Brow Savers: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow and Color My Brows

Hi everyone!!How was your week? I have been so giddy during the start of the week but was getting too cranky by thurs. Waahh My mood swings are so unpredictable. I am very excited to share with you my brow savers! I have been a fan of brow makeup. Perhaps, the primordial reason is my brows are not really a sight to look at. They are very sparse and I find them thin. I envy people with thick brows. Whenever someone will give compliments on how my brows look, my initial reaction is -- DRAWING LANG YAN.. haha I used to love using brow powder and palettes but I discovered using eyeliner pencil. I was madly in love with ELF brightening eye pencil in coffee months ago. I used it everyday and I think I finished three pencils. It perfectly matches my brow color. Then a lot of Pinay Makeup Gurus are raving about the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. To myself, what's the difference? I am perfectly happy with ELF. Then I felt the urge to try this pencil when I learned that it was only 129 pesos or 125 pesos. I first bought No. 2 which is in grey brown because the other shades were out of stock. I am really happy with it. It matches my dark brows perfectly but sometimes I find it too dark so I wanted to buy the No. 2 in brown. A lot of people are using this shade so I need to have it as well. Inggitera mode! haha

Etude House Drawing Eye brow Pencil

The pencil is a retractable one and they sell refills. The pencil is slanted. It is very easy to use. Lining the frame of my brows has never been this easy.  I can create the illusion of perfect arch as long as my brows are tidy.. haha It gives that precise application way better than my ELF Pencil. You also save time because no need to sharpen this one. I have been using this for a month and there is a little product left like half an inch . A lot of reviews noted that it only has a few product in it. I did not actually check the length of the pencil when I bought it. I was too afraid that I might break it. The color is very pigmented. and it lasts all day on my brows. The pencil is not soft and not too hard. It glides smoothly on my brows. Do not twist too much, the pencil easily breaks. 

The best part about this eyebrow pencil is that it came with a spoolie! I am a big fan of spoolie that I bring my Marionnaud Spoolie brush everywhere. Now, I need not bring my spoolie brush with me anymore. It does a great job of spreading the product on my brows making it look more natural. 

What I love about this Brow Pencil:
Affordable.. Only 125 or 129 pesos at Etude House
It has refills.
The slanted tip which makes it easier to line your brows
The pigmentation is great (IMO) not too dark and not too light.
It glides smoothly. No tugging at all.
No need to sharpen.
It is very convenient to use because it came with a spoolie.

What I do not like about it:
The shade I want is always out of stock.
The pencil itself is very short. The packaging made it appear that there are more product inside. 

Etude House Color My Brows in #2 (Light Brown)
Have you ever experienced wanting a product so much ? This is one product that made me go to five different Etude House Branch just to have it. And those five Etude House Branches does not even have a stock for this one! Awww! They always have the No.1 but not No.2. How frustrating, right? I end up buying on ebay. This costs 270 pr 280 pesos exclusive of shipping. I wanted this so bad because I have never used a brow gel before. Everyone was saying that it is a dupe for MAC girl boy. I cannot compare this to MAC's since I have not used the latter.

This is a tinted brow gel and I love how  it makes my eyebrows look more natural and fuller. I do not use this alone. I have super dark black hair and I would end looking all weird with blond brows! I used it on top of my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil. I do not recommend using this alone especially if you have thin brows. The shade is too light but No.1 looks really pigmented and darker. I think No.1 is better used alone. When I am looking for this, the saleslady advised me to get the No.1 instead because this is too light for me. Thank Heavens I did not heed her advise. I wanted a brow gel that would tame the my brows and at the same would make it look light and fuller. This one is a must try. The downside? It contains less product than what I expected. I had this for a month now and it looks almost dried. I am not even using it everyday. For the price, I think I will just save a few more hundreds and I can buy MAC Girl Boy which has more product in it. 

The wand is very is to use. As you can see, the brush applicator has a slimmer end. This makes application more precise and easier as well.

What I love about it:
It makes my brows look fuller and more natural.
It sets my brows really well.
A great dupe for MAC Girl Boy  ( everyone is saying this)
The wand is really helpful.
No funky smell. I had a friend who uses MAC Girl Boy and I did not like the scent when I tested it.
The shade is really light and I love it!

What I hate about It:
It is always out of stock.
It contains less amount of product. It dries too quickly after 5x of usage. 
It does not last whole day one my brows.
ETUDE HOUSE Pencil in No. 3, 2 and ETUDE HOUSE Color My brows in #2 (Light Brown)

A quick look on how easy I line my brows with the Drawing Eye Brow Pencil. I just use the spoolie that comes with and brush it over my brows.

This is what my brows looks like after brushing it with the spoolie.

Do you like a post on how I do my brows now? Very easy as 1-2-3. Just comment down below. :D

Godbless everyone!

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  1. I am in love with the same brow pencil. But true, the No. 1 shade is hard to find. I had to go through several etude houses. Anyway, a little help with the price, it is Php128. :) I've been meaning to try the brow gel for a while now but I think I'll just settle with the brow pencil first. If you find refills of the brown one, stack up! :) Great review. Thanks!

  2. Wow! Finally someone took notice of Etude House's Color My Brows! Love how natural my brows look with this, and how EASY it is to use. :) It's my most favorite find ever! First got hold of one in Korea, where it was slightly cheaper and now I feel bad I didn't hoard then. I also can't find it here in Manila. :s

  3. I definitely should buy something like that!:))) Unfortunately, we dont have EH in Zambo :(

    Visit my blog? :)

  4. i should buy my own too! i've been using eyeshadow and mascara for a long time now. I couldn't find the right shade for me. :D thank you for the review~

  5. I bought a new one after using the last bit of the pencil, too bad I didn't know about the refills! It's good to learn about that from you :)

  6. Buti na lang I didnt buy that EH brow gel. I found the tester dried up kasi, so I felt na it easily dries up and konti lang laman. I bought my MAC brow set in Girl Boy 8 months ago, and I haven't consumed more than half. (I just use it 2-3x per week) Super sulit siya because I really really love my brow when I use Girl Boy. It's 950 nga lang and has a weird smell. Pero yeah, better save up money than spend 370+ for EH brow gel.

  7. I super love these! They manage to tame and make my unruly brows pretty!

  8. Drawing! Super-fave ko toh. I tried na makita how long it is and parang maikli nga. Pero matigas naman kasi sya e. Hanggang ngayon di ko pa ubos.

    I have the light grey one kasi super black yung hair ko. Medyo panget kung brown. Ang mura nya, tapos may very well-made spoolie pa. Not the type na masakit sa balat.

  9. i love drawing brows too :D i have 5 and 1 2nd tube ko na ng 5 hehehe :D u should try wet n wild color icon eyeliner in taupe :D

    1. I was looking for this aika.. waaahh how much is this? hindi ko makita sa megamall..

  10. Thanks for sharing! I might try this


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