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Hello everyone!! how was your weekend?  I would always wake up with grumpy mood on Mondays. I hate Mondays from the day I started to have a job. Haha Now, I know why people love Fridays! :) A while ago, upon opening my eyes, I felt that it was raining. The cool weather made me want to stop my phone alarm and I vehemently  tried to get 15 minutes more of fake sleep.

Fake sleep = awake but intentionally shutting both eyes to catch sleep.

Just my random thoughts.

I was supposed to do this post last week. However, I was in Iloilo for two days with no wifi in my room. Hence, the late post. I was thrilled when Czar contacted me for another Hydroboost event. I love the Hydroboost gel moisturizer when they released it last year. I had super dry skin but it work well on my skin. I went to the event with Say. We decided to go together since the company where she had her OJT was just near my office. From the moment we met at El Pueblo from the time I dropped her off at Galleria, we never stopped chatting. When I arrived at the place, I was amazed on how Neutrogena put everything so well together. 
Hannah of Flair candy was the host for the night.
Isn't she gorgeous?

The event was filled with activities where we get to learn more of the Hydroboost gel benefits.
There are two test that I enjoyed the most. One is this one where they will apply brand X on the back of your hand and Neutrogena Hydroboost on the other. Then they sprinkled Styrofoam balls (I do not know what they are called). Then  styrofoam balls got stuck to the hand with brand x because they are very greasy and will take minutes to completely dry. Look at Say in this picture! 

Another test that was really amazing was the Oily Imprint Test. Here you can see that oil blotting paper with Neutrogena on it was completely dried after hours and the other blotting paper still looked wet as if oil was splattered on it. Yay! Imagine that your moisturizer is Brand X and you are literally putting more oil on your face! 

Here are the new products from Neutrogena:
Neutrogena Deep Clean Ultra Foam Cleanser
Price: 307 pesos
Effecttively removes 99% of dirt, oil, dead skin  and impurities from the skin with a velvety foam.

I can still remember that I used the Deep Clean Variant of Neutrogena way back in college. It came in a usual tube with dark brown honey-ish color. It was absolutely one of the most horrendous products I have tried back then. I have super dry skin and after using it, it made my skin so tight! Knowing that Neutrogena changed the formulation made me excited to try this product.I am not fond of foam cleansers because I still have that fear that it might dry my skin more. I am already testing the Pink Grapefruit. Full review on these cleansers will be posted soon. 

I am extremely excited with these one. The Hydro Boost Gel is now equipped with the much coveted SPF 30 to protect our skin from the harsh sun rays. No icky sticky feel. Just that gentle light formula! I will start using this tomorrow!!This costs 830 pesos. Detailed review on this soon.
And of course, another jar of heaven!!! I love this!! So much.. One of the best moisturizer I have tried. :))

Now, I leave you with food porn from the event! I swear I almost finish everything except for the steak.. HIHI

Thank you Neutrogena for this wonderful opportunity.

Godbless everyone!!


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  1. Love you Donna!!!! Thanks for the photo!!!

  2. ahhh food porn! haha! Its good to hear Neutrogena had reformulated their cleanser. I would love to try this but I still have my Missha cleanser... TT_TT Will you also do a review about the cleanser? please do! ^^,

    Much Love!

    1. I will Alice! :) Btw, I am watching you sa youtube!! More product reviews and hauls.. hehe

    2. sure! ^^, tips naman for FOTD's I fail miserably on that area LOL


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