Captured: On Cheating, Cravings and Events

Hi guys. How was your week?

I have been stressed and depressed for the past few weeks. To those who have known me via Facebook perhaps you know the reason.

Should we, women, qualify cheating by gravity? Do we need to analyze things by degree? What I am trying to say is this - Is there a need to give an equivalent amount of reaction to every act of cheating (dating, having sex, flirtatious messages) .  Where do we draw the line between cheating and a mere act of flirting? Is there a difference? The bottom line is Women get hurt by these insensitive acts of men. Whether it be a flirtatious chat with a colleague or a simple movie date with another girl, women get hurt.  This undermine the basic foundation of a relationship which is TRUST.  The worst thing that a man can do is defend his actions by banking on the woman's shortcomings. I am undergoing such a painful experience right now. I and my partner for ten years are trying to solve things. Can I forget and forgive such acts? Yes. However, I hate it when people (him included) justify his acts as if the crime committed was in a frustrated stage. In a relationship, cheating will always be in a consummated stage. There are no degrees to speak of,  only lies to unveil. Cheating is cheating. No more no less.

 I am the just a lady behind the pictures, the makeup and this blog. Most of you do not know that I am a very strong woman. My boyfriend, friends and family can attest to this. However, the hardest part in my body appeared to be my softest point. My mind and my heart is in a great struggle. With God's grace , I am hoping that everything will be alright.

Now I know what true love is. No, it is not the kilig moments often seen in movies. It goes far beyond butterflies in your stomach and sleepless nights. It is loving someone and accepting someone despite his/her flaws without any qualms. Kudos to women who are undergoing pain but is moving on with their heads up and strength in their hearts.

 Happiness is a choice. Thus, I chose to be happy with him.

Ok. Enough of my melodrama. :) I just want to share a piece of my life with. you. I should do this more often don't you think?
Something to make your heart melt more.. Hehe Our cute persian kitten modeling for me. She is so fluffy !!! Waaaahh
My latest addiction - Starbucks Cookie Crumble Cheesecake
I felt heaven in my first bite. :)
Goodies from Khei Shop online. :))
Loot Bag from Neutrogena Event last Friday.. I am excited to try the Hydro Boost Gel with SPF 30. The Hydro Boost gel ( The one in a  jar) is by far the best moisturizer I have ever tried. :))
Godbless everyone!


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  1. Hello Ms. Donna,

    I hope that all's gonna be okay in God's time. You are so brave to post such sensitive topic about love and cheating. And to your guy-- may he never forget the girl who stood by him all through these years.

    Much love,
    Miss J

  2. OMG! that cheesecake is my fave too, I can eat it everyday. :)

    xx, Kim

  3. I hope you feel better. You're a strong and beautiful woman.♥
    PS. Your kitty is toooo cute! Pumose pa talaga. :)

  4. Hi, dear!

    I'm so praying for you. I agree with Miss J. You're so brave to post about this. And yes, it takes real strength of character to stand by him despite his faults.

    I love what you said. Happiness is a choice. People aren't perfect, afterall.

    Oh, and *hugs*

  5. kelan pinadala ate yung goodies mo from the khei shop? ngcomment kc aq sa product nila na may pic ng lips mo with nyx lipstick. just warned them in using your photos. i hope it's not nkkahiya kasi baka sponsor mo sila tapos ngcomment ako ng ganun.

    1. Hi helen.. bago lang din.. minention nila that they are using my pics.. I think you are the one I should thank kasi they were made aware of this..

    2. hay. nabunutan ako ng tinik. basta atty donna if my nakita akong gumamit ng pic mo ng hndi mo alam. ssbihan ko agad in a nice way. nalaman ko lang kasi sumali ako sa giveaway nila. tpos nkta q ung pic ng lips mo sa nyx rc's. binura ata nila ung comment ko.

    3. super thank you hazel for your concern as in super appreciate ko.. <3

  6. I do hope you'll feel better soon. I do agree with everything you said about trust and relationships and all i wish for you is for everything will work out for the better. Anyway, I super love your cat and I've been planning to try that cheesecake from Starbucks since my friend told me about it! I'm a sucker for cheesecakes! Haha! I'm also interested to know more about the The Hydro Boost gel, will you make a review about it? :)

  7. I've been a silent reader of you. I just couldn't follow you through GFC. And just by reading your posts, I already had the impression that you're a strong women( makes me think you should empower more women to be as strong as you are ;) ). God gave you challenges because He too thinks that you're strong and you can surpass it. Just think of it as though He's polishing you. I totally agree when you said that men defend their actions by throwing past issues and mistakes. Nakaka high blood. Hehe. Be stronger, Donna! :)

    OMG, your cat is soooo cute! Did you buy it? How much? I want to have that kind of cat too. Sooo fluffy! I had a white kitty before, but he died. :(

  8. Sending virtual hugs. I don't know you all that much, but by this blog. However, my heart goes out to you. Stay strong..and through whatever choice you make you are really brave, just remember that. Whatever faults he makes, I can only hope he learns from them. Also, in wherever your relationship leads always remember you will only grow stronger.

  9. Hi Atty. Donna,

    I miss reading your blog! I suddenly got busy with life and now Im back to reading your blog.
    I hope that everything you're going through right now will be worth it in the end.
    You have to first love yourself before giving your love to someone else.
    i know how it is to fall in love so kudos to you! :)

    Hugs and Kisses dear xoxo

  10. hi donna, I can't imagine what you're going through right now. but needless to say, stay strong. I know that you two can get through this together.

  11. Never lose faith in love. Grabe 10 years noh! God is a God of 2nd chances naman. And I know He'll give you a still and forgiving heart. Stay beautiful. Nakaka-haggard ang broken heart!

  12. in my opinion, trust is like a glass ball. once it breaks, no matter how hard you try fixing it, it'll never be the same, cracks are still there...

    i'm not saying that you should leave or stay. What I'm saying is, peace of mind is paramount.

  13. Hi Donna,

    I admire your strength and resilience. I also think that you made the right decision of sticking up for him. Truly, it's not the easiest thing to do. However, if you see that you're beginning to lose yourself in the process, maybe it's really time to let go. Tama sila, love yourself first. :)



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