Elite Minerals Mineral Concealer in Honey Beige

Hello everyone! Just an update on what happened to my very first cross examination before finally reviewing this product. It was hilarious. I was really lost in front of the Judge. Thankfully, everyone was really nice to me that day even the Judge. :D Haha This post  was actually set to be posted last Monday but I was too lazy finishing the review. I was also getting tired of my white background. It looks so plain right? Then I lost all my pictures!Yay! Anyways, I am looking forward to better pictures once BF finally buys the lens.

Anyways, i have been sent by Elite Minerals with their products for review. The last mimeral makeup I tried was Ellana and the one from Maybelline.. I think that's the only Mineral Makeup I really am familiar with from their blushes to their  concealers. I thought that this was a foundation. To my recollection. they said that it was a foundation. However, after trying it on for a few day as a foundation, I recently noticed that the label says concealer. Haha 

I really thought that the shade Honey Beige would look so dark on me. I was wrong. When worn as a foundation, it looks a bit lighter on me. Compared to my Ellana foundation and Maybelline foundation (both minerals), I find this very hard to blend. It actually has tiny shimmer. I only noticed it when I took a photo of myself and my face has tiny sparkles and my face looks so glowing. I failed to save a  copy of that picture. When used as concealer, the shade looks so light under my eye. It actually highlights my dark bags than conceal it. I find the texture okay but I find it very hard to blend. The coverage as a concealer is also light. It looks  perfect for under eye highlighter. Also, if you love dewy effect, buffing this all over your face will create that illusion. It does not look fake at all since it is very light.

Look at how light it is. However, when blended it looks slightly lighter than my skintone not way over board light. Also, you might think that the coverage is awesome because of the swatch. The swatch is too concentrated on this picture. Over all, I think that if I was given a shade that would suit my skin better, my reviews might be different. I love using this as a highlighter instead of a concealer.

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Godbless everyone.


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