hell. I never get out of the house without an umbrella but there are times that I forget to bring one. But one thing I never forget is wearing a sunblock before going out.  I never loved sunblocks until now. Why? I tried using one before and it made my face itch, it clogged my pores like big time and I just feel so uncomfortable wearing it.  Before, I was just too satisfied with wearing a moisturizer with SPF but when I saw my Aunt's cheek with a dark blemish that was due to the harsh rays of the sun, from then on sunblock became a staple to my skin care regimen. I had a hard time finding the right sunblock for me especially for my face and neck area. Let's quickly discuss the basics (only the basics.. I will not go in depth with the details because you can google a lot of information about it) on sunblock first. I know you have seen UVA, UVB and SPF on your sunblock and even your moisturizers. UV stands for Ultra Violet which refers to the harsh rays from the sun. A stands for aging or those particularly referring to cancer causing rays while B stands for burning. UVB are those ultra violet rays that cause immediate effect on the skin like sun burns and can be greatly linked to skin cancer.  SPF means Sun Protection Factor and this only applies to UVB protection. The higher amount of SPF does not mean effectiveness of the sunblock rather how long the sunblock will remain effective or the length of time a person can stay under the sun without burning.

I have super dry skin and it is overtly sensitive at the same time. So what are the sunblocks that worked for me? Scroll down for more.
Snoe Suntervention Serious Sun Protection with SPF 80++
Broad Spectrum UVA/UVA Block
Price: 699 pesos

This was given to me by Snoe Beauty during the Suntervention Bloggers Convention Event. This is one of their newest product launched in time for Summer. The smell and consistency is like a normal sunblock. It is quite thick but creamy. It is very easy to blend and it is absorbed by the skin. It feels light too.I tried using it on my face but I did not like it. I somehow felt a tingling sensation when I used it. My face also felt a bit tighter than usual. This is suitable if you want to go the the beach or to the pool. A tube has a shelf life of two years from manufacturing date. I experienced no itching or any other break outs when I used this.

Like most sunblocks, it gives that ghostly white cast when worn.
Snoe Here Comes The Sunblock
Instant White with SPF 45
with Sigmkamas
Price: 199 pesos

Another Sunblock from Snoe Beauty. This is a paraben free product. I bought this because a lot of bloggers are raving about it. They say that it instantly whitens the skin. I did not believe them so I bought one for myself to see if it is true. Haha Indeed, it gave my skin instant whitening. It does not look fake at all but my skin looks fairer and glowing. I can use this everyday because it is light on the skin and it feels like a lotion on my skin. the texture and consistency of this lotion is very runny. It is not greasy at all and it is absorbed by my skin easily. On top of that, it has a nice scent to it.This is definitely a must try. Also, this is very affordable too. It only costs 199 pesos for a 100 ml bottle. 

See how it made my skin a bit lighter. The key is to blend the product well on your skin to avoid the whitish streaks. 

Belo Essentials Sun Expert
SPF  40 PA +++ for the FACE
UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum
Price: 299 pesos

Out of the three sunblocks, this is my absolute favorite. This is already my second bottle. I am absolutely in love with it. It is non comedogenic and hypo allergenic.  It does not have that funky sunblock smell at all. It is actually fragrance free and since I have allergic rhinitis, this is definitely a plus point. This is not sticky or greasy at all. No tingling or stinging feel when applied on the face. It is very very lightweight (emphasis on this!!). I could layer this without fear of looking like a grease ball at mid day. I use it on my face everyday! This is an indispensable part of my skin care regimen. The consistency and texture is creamy and airy. It blends so well on my face even without moisturizer.  I want to try the one for the BODY which slightly costs higher than this. Will I buy this again? YES! Definitely! I highly recommend this sunblock to everyone. 

Another plus point about this sunblock -- NO WHITE CAST!

These sunblocks are the ones I am currently using. What sunblock are you using to protect your skin from sun damage? God bless everyone.
Disclaimer: These products are suitable to my skin and which works for me might not work for you or vice versa. The Snoe Here Comes the Sunblock and the Belo Essentials are bought with my own money. The Snoe Suntervention is from Snoe Beauty. 
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  1. ate donna have you tried their bb cream?? :)

  2. Hi nicole.. not yet.. hmm... ok na ako sa Neutrogena.. LOL.. :D

  3. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for reviewing these sunblocks. I was actually gunning for Snoebeauty and Leyende brands since it's really great, however I am not a fan kasi of the whitish cast! I use sunblocks daily so I can'thave that.

    My HG sublock is the one I'm using now, Kose Suncut SPF50+++ and I've never looked back. If only this was available in the country! It's cheap for P300++ but I have to order like in bulk from :(

    If you wanna take a look here's my review too...

  4. I'm using Snoe's "Here Comes the Sunblock" and I LOVE the scent, although SPF 45 didn't exactly cut it for the harsh Zambales sun, so I ended up taking home a slight sunburn despite not being out and about in the sun that much. Will try out the Suntervention next time. Oh, and the Belo sunblock looks promising too! Thanks po for the review! :)

  5. We're using the same sunblocks, all 3 of them! Kaso small tube of sample lang yung Belo ko. :) I was quite hesitant to use that too, good thing okay naman siya sayo. I like the Here Comes The Sunblock better than SunTervention though. Mas non-stick for me. :)

  6. hi sis! ask ko lang if here comes the sunblock pwede sa face? tnx!

  7. Hi Donna! I'm using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50! I love this 'coz it is so light weight, non-greasy and easily gets absorbed into the skin. I have really oily skin and most sunblocks I tried feels very heavy and hot on my face but this one feels really light and also controls my oilies. I was deciding between the Belo sunblock and this one. Will try the Belo one next. Thanks for the review. :)

  8. Hi Donna, where do i buy Snoe products?
    I am afraid using sunblocks because its heavy consistency...

    1. Hi keeza try this:

  9. Good thing you came up with this, I am in search of sunblock and wonder whats best for a hot hot weather.. looks like belo will work for me. Thanks Donna!

    Much love,


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