Follow me! Unravelling My New Found Affair with Twitter and Instagram

I have been a Nokia user for a decade. No camera. No wifi or whatever you call it where you can connect your cel to the internet. Haha
Bf gifted me with an Iphone when I passed the bar. I was nonchalant about it. Besides, I was never a techie person. I can live without having a luxurious looking cellphone. However, I figure that being a lawyer, I must look damn expensive. LOL (I am fail on this as I tend to dress like a normal employee except when I have a hearing). 

I was not into my Iphone until BF upgraded it last weekend. Saying goodbye to my "I am a very private person, Twitter are for those who want their lives on publicized. Facebook is enough publicity for me. " haha Yup, that was my line when my friends ask me why I am not using my Twitter often. haha.. Oh well I am just going around the bush.. I just want to say that I am now actively using Twitter and Instagram, why not hit the follow button for me! haha

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What a nice way to beg people to follow me. haha

Night everyone! I will still watch a movie through my phone before going to sleep. (Adik lang)
haha Ohh I am also enjoying the perks of Skype and Viber because I get to talk with my friend and aunt who are residing abroad.

Despite the recent ramifications in technology and how people socialize, let us not forget that we are not mere citizens of this earth but of the heavens. Being preoccupied with our chores and activities is not an excuse to get intimate with HIM.



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  1. Donna, I completely love your blog for the pictures, but grammar is definitely not your strong suit, lol. I had a hard time undersanding this blog, in particular!

    As soon as I read your first sentence, I was like, "Uh-oh, here we go again".

    FYI, that should have read, "I have been a Nokia user for decades". Please work on your tenses, they're giving me a headache. Kthnksbai!

    1. Yay.. sorry for that.. I hardly proof read my blog posts and damn yes i am not good with tenses. haha.. Thanks for your concern.. please take advil or biogesic before reading my blog.. lol.. godbless

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I apologize for being somewhat snipy in my comment above. Thanks for reacting with proverbial grace under pressure! I probably wouldn't react so kindly if I received a comment like mine.

      You're awesome! :)

    4. Good day Rita. I am not awesome. God is. I am a work in progress and I figure that there are things you have to accept and it is not a sign of one's weakness or failure. Thank you for your comment I have been reading online english grammar on tenses since you placed your comment. Godbless ;)

  2. your beagle is cuuuteee!!!!

  3. 1. The dog is cute!

    2. I'm such a Twitter fiend! I'm on it so much, a friend gifted me with a Twitter t-shirt. Hahaha! (Follow me at @jesuisallie. LOL!)

    3. Medyo ako rin outdated with tech! In fact, the only reason I have a pretty okay phone is my Dad gave it to me. Hahaha!

  4. oh, you gonna be hooked with the iPhone!


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