Going Green! Go Naturals Skin Hydrating Facial Toner

Hi guys. Some of you may know that I am an avid user of Eskinol for years. I specifically use Eskinol Dermaclear C which I think is now phased out. I have been searching for this variant and I can't find it anymore. :( I have raved about Go Naturals Purifying Facial Wash before. Now, I tried another product from them. My skin is normal to dry and super sensitive. Despite, not being prone to pimples, my skin would get occasional rash break out. I always make sure my towel  is changed everyday. I have a separate towel (just a small one and my grandmother loves to stock on towels for me) to dry my face. Lately, my skin is acting up. I get rashes almost every other week. My theory is that this is due to dust because I commute to the office and I walk when going home. Another reason is my very bad habit of touching my face every now and then. Yay!! Anyways, my skin feels tight and dry. I am using the calamansi variant of Eskinol and it does not work well on my skin. Then I remembered that Go Naturals is also selling toners. I gave this a try more than a week ago. In my mind I told myself , what can possibly go wrong in trying a 45 pesos toner?
45 pesos for a 50 ml toner

The first time I tried it, I immediately notice the sweet subtle vanilla scent. It smells so good like their facial wash. Then, it feels so light and gentle on my skin. No stinging at all. After more than a week of using this, I must say that this will be a mainstay in my skin care routine. I finally bid goodbye to Eskinol. It did not dried out my skin and it did a good job of cleaning it. However, I apply my toner in a reverse manner. Instead of applying it after washing my face, I use it before washing my face. This routine worked so well for me. My toner serves as my makeup remover for the face. I hope this toner comes in a 200 ml packaging and their facial wash too. The good thing about it's size is that it is really travel friendly. I hope Go Naturals can read this post of mine! Please make full sizes for your products!! Please. Over all, I super love this toner! In my opinion, I love this better than the celeteque one!
Can you read the ingredients. The ingredients are indeed organic.

The next product I want to try is the Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil. Debbie of Reynakatarayan is raving about it the other day on Facebook. This sunflower oil is always out of stock in Robinsons Galleria, Debbie bought hers at Trinoma. I also want try Go Natural facial srcub soon.

That's it! Godbless everyone!

What is your current favorite skin care product?

Care to share?

Godbless everyone!


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  1. Interesting! I have the HHN sunflower oil din and it's good for almost everything! Very versatile product. :)

  2. The sunflower oil is super raved about talaga but I still haven't bought one, Idk why. Anyway, it's nice that you found a toner that works well for you! :)

  3. interesting. might try that reverse thingy you spoke of.

  4. My fave as of the moment is Snoe's toner, but then I have oily skin so it works well for me. :) The Sunflower Beauty Oil is awesome and you can use it from head to toe. :D

  5. interesting..i've never used the toner before washing my face or as a facial remover because I've read from allure magazine that u should never use toners as makeup removers but cgro kanya knya lng yan..:)it worked wonders for you naman..pro will research a bit more on that though bago ko matry.:)

    1. yay!! oo kanya kanya lang.. kasi nagkakapimples ako if after ng facial wash ko gnagamit ang toner.. :))


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