Quick Post: Fab Brush Set at Landmark and Daily Randomness

Hi everyone! I woke with a bad case of dysmenorrhea. I just want to lay flat on my bed all day. Do you have monthly blues like I do? I refuse to take meds because there was a time when I became overtly dependent on them. To date, I already passed out a few times due to the unbearable pain dysmenorrhea brought me. Let us admit this,ladies! Sometimes, it is just not fun being a girl. waahhhh...

Have you watched The Uhhmazing Spiderman? Did you love it? I did..  This is the reason why he is not included in the Avengers. However, I think he will soon included in the next movie of the Avengers and he will be replacing... Captain America... Correct me if I am wrong Marvel Fanatics. Emma Stone looks fab. BF kept saying she's pretty noh !? Moreover, I am very excited for the part two of the movie. :) but I still love the Avengers more, the Ironman Series and XMEN First Class.  Have I mentioned that I am not into love stories? I want action packed films or those with apocalyptic plots where all people will die and the world has come to its end.  Morbid lang! Just another thought that came to my mind, was the movie Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme! 

After watching this, I heard a woman say "This is so worth it!". I wanted to say "Ano veh?!?!"  I was expecting that I would be laughing my night away when I watched this. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I was laughing like this - HAhA.Seriously!  I am still contemplating if I had lost my sense of humor.Hmm.. Ok enough of this. 

I went to Landmark Trinoma yesterday. I finally got a bottle of the Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil. Thanks Debbie! I hope this will cure my rashes. My face has turned into a sand paper. I think I will stop using my Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser. I think it really does not suit my skin. I gave this a second chance already. Thus, I need to stock up on Go Naturals Facial wash. I will go back to this or try out a Human Heart Nature Cleanser. Anyone tried their facial wash? Kindly share your experience using it please.  I just want to share with you this makeup brush set that I found yesterday at Landmark, Trinoma. Ecotools 5 pc brush set, is that you? I was frantic when I saw the price! 239 pesos? I bought my Ecotools for 500 pesos or 600 pesos!! Did I buy it? NO. (Wow, working for my own money did give me more self control on shopping )  However, I did open the plastic to feel the bristles of the brushes and they felt like the Ecotools brushes indeed! The blending brush was denser and pointed as contradistinguished from the one from Ecotools. So, if you are looking for a low budget brush set. I think this one is a great buy.

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. marami po ba magagandng brushes sa landmark?

  2. Oooohh! I should get that set too! I cant wait to be Trinoma again.
    I love the kabuki ang powder brush! :)

    thanks for letting us know this dupe for ecotools brushes!


  3. Replies
    1. yes they are.. just like ecotools.. nadj!!! I am reading your blogs.. thanks for visiting mine.. :)

  4. Wow! Been a while since I went to Landmark Trinoma. Will definitely look for those brushes next time I go there!

    1. ako din dawn.. kahapon lang ako napadpad ulit dun eh.. :)

  5. Aww.. I'd love to try those brushes! Ang gandaaa! =) Ang layo lang ng Landmark kasi dito sa Cavite eh. Hehe! Thanks for posting this po!
    Makeup and My World

  6. Oh my God! I want this! Thanks for sharing! Sobrang lapit ko lang sa Trinoma~ Super cool!
    Sana madami pa stocks.

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  8. Wow. They do look like the Ecotools brushes. :)

  9. Kill me now! Bakit ngayon lang tong mga brush na to? Kung kelan wala ako sa Pilipinas... :(

  10. anu ba super backlog ako...special mention pa ako..hehehe...my pleasure.

    kamusta rashes mo?

  11. I think this is a great find. So affordable. I hope it's still available.


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