Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

Hi everyone! When I first saw the ad of Maybelline featuring this BB Stick, I knew I have to try it. All the BB Creams I have tried came in liquid form, thus, explains my curiosity on this product. I never tried the Maybelline BB Cream in liquid form so I do not have anything to compare this with. This only costs 249 pesos.

What the product claims:
The first BB Cream + 12 Hour Anti Shine Powder in a Stick
8 in 1 Skin Transformer

Controls shine- Mineral clay formula helps keep skin shine-free all day
Lasts all day- Powder finish resists sweat and sebum up to 12 hours
Clears- Reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness, fine lines and wrinkleRefines- Reduces the appearance of pores
Conceals- Instantly hides flaws and imperfections
Corrects uneven skin tone
Smoothens- Makes skin feel smooth, soft and supple
Protects- SPF21/PA+++ protects harmful UVA and UVB rays.
I love the packaging. Though it may look tacky (249 pesos, what do you expect?), the twist up stick is very easy to use.

This product has only two shades and I got mine in the shade Radiance. I bought this without even trying out the shade. There was no tester yet at the Maybelline counters I have been at the time when I bought this. I already saw some counters having testers of this. Without testing the shade Radiance on my skin, I somehow knew that this shade will suit my skin because it has slight yellow undertones compared to the other shade. 
Radiance looks lighter on my skin. I am NC35 for reference or medium yellow skintone.
Surprisingly, this blends well on my skin without creating that overtly white cast.

This product claims to conceal and evens out the skin. IN my honest opinion, it does not have any concealing power at all. haha For reference, you can look at my picture below. It does not even have a coverage of a concealer.So, Maybelline I think the concealing benefit you are claiming is quite misleading.

The coverage is light but somehow buildable. I really think that with such coverage, this is perfect for everyday wear. No heavy feel at all. 

I need to apply two layers to achieve the coverage that I want. I tried applying three layers - four but it gave my skin an unnatural whitish cast and it looked so cakey. It can not conceal pimple marks or dark under eyes. I really thought that it can give a medium coverage but it did not. I wonder if the liquid BB cream of Maybelline has better coverage than this one. Those who tried both forms, what can you say?Which has better coverage between the two?

This has a velvety - powdery finish but I highly recommend setting it with powder because it tends to rub off or wear off. The texture is quite creamy and it is very easy to blend.

I do love the fact that it does a good job of evening out my skintone.

In terms of longevity, I used it on a very humid day and my cheeks and chin looked remarkably shine free. However, my Tzone is a bit shiny after three hours or so. For the record, I have normal to dry skin. I really think that with a good setting powder, this is a good makeup base for everyday wear. When I am wearing this, my powder stays put longer than usual . Contrary to what it claims, it does not last 12 hours on my dry skin! I still reapply powder throughout the day to mattify my face especially my Tzone.

I experienced no rashes or break out using this one. However, this has a subtle plastic scent.
with Maybelline BB Stick (look at my dark lip line!! waaahh) 
 Maybelline BB Stick set with Fanny Serrano Two way Cake
The Maybelline BB Stick slightly gives my skin a whitish cast every time I use it. 
My skin looks fresh on the photo above but I still think that this is highly attributable to the FS two way cake. Without a setting powder, my face looks so uneven. I also suggest using a brush like and Angled brush or a flat top brush to spread the product. I tried using my fingers in applying this product and it created weird streaks that noticeably made my skin more uneven. Also, make sure that your moisturizer has dried or has been absorbed by the skin before applying and spreading the BB Cream. Applying the BB Stick on top of a moisturizer can get a little tricky.  

These are the products I used to achieve the look above. 

Over all, this product is okay (NOT GREAT, there's a world of difference between the two) for everyday wear. 

I highly recommend this product for those who are in search for a great makeup base or a go to product that:

evens out the skin tone;
feels light on the skin;
perfect for everyday wear;
does not cause rashes or break outs (this is very relative); and

Godbless everyone!


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  1. this is the first time I've seen this. thanks for an awesome review. ^_^

  2. Without the finishing powder, your face looked so shiny. I use Maybelline BB powder and while it is great, it also oxidizes. Have you tried it yet?

  3. Thanks for this review! I wonder how it'll work for someone with an oily T-zone like me. Haven't tried Maybelline's BB Cream products yet.Thanks anyways! =)

  4. The BB cream hasn't got any coverage at all, Parang tinted moisturizer lang sya and brightener :)
    Too bad this doesn't work on you, i'm currently using this and sets it with Maybelline Mineral Powder, okay naman for this oily face of mine. :)

  5. Thanks for the review. Yeah, I'm quite curious about this, but yun nga.

  6. This product is so-so for me too. I did a review also on my blog if you want to check it out :)

  7. i got the fresh-01 and reviewed it here :)

  8. I have a very oily and acne-prone skin. I love this bb stick... breakouts started to vanish maybe because of the salicylic [revents it.

  9. Great review! I'm 14 and starting to try to put on light make up. To those saying I'm too young, I just wear these things for special occasions. (: I'm not sure if I should try this though. Can I ask for help please?(:


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