K-Palette Blogger's Event with Ms. Noriko Imura

Hello everyone!! :) Last super rainy Saturday, I attended the K-Palett event with Japanese makeup artist, Noriko Imura, as guest. I heard a lot of raves from local bloggers about their 1day tattoo liners. Thus, I was very happy when I got an invite from Ms. Cheryl. I got even more excited when I learned that it will be a blogger workshop with Ms. Noriko Imura. I am always fascinated with Japanese makeup and Korean makeup especially how they line their eyes perfectly. I have been into makeup for years and applying liner on top of the lid is really tricky. Let us admit that not everyone can carry the cat's eye winged eyeliner. For a natural look, I always skip the flick. Ms. Noriko Imura has been in the beauty industry for twenty years and her expertise is making the eyes appear bigger and making beautiful brows through skeletal analysis. 

The  K-Palette goodies :))
Ms. Noriko started by prepping the face of Aimee. She used the Zero Kuma Concealer on her and I was amazed with its coverage and how flawless it looked on her lovely skin. 
The guy in this picture is Aisaku who was the interpreter of Ms. Noriko and the host for that day.
Ms. Noriko taught to us how to use the K-Palette lasting two way eyebrow. This is the eyebrow pen with powder and liquid liner for the brows. She also showed us how to do a daytime look using a liquid eyeliner.

Can you see that the there is a slight gap between the liner and the lashline towards the outer end of the eye? I have been trying this look since Sunday. Haha I can't seem to do it like Ms. Noriko did. I think I need more practice. :)
This is how Ms. Noriko does the winged eyeliner. Muy perfecto! 

I am really amazed on how Ms. Noriko lined Aimee's eyes. I wonder if I can go to court sporting this look. (hmm... )
The only blogger I took a picture of that day!
I love everything about Shen!
Head to foot! A real head turner! :)
Hindi ko kinaya ang mga slits sa tag ulan. hehe bongga
Ms. Cheryl
We should be thankful for her because she brought this wonderful brand here in the Philippines! She is super nice and model-ish. Her brows are super nice. She used K-palette of course. :)
A picture with Ms. Noriko
She looks so cute!I, on the other hand, looked messed up. haha 
I have been using the goodies K-Palette gave us. I will write a full review on them soon.
This is a limited edition liner. So Kawaii!!
This deep brown eyeliner just became a daily staple. 
Out of all the products that were given to us, the Zero Kuma concealer is the one I am really crazy about. I have been using this since I got it and I love it. I thought my L.A. Girl Concealer was great. When I tried this, I forgot all about my LA Girl HD Pro Concealer and my Skinfood Dark Salmon Concealer. Initial thoughts- great coverage, moisturizing, and it does not cake. I may sound too biased now but this is the truth. I will road test it for a few more days before a full review I make a full review.

Thank K-Palette for this wonderful event.

K-Palette is available in all Beauty Bar Branches.
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  1. no ate donna, you don't look messed up, you look fab... :)cute pink liner= I want.. :)

  2. you have an idea kung magkano isa nito?

  3. Thanks, Donna! Looking forward to the reviews.

  4. i am now interested with the concealer! can't wait for your review :) how much is it pala?

    1. it is around 800 plus.. :) sorry i forgot the exact price.. :(

  5. hey babe! long time no see, super lakas nga ng rain some places were flooded from my place to makati, sayang i wasnt able to make it, i was really looking forward to the workshop, weakness ko eye make up, i just got the goodies sent in the mail but i really wanted to meet Ms. Noriko. meron ba nag video ng tutorial? :)

  6. oops, sorry, dencio dimsum is not a stalker, its me sarah :P forgot to log out of my husband's account :P

    1. Hi sarah! Haha natawa naman ako dun hehe sayang you were not able to
      Attend ilove everything they gave us esp the concealer


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