Haul Time! Gifts from My Bestfriend and Random Stuff

Hi everyone! I finally got the package that my bestfriend sent me! I asked her to buy me these Revlon products because I thought these will never get to our local counters! I am looking forward to the Revlon Whipped Foundation! Waahhh! There is a huge Youtube hype on that product. Anyways, I finally got a new primer! Yehey! Also, I have been lemming for this L'oreal Carbon Black Mascara for months. Again, a lot of Youtube Gurus are raving about this one. 
My bestfriend also sent me these BBW stuff. Nasurprise ako!#kalurkey 
In fairness, I love the scent. Thank you Bes! I hope I could be there with you on your special day. I am so excited and happy that God gave you a beautiful blessing. I will pray for you and my inaanak. :)
I have finally bought a palette. I was contemplating on what palette should I get that is perfect for traveling. Something that would fit perfectly in my makeup kit. I bought this  palette online but this is available at our local counters. I chose this because it has a mixture of matte and shimmery eye shadows. The colors are very suitable for office makeup. I am also planning on getting an In2it palette in the shade Sorbet Deluxe. . Since I cannot go wild with colors for office makeup, I might as well enjoy the tamed hues like pinks and greens. Divah?! 
A Sleek Palette of my own. I got the shade in Aruba which is a bright matte orange. I am lemming for Pan Tao and Suede shades. I bought this for 400 pesos only exclusive of shipping. 
I also got myself a new mascara from 4u2 which in all honesty sucks big time! Review to follow soon. haha Ohhh I love blogging about my rants on products. Haha When I hate a product, I would even go an extra mile just to tell my readers not to buy that product.  I am  now advising everyone not to buy this mascara! tsk tsk This only costs 194 pesos. Whateves. 194 is still money right?! So, if you plan on buying mascara and you do not know what brands are the best? I think that you can never go wrong with Maybelline or Covergirl. 
I also bought this Wet n Wild Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy for 299 pesos. I miss buying Wet n Wild lipsticks on ebay for 54 pesos only! I bought my Color Icon Lippies for only a fraction of a price two years ago. This shade is a dead ringer for MAC Rebel. I am not into bold and dark lip shades because my lips are really pouty and I have overbite. That being said, I do not want to waste 1000 pesos for something I will not use always so I got the dupe instead. Like I always say. THERE'S ALWAYS A DUPE OUT THERE. Something that will never break the bank but at par with the high end brand. 
Yesterday, I went to the K-Palette event and I had a wonderful time meeting the other bloggers again. However, I really enjoyed talking with Jes Roque. She's such a sweetheart and super duper sexy. While we were talking, she told me to use makeup remover instead of toner. Hence, I bought this Purederm Cleansing tissues. I was looking for The Face Shop in Gateway but sadly I found none. They have this budget friendly wipes that I wanted to buy last month. I got this Cleansing Wipes for only 99 pesos. Not bad noh?! I tried it last night and it was okay. It did not remove my mascara and eyeliner so I still have to use my Pond's Cold Cream. 
When I attended the Glaminar Workshop, Anna stressed the need to use toner before putting on moisturizer. She was also raving about MAC Fix Spray that time. Then I found this at Watsons for only 129 pesos I think. :) Let's see if this will work on me.

That's it everyone.

Have a blessed Sunday.
At the end of the day, let us not be consumed with trivial matters and material things. There are things in life that matters most than makeup, clothes and shoes.


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  1. i have been noticing a hype on 4u2 cosmetics since they became active online and honestly i dont know what about their products is worth it really. they're so cheap and i fear their ingredients list :(

    PS. agree w mascara. never can u go wrong w maybelline

    1. Korak ka diyan Kumi! Their superlight BB powder is nice but this mascara!!! grabe I would likt to throw it away na but I will first do a review on it.. :)

  2. thats why i love ur blog..kac u also review not so great products..:)

  3. You're right! There's always a dupe out there. I could never see myself shelling out P1000 on lipstick. Skin care, maybe, but lipstick? Never. Haha

  4. Waiting for the review of the Revlon primer. hahaha

  5. I also got the chance to buy Wet n' Wild Megalast lipsticks on E-bay! It's just a nice feeling buying it at 61-67 pesos each. I got 3! Raivin Raisin, Cherry Bomb and Spiked with Rum!:) Thanks for sharing na Sugar Plum Fairy is a dupe for MAC Rebel.. I can't afford buying lipstick worth 1000 pesos! HAHA!!

  6. Hi Donna! Korek, you are among the most honest bloggers out there. Some bloggers sugarcoat their reviews kaya minsan you tend to buy na products, and FAIL pala! That's what I love about you. And also, your quest for finding dupes! I hope more people read your posts! Luv ya!

  7. love your goodies... really love to try the Loreal voluminous masacara!


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