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Last month (I think), I received an invitation from Oracare to be their Brand Ambassador. I am very privileged to be part of this company. OraCare   is from Pascual Consumer Healthcare, a proud Filipino-owned company that has been providing Filipinos everywhere with affordable yet high quality products.Yes. This is Proudly Filipino Made Product. OraCare   is non-alcohol based and is equipped with the breakthrough ingredient Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide which gets rid of bad bacteria that causes plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. It also neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds – the true source of strong mouth odors.

Here is a write up from OraCare:

Sting? No Sting with OraCare

Does your mouthwash sting? If your answer is yes, that only means that your mouthwash is made mostly of alcohol and strong flavors.
 If you’ve ever wondered why your mouthwash stings when you use it, it’s because your mouthwash contains alcohol – the culprit behind the stinging sensation.  Don’t be deceived by the sting. For most people, the sting gives off the impression of a stronger, more effective gargle. In reality, alcohol leaves the mouth dry, making it a virtual haven for odor-causing bacteria.
 So is alcohol necessary to ensure your mouth is clean and odor-free? Not at all! Because when it comes to smarter oral care, you can gargle without the alcohol… and the sting that accompanies it.
 If you’re set on achieving a clean, odor-free mouth minus the sting, try the smarter choice: OraCare Mouthrinse. OraCare gets rid of the bad bacteria that cause strong mouth odors and it keeps your breath fresh and clean without any pain. That’s because OraCare’s breakthrough ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, effectively removes the true source of strong mouth odors via oxidation. Other mouthwashes simply mask it with alcohol and strong flavors.
Why not go for a smarter, effective, pleasurable and genuine gargling experience? With OraCare’s ZERO alcohol and ZERO sting formula, you can be sure to have ZERO worries.

I am giving away two loot bags filled with these OraCare goodies!(one loot bag per person)
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