NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze

NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze

Hi everyone. Firstly, I would like to apologize to my readers. I apologize if by any way your head aches everytime you read my blog due to my faulty grammar. I do not proof read my posts. I received an anonymous comment about it and I am sincerely grateful for her comment. I just hope she wrote it out of sheer concern. My friend jokingly said "baka EIC yan" haha. If I have read your comment months ago, I would perceive it negatively. But now, I see things in a more positive light. Praise God!!!!!!! I have to admit I am not good in tenses. As in. Super. I will work on it. :) Thank you again.. :)) For the nth time, I want to reiterate that I am not a writer. So forgive my grammar. I just love sharing to my readers my makeup musings and bits of my life. :) (No there is no secondly and thirdly na..hehe)

Moving on, I was sent by Khei Shop two items for review. She was supposed to give me NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink but I opted for Summer Breeze. I have enough SHOCKING pink lipstick shades for now. :) I thought that this was  a medium pink shade as reviewed by another blogger.For me the shade is a light-medium pink with loads of blue undertone. Like a Nicki Minaj-ish pink color. 

I have always been drawn to matte lipsticks because they do not stain my teeth!! This is indeed matte but very creamy.  It glides really well on the lips. I am comparing this lipstick to the Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks which are really dry and super matte. This has a very subtle sweet scent but not as sweet like the NYX Black Label Lipsticks. 

This can be a bit drying on the lips so I see to it that I moisturize my lips really well before applying it. It does not stay long enough on my lips. I had to retouch after two-three hours. Also, when it fades, my lip color does not look even. This lipstick is very pigmented with one swipe but I love to put two layers of it for a fuller color. 
I love to try other shades! Like Audrey, Angel, Strawberry Daiquiri and Bloody Mary.

I am a bit disappointed with the Summer Breeze shade or perhaps I am just not used to light pink lippies. I imagine that  this will look divine on someone with fair skin. On me, I looked so washed out when I wear this alone or even with a blush. However, I will definitely pair this shade with smokey eyes and bronzed cheeks!! 
This is the true shade on my lips. See how pigmented it is? My dark lip lines were very well concealed with its color!

This is sold at Khei Shop for 360 pesos.

Visit Khei Shop here:

This was sent to me for PR purposes. 
The review made was based on my honest opinion about the product.

Godbless everyone!


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  1. Super gorgeous! :) Beautiful lipstick shade. And your grammar is fine!

  2. WOW your lip swatch is amazing!

  3. I also love NYX matte lipsticks. My favorites are Angel and Strawberry Daiquiri :)

  4. The color reminds me of a lighter MAC pink nouveau. I also want to try Audrey! :D

  5. Hi Ms. Donna!.. Thanks for sharing regarding the comment of anonymous. I'am planning also to do bogging but the thing is,I'm not good in writing. :( That is why i keep on reading some blogs and look closely on how they write. Nway, your lips look amazing, pang model! :)

    1. go ahead and blog.. i really think blogs are very personal and you'll develop your writing skills and will learn techniques along the way.. its always continuous process :)


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