Officially Missing Playing with Shades and Hues

I feel old. Do not get me wrong I am not experiencing a quarter life crisis just yet. It is just that I miss those days when I lock myself in my room and play with makeup. Haha I attempted to do a look today. It looks so bland.The lack luster feel of it made me erase every single photo but I left this one for this post.  Waahh,,, I should do more Fotds since there are no photos of my works anymore.. I need inspiration. I do not want to immerse myself with annulment cases anymore. Haha I feel so stressed hearing marital  problems! It does not help me in coping with my relationship right now.

When asked by my boss "are you now losing faith in marriage?"

My answer: Hell no! I am LOSING FAITH IN MEN. :))

Anyways, hopefully I can create and recreate more looks soon.
 Don't you think?
Btw, I do not wear eye makeup in the office. You would rarely see me with eyeshadow on. That's why I miss playing with makeup. Haha

Here is something I like to play with soon. 
A gift from my cousin. Isn't it cute?
I will be going to Iloilo tomorrow. Wish me godspeed and a safe trip.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of life and the opportunity to have a profession.
Let me feel your grace every minute of my life. Let me appreciate You more and the blessings that you are giving me.

Also, my warmest thank you to everyone who messaged me and commented on my last post. Thank you Thank you.

Let us be thankful in all circumstances.
Godbless everyone!


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  1. I like the eye makeup. :)
    Give yourself some time, you need it. :)
    BTW, I saw another seller who used your photos again... :(

  2. sino yun rann? btw naputol chat natin kahapon.. may something wrong sa gtalk ko.. thanks talaga

  3. I miss your eye make-up shots din! Have a safe trip! God bless.

  4. weeeee love your eyemakeup!!!

  5. Pm kita, Don. No worries, anytime. :)

  6. I do miss your eye make-up shots too. But yes, the legal community might raise eyebrows. Di bale. You can do it for us na lang! Hahaha!

    Have a safe trip!

  7. Ive been reading your blog for the longest time and its only now that i made a comment and its not even about make up! Its your strong words about annulment and men! Hahaha such is the reality of life! I myself have broken up recently with my decade old relationship and thank God we're not married yet or else, i would probably have joined the statistics of seeking an annulment.


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