Beauty & Butter SPA Date + Orly Italian Mandarin Foot Spa

Hi guys! Can someone tell me how to juggle blogging, work and life?hihi.. I am currently getting confused with managing my time right, hence, the late updates. Last June 2, Ivy, Alex and Nicole (the women who won my spa giveaway) were pampered by Beauty and Butter. I had so much fun talking to them. They told me that this is the first time they got pampered in a Spa. They got the paraffin hand and foot treatment.  They also got their nails done. 
I never thought that the day will come that I will meet my readers. :) The girl in yellow, Nicole, reminds me a lot of Kristen Stewart! Waaahh Alex was very sweet to spent more time with me in the department store (of course in the makeup department). That's where we saw the M&Co. stall. She bought a lipgloss too. Ivy was a golden beauty with hot pink lips! Nyx Addis Abba looks so gorgeous on her. 

Their buttercups were all busy pampering them!

It was so nice meeting you girls!! I had so much fun talking with all of you.
Back in May, I had my monthly pampering with Beauty and Butter. I had the chance to try their  Orly Italian Mandarin Foot Spa. The smell of these products are soo good.  The exfoliator was very gentle. I was actually hesitant in trying it since I had a bad history of allergic reactions with scrubs/exfoliators. 
My ugly feet and legs part one. haha
My ugly feet and legs part two. haha

See how my left leg looks lighter than the right one? The Orly Moisturizing Exfoliator did a great job. I myself can't believe it until I took pictures of it. My legs felt so smooth and glowing after the whole procedure. 

It is definitely a must try if you have the chance to drop by at Beauty and Butter. 

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Godbless everyone!


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  1. Thanks for giving me the cahnce to finally meet you ate donna! :) Hopefully we can do it again nextime... :)

  2. It was amazing finally meeting you, Ivy, and Nicole!! What a way to spend my first spa experience! And yes, I can say, the hot wax was so worth it! Hahaha!

    I want a repeat (Ganoon?!)!

  3. Thanks Donna! It was nice seeing you, sexy attorney! Haha!

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